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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first public concert 28.12.2010, after obtaining AIR recognition!

It was indeed a great blessing to have performed my first concert after obtaining grade from "AIR" at Sri Parthasarathy Temple Tank - Theppakulam! This was a concert organised by Vikku Umasankar anna s/o Sri Vikku Vinayagaram sir on teh 28th Dec'10. It was again a blessing to have received the award yesterday at Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple premises!

The ambiance was simply superb with overcast sky and nice chill breeze blowing! however it was also starting to drizzle slowly and we all were praying god and started the concert on the stage specially put up for this festive event period. As i completed two songs the drizzle was getting stronger and in the mean time i tried to cover my keyboard and literally performed without seeing the keys! I sincerely do not know how i managed! The Almighty's grace was showering and so was the rain! We had to change the place of performance to the steps of the Tank and here we all sat in a row to perform! Different experience and i should thank all the artists who performed with me today to have adjusted to the conditions! Kudos to the PA system team for teh excellent audio and the audience to have turned up in spite of the rain! 

I sincerely thanked God as i got the oppurtunity to at least perform the concert even though a short one!  Thanks to Villiwakkam Raghuraman uncle on violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna on Mrudhdhangam, Sainath on Ghatam and Srikrishna on Morsing. Umasankar anna told me that "Pala Padigal uyarndhu nee Periya Vidwanaga Poradhuku indha nighazhchiye oru satchi" - This incident of you playing on the steps is the witness of God's blessings to you to become a a great Artiste in the future! A great experience and i am sure you will love these photos and the video clippings of this concert!

Adding to my joy today after the AIR result was this award i received from Vlayapatti Kashyab Nadhalaya Child Artiste award for the year 2010. This was presented at Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple, Adyar on the 27th December, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

Greatest Day in my Life! Got my "B" grade qualification letter from AIR!

A dream of my parents and of course my self has come true! I have got the audition result from AIR today and thanks to Smt Radha Ravi aunty from Bangalore and their children Raghav and Akshaya who turned out to be lucky for me! Yes they came home along with us in our car after performing for Parthasarathy Swami Sabha today morning in hrArtbeat ensemble and on reaching home saw this letter from AIR in our mail box!

What a surprise! I also had Newyork Raja uncle coming home and presenting me with a momento for having been part of his music School's anniversary gradation process! A great day indeed

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My concert for Kalarasana 20 December, 2010

wellwisher rasikas from Hosur
our team on stage
It was indeed one of the satisfying for the entire team, however with a small audience! With many big concerts happening, being first day of the week and also with exams around - many people could not turn up for reasons like this. The highlight was who ever came appreciated and

liked the presentation and stayed for the entire concert. I am so happy to say that a family from Hosur had been in the venue - Rani Seethai Hall actually from 530pm itself and i was so pleasantly shocked to see that there are people who also come before hand and wait for the concert of mine!!! In fact i dedicate the entire concert to that family apart from who ever turned up may be 40 - 50 in all! Thanks to Sagayam uncle and Sri. Murugan for the excellent PA system managed that day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My mama's concert at Rani Seethai Hall for Kalarasana on 18.12.2010

It was indeed a great concert team onstage with my uncle Embar S. Kannan sharing stage with Injikudi Sri E. Subramaniam on Nadaswaram, Sri Sembanarkoil S> M. Babu on Thavil, Sri Pahlgonse on Mrudhangam and Sri Arun kumar on the Rhythm Pad. Kudos to Sagayam uncle the person behind PA system - seen in the 1st photo of this link.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures taken by me! Yes it is the first time i took a camera to cover an event and thanks to Sasi uncle - my dad's friend who lent his superb camera!

Here is the review in Telugu appeared in Eenadu newspaper today.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Bala Kala Rathna" from Issai Mazhalai Ramjhi uncle's forum
 14. 12. 2010 Blakalasagaram Trust

I remember the early days when i first met Ramjhi uncle with the photograph below when i was probably 7 years old! The picture mentioning Balabrahmam is the one where i performed in the unique Jaya TV programme under Issai Mazhalai in the year 2005. I still remember him killufying my chin (in fact he did day before yesterday also meeting in Hariharashrma anna's - Kanjeera artiste's wedding) and he has every right to do so as well as i am always a kid for him and would love to remain so for ever! 

He used to pull my leg on my pronunciation of certain words and interestingly he said that even now he hears me that way only! Well i would love to be a child always as we escape from troubles in life! I remember the trip we went to Mumbai and Pune and the enjoyment we had in that trip is not matched with any of my trips till date! No jokes as it was full of young children and uncle used to be part of this kid team in all ways and we had great fun eating in teh train whatever came by, Mumbai roadside  eats, Shopping in Pune and what not!

Today i was handed over a a title - award "Bala Kala Ratna" by his organisation and it was a very happy moment indeed! Ramjhi uncle has been one of the main reason for what i am today with his patronage all through my life as a performer and i am so happy and blessed to receive this from Sri T. K. Govinda Rao sir and Sri. Cleveand Sndaram sir in the presence of Ramjhi uncle and Mr. Rajasekar of ITC - Mangaldeep. I sincerely thank you uncle for the faith you have on me by giving this award and i hope i live up to the expectation and raise to a greater stature in the music field. 
Meeting India's Great Photographer - Mr Iqbal Mohamed 

Nov 28th, 2010 is one of the great days for me as i happen to meet Iqbal uncle a pioneer in the still photography in India and also n ace photographer and is the owner of the greatest photography Institution - Life & Light Academy, Ooty. What a simple personalty he is! Humble is the least word i can use for mentioning his simplicity and i was so blessed to work on a project of Audio Visual presentation for his Coffee Table Book - Vibrant At 1000 which was released yesterday - 13th December, 2010 at the Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai. When i met him for the second time and handed over my December 2010 Music concert schedule hand slip he  magnanimously took few of his photos from his office notice board and pinned my hand-out! Thanks to Yessel uncle for giving me the opputunity to have met this wonderful person in life! In the photo below you can see Yessel uncle, Mrs. Anuradha Iqbal aunty and her father who was also so nice,  encouraging & friendly with me on the first meeting itself!

