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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wonderful September 2012!

It has been really hectic September with quarterly exams, concerts and rehearsals, by the grace of The Almighty have come to the end of this month! Then why do i say Wonderful September! Well its because of some unusual pleasant happenings which make this month very special! Two good concert presentation in Vinayakar temples during Chathurthi celebrations and two different concert presentations and reactions from audience on the 21st and 23rd Septemebr'12!

During the concert  on the 21st Sep i started performing a bhajan and an elderly lady who was amazed by our team's performance walked up to me after the bhajan, took a Dollar embedded with Sai Baba from her Mangal Soothra and presented to me saying, "Baba directs me to handover this dollor to you" and the scene became very emotional indeed! What a blessing! Credits to all the vidwans who performed with me on stage, Sri. S P Ananthapadmanabha on violin, sri Thillaisthnam R Suriyanarayanan on mrudhangam, Sri Pradeep on Tabla, and Karthick Audio - PA system provider!

On the 23rd Sep at the Korattur Cultural Academy - KCA concert which was fairly well attended as informed by the office bearers, I was handed over a Thirukural book by a rasika during the concert and was appreciated by a journalist/musician from a leading Tamil daily after the concert, for our rendition of Bhairavi, Sahana, Kalayani krithis and the Maand Thillana! Again the credits also goes to the team which performed with me namely Sri K.j. Dileep on violin, Sri Suri Suriyanarayananon Mrudhangam and sri Harihara Subramanian on ghatam and morsing & the PA system provided in the auditorium. In this case credits also goes to the well learned/ mannered audience of KCA! Special mention toTeam KCA which spontaneously offered to hold my 1000th concert, whenever it happens, this being one among 900+.

Whenever we have a thought over the uncertainty of a upcoming musician's life, me being one among many, The Almighty guides us with these kind of good symptoms and directs us accordingly! We once again seek the Grace of The Almighty and wishes of all our well wishers to take us forward in our journey of enchanting LIFE! Om Gurubhyo Namaha!

wonderful concerts at Vinayagar Temples!

concert on 13.09.2012 
concert on 19.09.2012

I should thank Lord Vinayaka for having me perform in Bala Vinayakar Temple, Warren Road, Myalapore on the September 13, 2012 and in Senthil Valampuri Vinayagar Temple, Senthil Nagar near Thirumullaivayil on the Vinayagar Chathurthi day this year on the September 19th, 2012 and it was a good experience. I had performed with the team of Karaikal Venkatasubramani anna on violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna on Mrudhangam, Pradeep uncle on Tabla and Rajagopal uncle on special effects. I really enjoy the concerts here as it is well attended by audience who come with some expectations and if only we can understand and present to their liking it would be a great day and it was one of those great day for our team! I was worried as it was raining heavily after the start of the concert (and so was the organising members!) but with the Grace of Lord Vinayaka we could continue in spite of rain and the audience also stayed till the end! The rain stopped after around 40 mts and it rained "cats & dogs" after we reached home! Miracle indeed that none of us got struck anywhere in the rain!

The concert on Vinayagar Chathurthi Temple on the September 19, 2012 was with the team of SP Ananthapadmanabha on Violin, Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhangam and Sundar uncle on Tabla. Senthil Nagar, Thirumullaivayil, even though i understand its in city limits now, it was indeed a typical Village ambience and allow as set with an excellent PA system too! From Ambattur main road in to  Senthil Nagar it was more of travelling in MOTO car race i.e. travelling in pits amidst some roads laid! Thank God it did not rain as we could not have reached the venue without any adventure! It was indeed a trekking experience into the venue as they had dug and kept just few Road locations for usage!  The concert went on for almost 2 hrs and every one enjoyed the same including the artists on stage and the audience! It was so moving that the organisers informed that they would be inviting us as many times as possible as the audience have given them a good feedback of our concert.