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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My concert for Kalarasana 20 December, 2010

wellwisher rasikas from Hosur
our team on stage
It was indeed one of the satisfying for the entire team, however with a small audience! With many big concerts happening, being first day of the week and also with exams around - many people could not turn up for reasons like this. The highlight was who ever came appreciated and

liked the presentation and stayed for the entire concert. I am so happy to say that a family from Hosur had been in the venue - Rani Seethai Hall actually from 530pm itself and i was so pleasantly shocked to see that there are people who also come before hand and wait for the concert of mine!!! In fact i dedicate the entire concert to that family apart from who ever turned up may be 40 - 50 in all! Thanks to Sagayam uncle and Sri. Murugan for the excellent PA system managed that day.