Today when i met him at his office in the evening he was so nice to to handover  the book Vibrant At 1000 as a gift and also to  I am blessed to have been a part to it and he was so nice to hand over a copy of the book and gave me a surprise to inform me that he will take a portrait picture of myself and give me and from now on i need to raise to a level so that i am actually doing justice to his kind gesture!
Sincere Condolence to Venkataraman mama and family.

Venkataraman mama Secretary of Mylapore Fine Arts Club has always been so dear to me and it is indeed a great shock for all of us in our family to see the newspaper report of his demise. He has been a constant supporter for my efforts and has been a pillar of strength to me giving me valuable advice whenever i have met him. I seriously will miss him in the rest of my life and i say it from my bottom of my heart! Above is the photograph he demanded to be taken as early as 2004 after i finished my first appearance in MFAC 12 - 1:30 pm slot and is indeed vivid in our memory! Mama we miss you and will mis for ever!!! May your soul rest in peace!

December Season concerts 2010

December Season concerts started with my home ground concert at Bharat Kalachar on the 2nd December 2010 with a prelude at Vani Mahal mini hall for Om Bhavatharini amma's Sakthi peetam's YogiRamsurathkumar Jayamnthi on the 1st Dec'10. I was thrilled when my school chairman Dr. Smt YGP mam spoke so high of me and got her blessings after the concert. I hope to live up to all the expectations! It was once a gain a great enhancement by the artists who perform with me which has always the most important factor for my growth in this art field and not to leave the PA system which was indeed a boon!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Deepavali 2010 - November 05, 2010 

The day started off as early as 330 am for my mom to do the routine Friday Pooja, 430 for my dad and 445 for myself. After having oil bath i started bursting crackers and waited for my mamoos - Embar Kannan to come. In the meantime had the oppurtunity to view my self in Podhigai in the special concert under Smt. Sowmya akka with my uncle, Neyveli Narayanan uncle on mrudhangam and Sundar uncle on Tabla.

Mamoos reached home around 730 and we started bursting the morning quoto for almost 1 and half hours and then had a great brunch - thanks to my amma. Then we went to my Chitthappa's house where my paternal grandparents also had come. After taking their blessings spent the day till the evening around 530pm. we were joined by both athai's and then came back home around 6pm. Mamoos came to our house in the evening around 630pm and the night round crackers started with a 500 wala followed by many sarams, areal shots, 12, 30 , 50,130 shots and ended up with 1000 wala.

Janani akka was also joined with us with her set of crackers and it was all great fun through out for almost another 1 and half hours. Opposite house friends and uncle also involved in our cracker party and in all the day went so well with good dinner made by amma again.

My sincere thanks to Mama for sponsoring the Crackers and also for joining me today to enjoy the day. It is indeed one of my most memorable Diwali celebrated. Looking forward to teh next one in 2011!!!!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Diwali / Deepavali

It is indeed a grand Diwali / Deepavali for me as i also have my Athai & Athimber (Aunt & Uncle) based in Melbourne here in Chennai for this festival day! Also it was a grand gift we got yesterday in Times of India suppliment with an article featuring our family photo!

Here is few of the pictures with bursting crackers with my loving uncle Embar Kannan (my mamoos) and few video as well!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 23 - 24 weekend story continues:

Yes during the rehearsal we also had a journalist from North from a leading Hindi daily who wanted to spend some time with me and make a story during November'10! I was really thrilled to have them home and they studied the way we were rehearsing, had interviews from all the artists, couple of my friends and the organisors of the evening concert. It was fun with the Photo Journalist who has taken so many shots of ours! Hope i will get a copy from them!

Sunday October 24, 2010 started with myself getting up late as we returned only by 1am the earlier night. It was great to have Siva Kodukula uncle from Austin to come home and spend some quality time with us. It was so nice to know that he was inspired to take up playing keyboard after listening to my concerts uploaded. He has a Korg TR and we had good exchange of technical details and hope what ever i told him will be of some use to him. Siva uncle even offered to take me for a holiday to USA! What a great thought and he is indeed so simple and nice to move with. I am blessed to have a well wisher like him indeed!

I shall detail about the journalist and experience with them when the matter is published as it will take off teh interest if i do it now! Wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali / Diwali in advance!

One minute happy to inform you all that i have finished my dress and crackers purchase for this Diwali!! (may be first round!!)
Great Week end spent!

Yes it was one of the happiest weekends last week end on the 23rd & 24th October, 2010. 23rd started off with a rehearsal for the show on the same evening. I tried 3 new composition for this concert and appa named it as The Sailor - based on Rasigapriya set to Adi, Rainbow - based on Vakulabaranam, Hemavathy and Keeravani set to Misra nadai (7/8 tempo) and The Chaste - based on ragam Gowri Manohari. we just had time to do just 1 rehearsal and decided to take a go at the pieces on stage that evening. Thanks to the team of Karaikal Venkatasubramanian on silent violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan on Mrudhangam & Konnakol, Drummer Sridhar  Bass Guitar Suri and appa on Thalam & Kanjeera (sometimes!). The audio was provided by Karthick audios and the production was through Bodhi Muzik by the team "Chennai Synthesis".

The cocnert started off with Gajananayutham in Charavagam followed by The Sailor. Then we played Krishnanee Begane named as Hasten slowly. we also played Sankarabaranam notes, Thirupugazh, Chinanchirukiliye - named as Vibgyor, a Sai Bhajan on Dwajavanthi and finished off with a medley. It was a satisfying presentation wich drew lots of appreciation. The video link is:

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The audio link is:

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy to inform you all that we have had Kolu in our house for the first time! Yes it was usually done by my patti (appa's mother) but this time we also have made a small kolu arrangement with 3 steps and few dolls!!, We bought few dolls and also got few from my patti's house. Many are the gifts received during my many concerts and all this helped us organise this. The steps are made of just things we had at home and may be we will have a bigger one next year! I am pleased show up our kolu wit the cute visitors - twin sisters - our neighbors!

Last week it was a good surprise when Mr Karuna from Durban had visited my house (he and his family in the picture)! It is because he was telling me that on seeing my DVD - Sathya's synthesis album he was impressed and wanted to meet me but was not sure of doing so in his life! However when he landed in Chennai and got in touch with his travel coorodinator Sri. Enver Gowender he asked him if he could meet Sri Pithukuli Murugadoss and my self. When he came home he shuld such a surprise and happiness on meeting me and this was indeed a new experience to me! We all had a nice dinner and look forward to seeing him in his own land- Durban and also make an album in his newly coming up Recording Studio soon!!.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I was thrilled to get a call from Jaya TV Kalaimalar producer to come to the studios in the last week of September and had good time interacting with the anchors who were very knowledgeable  This interview was telecast on October 07th, 2010 and got many emails, SMS and phone calls which mad e me really happy. Here is the link for the interview and if you have not seen it you can always log in and hope you will like it!

Looking forward to some good concerts in this week with the one tmrw at Thabovanm, Tambaram which has come to me just morning!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It has been a a good couple of weeks gone wherein i have had some good concerts and also my exams in this period. I had 2 public concerts and 2 private concerts and all of them went well. The one at Visakaa Innisai Peravai at ambattur was performed in a divine atmosphere in the Sath Sangam building and had a god knowledgeable audience for the concert. While the team did present a good show, i felt there was electrical problems and that the current supply was not at the adequate level (low Voltage) because of which my instrument's tone itself came out differently. It was the same case for all the other instruments and we presented a concert actually with a discomfortof not having proper feedback. Well it happens sometimes and that's one of the problem of having an electronic instrument. While all have just the PA system to do them favour i need also my own instrument to do its best for which power supply has to be at the right level.

The heArtbeat concert performed in Pudhucherry for Pudhucherry (Pondycherry) Doordharshan's golden Jubilee celebrations which  was well received and i understand one of the song performed was also shown the following day i.e. 19th September'10 in Podhigai channel. It was again fun trip as we went in a Tempo Traveller listening to SV Sekar's dramas and Maestro Illayaraja songs. In this concert Sundarkumar anna played Mrudhangam (he is a A grade AIR artist) and Venkat anna perfomed on Kanjeera part from Raman uncle on Morsing, Raju uncle on Mandolin with Dr. Karthick leading the team on Ghatam & Vocal. Here also i think we had power problem and not only mine the Mandolin tone & the tonal quality of all the other instruments were sounding totally different. Well some time we need to cope up with this difficulty as no one is to be blamed for Power fluctuations! We had a nice host in Sri A.L. Ramasamy who is a multi talented personality. He plays morsing, guitar, writes poems, makes good paintings and also makes special carvings. We all were amazed on seeing  a Thiruvalluvar statue which he had made of clay and also a sitting / resting Lion in a marble stone!

We had a UNO session at home on the 20th September'10 at home with Drummer Sridhar anna, Nadaswaram Bala anna, Mrudhangam Swaminathan anna, Keyboard Arunkumar anna & with my appa. It was fun all the way and we all had nice dinner at Ashok Nagar Hotchips restaurant sponsored by Sridhara anna. Looking forward to another session soon and also the grand dinner to follow!!! Sridhar anna are you ready? I am ready anytime after 24th Se'10 and looking forward to seeing him after his successful trip to South Africa to watch the finals of the Champions trophy 2010 as the winner of the highest viewed video to cheer up Chennai Super kings!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Congrats Sridhar Anna ! Bon Voyage 
to South Africa 
and come back with 
Champions League Cup 
team -  Chennai Super Kings!!!

I am very happy to share this news. My friend Sridhar anna has won the competetion held for the highest viewed Video presentation in support of a team conducted by Youtube & Airtel. Let's all congratulate him and cheer his team Chennai super Kings!!!! watch his video in under drumsjillu

Thank you all who helped him achieve this great milestone!
Concert at Warren Road Pillaiyar Temple on September 06, 2010

It was one of the special concert i was performing with my Maths teacher apart from my many well known personalities like Papanasam Kumar uncle, Smt. Mala Mohan, Murali uncle & aunty my paternal grand parents and many senior citizens who were richly knowledgeable in music in the august audience. The fact that my Maths teacher with family had come all the way from K.K. Nagar to listen to my concert and returned home after i finished the concert at around 11pm was indeed very pleasing and i sincerly thank her for this. She also took the mike and expressed her sincere wishes & blessings to me. I am really blessed to get the wishes from a teacher just after teh teacher's day and i was totally moved. Thank the Almighty for this Grace showered! 

The concert in fact was one of my best to my knowledge and i felt the presence of the divine force of Lord Vinayaga indeed as the energy level was indeed at its peak throughout. It was kind of a new experience to me and i enjoyed every moment on stage with B. Ananthakrishnan anna (Violin) R. Sankaranarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and Hariharasubramanian anna (Ghatam) were at their best. It was a great team work and this is once again prooves the greatness of UNITY and this is indeed very important for concert performances. The concert recording will be uploaded and link will be given soon.

Concert on Teacher's day September 05, 2010

I had back to back concerts 28 & 29 Aug'10, 3rd, 4th & 5th September'10 and it was all fun. In particular the concert trip to Pondicherry on the 3rd Sept'10 in which we had the Chief Minister as an audience!. What a simple way he was! In fact i saw the picture of Kamarajar and this Chief Minister resembled the same to me! A real surprise! In this trip all of us were playing UNO while going and coming in a Tempo Traveler and i am happy to also say that the concert went very well!

September 5th, 2010 was indeed a great day for me as i had an I. A. S. officer from Gujarat attending this privatre function sat through my concert and also spoke in praise of our team efforts with quotes from Vedhas! We, Karaikal Venkatasubramanian anna on violin, Calcatta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Nanganallur Swaminathan uncle on Ghatam & Karthick uncle of Karthcik audios were all thrilled to get good wishes & blessings from an I.A.S. officer on a Teacher's Day!

Listen to the tracks and hope you will enjoy same.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Concert for 156th Jayanthi Celebrations of Sree Narayana Gurudev

This was indeed a concert with divine atmosphere and i am sure both B. Ananthakrishnan anna on violin and S. Sridhanran uncle would have had the same feelings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tirupur trip for a Concert on August 22, 2010

It was after long weeks i was traveling by train and i really enjoyed it! God was kind with good weather around and once again we, Vankat anna (Violin), Sankaranarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and appa were busy playing UNO game. It was also ncie of the coordinators from Shanmugananda Sabha to have provided us breakfast & lunch in the room which made us sit relax and play watching some TV programs in between. This concert was after my concert in Chennai on 20th August'10 in heArtbeat Ensemble i performed with Sri U.P.Raju uncle. 

The concert was in Lord Easwaran Temple and it ws organised jointly by Sri Krishna Sweets & Shanmugananda Sabha, Tirupur nder "Eppadi Padinaro". The attendance was indeed good and stayed back till the end and if we have to take a clew from this then i think we did justice on teh positive side for the question under which the series is being held - Eppadi apdinaro". we did not get return ticket by train and thanks to Sri Dhananjayan, Auditor for having got us ticket by bus and we reached Chennai today. 

Thanks also to Sri Sengottaiyan, a rasika who had recorded the concert on video and also has uploaded a song in his YouTube channel A great rasika who inspires people like me to keep our efforts to make it better always!

Here is the audio link:

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Concert on August 15, 2010 with a new COMBO - Nadaswaram!

It is a great day for all Indians being Independence Day and more so for me as I was teaming up first time with a Nadaswaram Vidwan for a full classical concert!. Yes Nadaswaram considered as a Raja Vadhyam {King of Instruments} and probably accepted widely as a instrument taken for guidance in producing the best nuances of Carnatic music. Many senior past and present day artists has referred to this aspect. When asked by my parents on this combo, I was happy to take this challenge as I needed to produce the best to even bring a percentage or two of its ability. Thanks to Mr Subramaniam & Mr Balasubramaniam of “Hamsavinodhini” for giving up this chance to perform at Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple, West Mambalam.

Audio link: 
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Video Link:

Thanks to my mom and dad for taking few video clippings and the audio upload respectively, I request you all to view / listen and forward your opinion which will help be fine tune more on many aspects. While I do not know if I did justice to this combo experiment, I am so thankful to Nadaswaram Adyar Balasubramani anna for his determination and value of commitment in coming and performing that day. Yes I am saying this because he met with an accident while traveling on a two wheeler on the 14th August, 2010. He literally was looking like how the great Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan was in the song sequence “Nalandhana” in the film Thillana Moganambal. After the concert when we saw his right fore arm it was oozing out with blood and puss. All of us really were moved with his commitment and I understand he is better now. I pray the Almighty for the best to him and it is indeed a great learning experience. It also made me think how realistic Nadigar thilagam has acted in that movie and also made me look at that song many a times in Youtube!
An oppurtunity I did not imagine!

One of my dream is to be on stage with my gurus and on 14th Aug’10 something I did not expect happened! Yes sharing a stage with the living Music Legend Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthi Garu leading a group of stars and future stars of Carnatic music with vidwans Sri Malladi Suri Babu, Malladi Brothers, Sri Abhisek Raghuram, Sri Pattabiram Pandit, Vidhushis Smt Nithyashree Mahadevan, Smt. M.S. Sheela, Smt Tirupathi K. Vandana, Smt. Ranjani Hebbar, Sow. Nisha Rajagopal, Sow. K. Gayathri, Violin Vidwans Sri Perri Sriramulu, Sri Embar S. Kannan, Veena vidhushi Smt. Jayalakshmi Sekar, Sri Palghat Sriram on Flute, Mrudhanga vidwans in Sri M.L.N. Raju, Sri Arun Prakash, Sri Udipi Sridhar on Ghatam, Sri Ganapathy on Tabla and Sri A.S. Krishnan on the Morsing for Nada Neerajanam 1st Anniversary celebration special concert. Here is the link for teh photos taken during this concert happening - at the rehearsal venue and on concert stage. Also few pictures were taken while we traveled in a Tempo Traveler from Tirupathi to Tirumala for the concert in the evening.

It was indeed a total team effort and no one had any problems in terms of their sound not being projected etc and were all focused to present the concept at its best. Well accepting me in this group itself was a pleasant shock to me and my family and we thank each one of the artists, TTD and Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthi Garu & Malladi Brothers in particular. It was Maladi Brothers who were coordinating this concept and kudos to them for this.

I should surely make a great reference on the PA team which did a wonderful job considering the fact that they were given very short duration to do needful. It would be a point that in some places few mikes / instrument might have been dominating. The fact remains that it is one of the impossible thing to control around 25 mikes & 5 leads with very little time. Congrats to that team as they managed to do their best as it was a live programme. I thought of leaving this note as I felt they deserve the best compliments

Friday, August 13, 2010

Reiview in Dinamalar!

I am happy today as i had a very good review in Dinamalar Tamil daily. Thank the Almighty for this and hope to continue my best in the coming days & years!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

PSBB K.K. Nagar made it! No. 1 again at TAMBRAS Bhajan Competition - 08 August, 2010

Hard work pays is a statement and it is really true in our case!. Yes after getting the second position at Aambattur last Sunday (memonto in my right hand) during the "Nama Sangerthana Samrakshana Trust competition, we as team decided to put our best today and we really came out with grand success with a Golden Trophy (this is a miniature you are seeing in my left had - the original Rolling trophy is really huge). This photo taken at my house around 1030pm on 8th Aug'10. So fresh you seeeee!!!!!!!!!!

We dedicate this to our teachers who has been our strength of success guiding us all the way and also for having kept their faith on us. The instrument team of Adithya Narayanan, Aravind and myself had comfortable understanding with  vocal performers and it was indeed a grand performance which was rewarded with 1st Prize! I am also happy to inform that PSBB Nungambakkam also had a podium finish with 3rd position and the 2nd position taken by Hindu Vidhyalaya. Thanks to our Mrudhangam vidwan Adhithya's mom for forwarding me the above pictures which you see in the slide show.

Last and this Sunday has been good and i hope i have the fortune of god Sunday following me next week i.e. 15th August'10 while i perform with Adyar Balasubramani anna on Nadaswaram for "Hamsavinodhini" at Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple, near Madley Sbway, West Mambalam from 5 - 7pm
Concert at TTD on 4th Aug'10

It was indeed a specail concert as i took some efforts to learn around 6 new Annamaya krithis as it was Lor Balajai Temple premises on Venkatnarayanan Road, T. Nagar, Chennai. Thanks to my Kannan mama known famously as Embar Kannan, for having taught me few of those krithis in the last minute. ere is the audio link and video link and hope you enjoy it.

Audio link

Video link:

Sincere thanks to Kakraikal Venkat anna on Violin, Sankaranarayanan anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramanian anna for teh excellent enhancement they made for teh concert. All was well because of teh nice audio sett up handled that day by Sri Srinivasan uncle who was also the person who should be thanked in particular for this concert oppurtunity. 

Monday, August 02, 2010

Kadhal Anukkal - from Enthiran by ARR

It was indeed a great oppurtunity for me and my team to have got a public concert to perform the above emntioned song - which audio was released only yeatday. We thought we will attempt it and also linked it up with Vandhey Matharam as a tribute to ARRahman ji. Thanks to Sridhara anna and Suri uncle for teh excellent enhancement provided for this song - playing it live !!!

Lions Club International meet concert will always be remembered by all of us in the team as we not only had a good concert performed but also had good reception from the audience. We look forward to more and more concerts like this in future.

Thanks to Thirunavukarasu anna for the excellent audio provided as usual this time at teh Chennai Trade Centre. With less time at disposal for the rehearsal, it was indeed a nice presentation by all of us as a team including gthe audio team of Karthick Audios. actual and the Chennai Trade Centre was indeed a good.

Deala - No dealla famous Sridhar anna was full of happiness through out the concert after having won a good sum in the Sun TV show on the 31st July'10.

Watch the other clippings performed by our team of Nadaswaram Bala anna, Violin Venkat anna Pradeep uncle on Tabla, Swami anna on Mrudhangam, Suri uncle on Bass Guitar and Rajagopal uncle on Percussion & timing. Thanks to Sridhar Anna for this great quality video and audio treat!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Concert on 25th July, 2010 - Guru Poornima Day

It was indeed a divine experience for me to have performed at Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Virugambakkam yesterday. The audience were well learned and also encouraged me throughout our concert. Thanks to Raghu anna and Deepu anna for having given this oppurtunity. My pranams to Swamiji for this thought of having my concert on an auspicious day. All of us i.e. Ananthakrishnan anna on violin Swaminathan anna on Mrudhangam & self were very happy to have got a great PA system, thanks to the Math. Here is the link for the photos and videos taken during this concert, thanks to my amma for this great work!


Video clippings:

Monday, July 05, 2010

UNO - trip!!!

Well this is not United Nation Organization tour i am talking about!!!!!!!!! This is all about a trip to Coimbatore and Kumbakonam in which i have been playing the great UNO - card game. My dad has already branded me as a representative of this game widely played in USA which i learnt during my trip in 2009. This actually took care of most part of my leisure time there and i continue to do same here. However as i am travelling with many artists, i make it a point to teach artists who do not know this game. That way i spend my leisure time in travel & in the hotels i stay playing this great  UNO card game.

Coming to this trip on Coimbatore and Kumbakonam on the 1st and 2nd July, 2010, it was fun all through with Sankarnarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and Trichy Krishna anna (Ghatam) at Coimbatore and my mamoos Embar Kannan uncle & KVG anna (kanjeera) at Kumbakonam. Myself and appa started playing on the morning of 1st Jul'10 in our room in Coimbatore and asked Sankaranarayanan anna if he would join. When he said he did not know to play i readily taught him and it was fun from that minute. Yes! after B'fast  we were playing for hours only to be joined by Trichy Krishna anna, who also learnt and started playing. We almost forgot lunch, thankfully got ourselves remainded that we have a concert same evening and so brought the game to close. It was great fun and i am happy i have taught this to two more people known to me!

On reaching Kumbakonam on teh 2nd afternoon,  while appa and myself started playing UNO around 330pm, we heard our room door being knocked and were happy to see my mamoos Emabr Kannan and KVG anna. As soon they came in they also expressed their wish to join and it went on for 90 mts until we were making ourselves ready to leave the room for the concert venue.

This 2 day trip only remained me of the time we stayed in Seattle with two gurukkal learning this game from Poongi uncle and played till they dropped us at the airport - literally we were playing in the car while going to the airport!!!

I also had the oppurtunity to meet A  Icon of India Sri Naren karthikeyan - F! formuala car racer and was happy to take few photos with him. He was so cool, calm and composed! A great person to move with indeed!! Thanks to Sankaranarayanan an's mobile for these wonderful, memorable pictures.

Great memories!!! and great time we had in this two day trip - reason for naming UNO trip.
Update on AIR - MAB Recording

Continuing from where i left , it was indeed a great to have been to AIR - All India Radio again on the 15th June, 2010 for the MAB - Recording. I have performed my best for the day and i now look forward to the result. I hope with the grace of The Almighty, wishes from all my well wishers and also my performance level will give a good result. My friend Sri Ravisankar has also done well and we sincerely hope for the best.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Keyboard in AIR - All India Radio

I am happy to inform  that at last Keyboard has been given its due status as a lead instrument in All India Radio - "AIR" effective this May'10. Yes! thanks to The Almighty's grace, Guru's blessings & wishes of my well wishers I & B Ministry as included Keyboard in the mainstream of classical music as a lead instrument and now any one over 16 years of age can appear for the grade audition in AIR for qualifying themselves as a graded artist of "AIR". I am also thankful to the Ministry for giving me special permission to appear for teh locval audition which was conducted on the 19th May'10. 

I had the fortune to be one among the first few to have taken up the Local Audition on the 19th May’10 along with my friend a good keyboard artiste, a good Vocalist, Mrudhangist and Composer in RaviShankar, who is also grandson of Sri Ramanathan of NSTSS, Nanganallur. Both of us have cleared this audition and now are looking forward to the ‘MAB’ audition on the 15th June’10 which will decide our status in the gradation for performing in “AIR”. With all the best wishes of my well wishers, blessings of my gurus and the grace of The Almighty, i hope to do will and come out with success.   
My summer Holiday'10.

It was indeed a great holiday in Kodai this time for the summer holidays and this followed with a hectic back to back concert in the 3rd and fourth week of May'10. While enjoyed my summer holidays with the concert tour of USA & Canada last year, i enjoyed this time with the same activity of playing "UNO" here in India. Yes i made sure that my enhancement artists in Drums Sridhar anna, Mrudhangam Arjun Ganesh anna, Swaminathan anna and Gatam Hari anna learn this game and we enjoyed playing to our hearts content during our outstation concert trips and Kodai trip in particular. 

Just managed to do my Holiday Homework in time as the school has re-opened on the 2nd June and now i am back to normal routine. I also have already taken two days leave one for appearing to renew my Passport and other to attend Akylesh anna's - A great well wisher of mine - wedding on the 7th June'10. Enjoying my days in school and hope to do good in this academic year, thanks to Sri Kapil Sibel, i should be doing without much pressure as he has made 10th std no public exam curriculum from this academic year.  

Friday, May 07, 2010

A great Holiday trip to Kodaikannal.

It was indeed a gala time for me and my family from the 2nd to 7th May'10 with the Kodakannal trip which was rejuvenating and interesting. Here is the link for the photos taken during the trip and i shall detail more in a couple of days.

My sincere thanks to Balu uncle for making this trip ahppen.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Varuna Baghwan answers our Prayers!

Miracles happen rarely and it happened today to us!

Yes. During a wedding concert today evening my father recollected incidents which happened before about rain god answering to Amruthavarsini Ragam. He then announced that, "the team of Sathya on keyboard, Ananthapadmanabha on violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan on MrudhangamHariharasubramanian on Ghtam & Morsing, Rhythm Pad Padmanabhan, Bass Guitar Suri and Pradeep on Tabla with audio by Karthicck audio Sangeetha Raja will be presenting a Dikshidar krithi - Anandamruthavarshini in Amruthavarshini. I request all of you to join in praying to Rain God - Varuna to show mercy and reduce the effect of Sun god - the heat. I am sure if all of us pray Varuna will heed to our prayers and shower rain or at least bring down the heat with cool breeze".

We played outline ragam, thanam followed by krithi, kalpanaswaram and Thani avarthanam and ended the cocnert with a long medley. As soon as we got out of the stage and walking towards the dinner hall, people started coming to us with the message that Varuna has answered the prayers with Rain! Miracle indeed and that shows the effect of joint prayers. Any one who reads this, please pass on the effect of Group Prayers and let us use this to all the good cause.

I shall ask my father to upload this concert in esnips or sangeethamshare and i hope you all also like it. It was  concert with a mixed set of songs with few carnatic & devotional numbers.

I am now going to sleep with a great feeling and hope our group prayers will be coming true always.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great trip to Thiruvarur for the Sangeetha Mummurthigal Festival concert

It was indeed one of the great trips i have been on. Yes! the trip to Thiruvarur for the concert at the birth place of Sri Shyama Sastri on the 21st April'10 was indeed a memorable both in terms of travel and concert presentation. 

We, Karaikal Venkat anna, Trivandrum Balaji anna, my father and self left Chenai around 630 am in our car drove by my appa for 70% and the balance 30% by Balaji anna. We had our breakfast at Surguru which was little disappointing in view of the service provided. Normally they are very good and after the breakfast we were playing Maestro Illayaraja's songs throughout. It was very refreshing to listen to the songs and believe me! No one was tired and the fact that the music was really great which inspired all of us which was showing up in our concert also. The lunch organised at teh birthplace of Saint Tyagaraja by the committee was excellent and so as the dinner. In the evening we went to the temple and had "molaga bajji" on return. In the night enkat anna and self had a long walk and visited Kamalalayam and also Dikshidar's birthplace. This way i had the oppurtunity to havevisited the Trinity's birth places on the same day! A great experience indeed!.

Yes the silence in the music of Maestro, thakka thalli edupu of Sri Yesudoss in few songs were all flwing in our concert also and it went very well. The hotel room looked good in the day time, how ever it was really bad in the night and none of us slept . Thanks to my appa who was good and going strong in spite of lack of sleep we drove back after taking soodana Pongal in a small cafe in Mayavaram around 630am. I tried and kept myself awake throughout the return journey and Venkat anna was going off for every 15 - 30 mts and Balaji anna was at his best sleep until we travelled almost 250 kms.

Appa will be uploading the concert may in a few days time in under the folder "Sathya' and you all can listen to it and give your feedback.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wishing you all a Very Happy Tamizh New Year's day - Chithirai Thirunal Vazhthukkal.

It has been almost a month i have communicated in the blog. I am very happy to inform you all that i have passed my 9th Std and now i am into 10th Std. Yes the classes have also started for the 10th Std.

I am happy to share the news that i went on a excursion trip to Kallar near Mettupalayam organised in my school. It was full of fun with lots of packed activities during the 3 days trip which was from the10th to 13th April'10. We left Chennai on the 10th at 1030pm by train to Yercaud and transferred to Kallar by coaches on the 11th morning. It was full of activities right from the moment we reached and it was real fun. I reached today early morning at 445am. 

Last year same time i was on USA tour and this year enjoying the heat wave of Chennai already. I have lots of out station concert in the month of May and hope also to have some good holiday in between.  

There are two public concerts come up in April one on the 19th at Thiruvarur and on the 21st at Villiwakkam. Hope to see you all in the concert which you can try and make it. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mr Veeran Koomaren visit to Chennai.
Mr Veeran Kumaran, President,  Tamil Cultural Center, Mauritius is in Chennai on a official tour from last Tuesday. He was interviewing many artist and priests for teaching the arts and culture of ours in Mauritius. Parvai Natarajan uncle, Parvai Optical s, Rgmore, Chennai had organaised a celebration / get together for students from amuritius in Chennai to celebrate the 42nd Mauritious Independence day for which Mr Veeran was the chief guest. Here is the video link for the playlist and hope you like these. I also performed few songs with my uncle Embar Kannan for thsi celebrations.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My amma's great concert tour to Mauritius.

Thanks to Mr Kumar who had the camera with him during my amma's Mauritius Concert tour from Jan 19 - Feb 01'10. It is indeed a collection of good photos and kudos to whoever has taken them. I am sure you all will also like these photos.

My photos during the Mauritius Concert tour from 19th - 1st Feb10 with my fatheer Sangeetha Bhushanam Embar Sri S. Sadagopan, Sri Muthukumar - Singer (younger in age), Sri Kumar Singer with beard, Sri Pradeep - Tabla Artiste & Sri Prassana - Keyboard Artiste. Photos taken during our various concerts at temple and the places we had visited in Mauritius. We sincerely thank Tamil Cultural Center for the excellent arrangements and in particular, Sri. Gopal our Sarathy( driver) during our stay and Mrs & Mr Veeran for all the help extended. Looking forward to go back soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

அண்ணாகண்ணனுக்குப் பாரதிதாசன் விருது

I am happy to share this good news thaqt one of my well wisher and a good media person has been honoured by a trust in Malaysia. We as family wish him all the very best and for more info please log on to the link and to follow his blog in good Thamizh log on to

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A great News -  Uncle Dr. TP Naidoo Indian Academy, SA being Honoured by Indian Government

I sincerely owe my life to Indian Academy, South Africa as it was  under this academy who identified me in 2003 Smt. Vasantha Naidoo through Mr Paneerselvam uncle - my well wisher  and offered me a concert tour to South Africa & Mauritius when i was just 8 years old!

Today i am really proud to inform that Dr. T. P. Naidoo uncle - Founder / Director of Indian Acadmey, Durban, South Africa was presented with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in New Delhi in Jan 2010. I just got the news and here is the details as received from SA:

SA Cultural Icon Honoured in India
SA’s top Indian cultural icon and founder/director, Indian Academy of SA, Dr TP Naidoo was presented with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in New Delhi in Jan 2010. The Samman Award is the highest accolade and Indian can receive. It is presented to Indians who have made a distinguished contribution to the image and promotion of Indian values in the Indian Diaspora. Presently there are 26million Indians living outside India in some 122 countries. The award was presented to 14 outstanding luminaries form the Indian Diaspora. The moving ceremony was presented at the culmination of the 8th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Conference presented in New Delhi on 7-9 Jan 20010 under the auspices of the Union Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. The award is the highest honour conferred on overseas Indians. It is conferred on a non resident Indian, persons of Indian origin or persons of Indian origin who has made a significant contribution towards better understanding abroad of India and support to India’s causes and concerns in a tangible way, significant contribution for the welfare of Diaspora, notable contribution in philanthropic and charitable work and for social and humanitarian causes in India and abroad, significant contribution in building closer links between India and its Diaspora in the economic, cultural and scientific fields, eminence in one’s field for outstanding work which has enhanced India’s prestige in the country of resident or has achieved outstanding eminence in his skills which has enhanced India’s prestige in that country (for non professional workers).
This year there were 14 recipients:

  1. Mr Mohinder Singh Bhullar – Brunei Darussalam
  2. Mr Yanktesh Permal Reddy – Fiji
  3. Mr Ryuko Hira – Japan
  4. Dr Ruby Umesh Pawankar (Mrs) – Japan
  5. Mr Suresh Kumar Virmani – Oman & UAE
  6. Mr Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan – South Africa
  7. Dr Tholisiah Perumal Naidoo – South Africa
  8. Dr Rajni Kanabar – Tanzania
  9. Mr Deepak Mittal – Thailand
  10. Dr Lenny Krishendath Saith – Trinidad & Tobago
  11. Dr Azad Moopen – GCC countries & India
  12. Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik – New York
  13. Mr Asok Kumar Mago – Dallas
  14. Mr Upendra J Chivakula – New Jersey

Nithia Naidoo of the Rising Sun who covered the event took the pictures in this feature. The conference was attended by a large contingent of S. Africans including Mr Pravin Gordhan, minister of finance SA Govt.

In an interview Dr TP Naidoo said “The presentation of the Award was truly a breath taking event. Some 4000 guests backed the huge auditorium including 1500 delegates from 122 countries, chief ministers and ministers in foreign governments of Indian origin who took part in the conference were present to watch the presentation. The conference was inaugurated by Mr Manmohan Singh, Prime minister of India on 8th January 2010 and Lord Khalid Hameed of England, CBE was the chief guest. Hon'ble President Smt Prathiba Patil, President of India delivered the address and presented the awards on 9th Jan 2010. “It was an awe inspiring experience to receive this award from the head of the largest democracy in the world. The award is held in great esteem and wherever I went after receiving the award people treated me with dignity and congratulated me. The media had splashed the news overall major networks on radio and TV. I dedicate this award to the South African Indian community who despite tremendous trials and tribulations continued to triumph against all odds to hold their own on the world stage.”

Congratulations uncle and my sincere pranams to you and your entire team. I along with my parents pray the Almighty to give you 100 yeasrs of more years to continue your great service. 
Amma had a great concert tour of Mauritius and will detail it little later.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great information i would like to share with you all is that my mom Smt Lalitha Krishnababu is on a Concert tour to Mauritius from the 19th Jan - 02 Feb'10 with 10 concerts. This is the first time she is leading a group on a abroad tour and i understand it has been going good. I really miss her for my birthday - 1st  February but i am happy that she is on a successful concert tour.

January 2010 has been very good as far as my concerts / performances are going with great acceptance as it was during the December Music Festival 2009. I had the opportunity to perform back to back concerts at the Sivan Park, Chennai on the 13th and 14th Jan'10 13th being my solo and 14th in Dr. Ghatam Karthick's heArtbeat ensemble.

As i had been with the audience the previous day it was a good feeling of being with known people on the 14th Jan'10 and it was nice of few who had come on the 13th to have called up to say that they would be there on Jan 14th as well! I always like to be a part of this ensemble group and this day once again it was a great team presentation.

After this I had performed in few private concerts one at Coimbatore and few in Chennai. The January 2010 concert performance will be signed off with Pancharathnam group presentation at my dear Bharat Kalachar on the 31st an'10 morning from 9 - 11 am.

In the midst of concerts i also had my cousin's Poonal (thread wearing ceremony) at Srirangam and i was once again had a great darshan of Lord Ranganatha at one of the biggest Temples in TamilNadu. Here is the link for the photos during the function.

Looking forward to a great year while i enter 15 on this 1st February 2010. Wishing and praying the Almighty to shower the best to all of us and to have a geat day on 1st February being my birthday

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chennai Sangamam Concert on 13th January, 2010 

It was indeed a great experience we had in Chennai Sangamam Sivan Park concert in K.K. Ngar near my school with a huge audience turnout. It was a great team work that got applauded from the large crowd who to our knowledge thoroghly enjoyed our presentation which had Mahaganapathim and also Singaravelane. I was so happy to see few of my school mates like Aswath, Aravind, Adharsh and Adithya and turning out and it was all fun filled 60 mts concert. Looking forward to the concert here tomorrow in heArtbeat ensemble. You can see a small clipping of this performance in the following video:

Concerts on the 11th & 12t Jan'10

The trip this time to Madurai was for heArtbeat ensemble concert for SathGuru Thyagaraja Samajam, Madurai on teh 11th Jan'10 and enjoyed the trip with a visit to Goddess Meenakshi Temple. What a great temple! inspite of going there for many times it looks to be new in every visit. I was showing the revolving Lingam painted in the roof near the Pillaiar sannadhi to A.S. Krishnan uncle and infact Karthick uncle and Kannan uncle also saw it as a surprise! The return journey was indeed a difficult one as we did not get ac sleeper and the normal sleeper class was dirty with all kinds of insects around. With no sleep and lots of taking we were all awake almost the entire night and the train to our misfortune arrived 2 hours delayed!

I, however attended the school and in the evening performed at the Mahalingapuram ayyapa Temple which went well with Ananthakrishnan anna on Violin, Trivandrum Balaji anna on Mrudhangam and his sishya Dakshinamurthy anna on Morsing. A pleasant and a soulful concert and all of us were immensely happy to have got the blessing to perform in this temple on the 12th Jan'10.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first experience on the Cricket Field, thanks to YACM

It was fun all through out the day with a trip to a temple near Singaperumal Koil with my grand parents and then on returning i just went to YMCA grounds where there was Cricket mela going on under YACM. Thanks to my uncle Embar Kannan, after winning the first match, left for the day and thanks to the team member, i was taken as replacement.

It was fun throughout the match and I ended up in winning side. Also i took two good catches which were of the opposition team captain Guruprasad anna and Ramana anna. Shall detail other things later as i am now leaving to Madurai for heArtbeat Ensemble concert tomorrow.

Great day to end a year 31st dec'09 with BGS and a great day to start with Nadhasudha

Performing with Poongi uncle and Karthick uncle is always a good experience and with VV Ravi uncle on violin, i had a great day on the 31st Dec'09 at Sivagami Pethachi auditorium for Brahma Gana Sabha. I took up a rare raga in Vishvamari for a RTP and this was well received. Thanks to teh encouragement given by Balu uncle and Ravi uncle - Secretaries of the Sabha i had a great day of performing with leading artists. More details can be had in the blog carnaticonkeybaord.

After this we went to Vipanchee to get the blessings of my Guru Dr. Balamuralikrishna and then went to Music academy for teh new Year celebrations arranged by Carnatica. I teamed up with my uncle and performed a Fusion concept for about 15 mts and the great thing was that when we finished our last phrase the clock was showing 00:00:00 the birth of year 2010!

Not many will be blessed to finish a year with a good oppurtunity concert and also begin the following year with a great concert  oppurtunity and this happened to me with 31st Dec'09 for BGS and 1st Jan'10 for Nadasudha. This concert was also at the very place of keyboard Swamiji Sri Ganapathy Sachidhananda Ashram and it was indeed a great sign for good fortune to folwo. It was a concert i was playing for the first time teaming up with M.A. Sundearesan uncle on the Violin, J.Vaidhyanathan uncle on the Mrudhangama and E.M. Subramaniam uncle on the Ghatam. A a request i performed a detailed raaga aalapan for Aanda Bhairavi with krithi Thyagaraja YogaVaibhavama and  Reethigowla for Jananininuvina.

It was also another great day with my amma singing in the same venue from 3:30 to 5pm and indeed it was a unique happening. With large audience around and lots of blessings from great vidwans i look forward to greater happenings in my journey of music.