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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wishing every one A Very Happy New Year!

I take this opportunity to Thank every one, The Almighty for having given us all an excellent 2013 and look forward to The Almighty showering the bet and more in the years to come from 2014!

Very Happy New Year and my humble gift to all of you is the links for the public concerts i performed in December 2013, thanks to my dear appa for these wonderful uploads!

December 22, 2013 - Perambur Iyayappa Bkatha Samajam - 

December 25, 2013 - Sri Ramka Bahaktha Sajama, K. K. Nagar -

I sincerely hope you all will enjoy this music and pray The Almighty to shower me the knowledge and strength to continue pursuing my learning process and live up to the expectation of all my well wishers!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Great December, 2013

It has been wonderful December with great enhancement by Teams for all the concerts and it was so nice of Mr. Shriananth & family to have brought a new keyboard 'KORG MICROSTATION'. This makes December 2013 indeed Special! 

Each concert had good things happenings with the concert 0n 2nd December was a dear for us as it was SATHYABODHI and we had a review for the concert in Dinamalar for the first time! 

3rd December concert was another first being the inauguration concert for Brahma Gana Sabha and for the first time teamed up with Smt. Padma Shankar, Sri. J. Vaidhyanathan and Sri. KV Gopalakrishnan. 
4th December was another first with Sumesh Narayanan anna joing us in CROSSROADS for the first time. 5th December concert had Smt. Sumana Rao from Boston as it was for a wedding reception concert for her family. 8th December at Coimbatore was one of the first performed with a grand team of 8 musicians. 10th December at MFAC was the first time with Trivandrum Balaji anna in the morning slot! 11th December concert was the first time teaming up with Sai Raghavan anna on Mrudhangam for a private wedding concert for a National party! 

December 14, 2013 was special as i got the Bhavan's Cultural Award from teh hands of Chief Justice of India Sri. Sadhasivam!
While December 16th concert was one in IIT premises, December 17th once again was the first time i was performing for RR Sabha, a renowned forum who this year condeucted this year at Dakshinamurthy Auditorium, PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore and more happy was that it was in the evening 7pm slot! 

December 17, 2013 is also a Memorable day as this was the day i received my new KORG MICROSTATION! While i wanted to perform with this the same day The Almighty had reserved this to be performed first for a Iyyappa Pooja, just like the first concert i performed with my KORG PRO when i got it from Dr. Ravi Dattatreya way back in November 2004! What a coincidence! Swamiye Saranam Iyyappa! We as family have seen a great cycle of events from that Performance on the 30th Nov'04 and we seek The Almighty's Grace and well wisher's wishes to take on another Bigger Circle from December 22nd, 2013 concert performed being another first concert for Perumbur Iyyappa Baktha Samajam held in the premises of Perumbur Annadhana Samajam!

December 21, 2013 we had our KBS Inculcation members presenting thier talents First Time having Sarvag from USA performing with us!

December 25, 2013 continued with the list of many first and here it was for the first time i was performing at Meenakshi College of Engineeering for Sri Rama Baktha Samajam, K. K. Nagar and again for the first time had London BVB Prof. M. Balachandar performing with us in Chennai!

Indeed many interesting happenings during the whole of 2013 and in particular December month! 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Grand Start for December 2013 Music Festival!

It was indeed a grand start for my December 2013 Music Festival season with a soul satisfying performance by our Team SATHYABODHI yesterday at Rani Seethai Hall organised by Cause Events. We as Team with Mr. Paul Jacob (Bass Guitar), Mr. Donan Murray (Lead Guitar),  Sri. Karaikal Venkatasubramanian (Silent Violin), Sri. Kumbakonam Swaminathan (Mrudhangam), Mr. Elavendhan (Drummer) and my dear appa Sri. Krishnababu (Timing)  had Masth time on stage with all our eye contacts and stage conversations were working great! Thanks to Mr. Vinay who had assisted us on the sounds and the organisers, we feel need to concentrate on this aspect a little more!

We presented 9 items as per following details and hope to have some videos uploaded soon!

1. Innisai Edhal - based on Keeravai 
2. Amaidhiyin aAkkam - based on Jog 
3. Orumiththa Osai - Irish piece based on Sankarabaranam
4. Thedi Unai Charan Adaindhen - SindhuBhairavi - Bharthiar krithi composed by Sathya
5. Narayana - Sudha Dhanyasi 
6. NiravathySukatha - Ravichandrika
7. Ennathin Yetram - based onSubapanthuvarali
8. Vaishnava JanaTo 

9. Ullasa Oonjal - Based on Karaharapriya

Looking forward to all your wishes and blessings in the future concert of our Team!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Exciting December Music Season 2013 ahead!

It was indeed one of the most interesting November month i have had all these years with Two Maiden trips to London and Singapore and my first album, maiden attempt of being a Music composer in Bharatiar Songs released in a Grand Function by Lifco along with their 29 other albums!

I am also happy to see many of our energetic, enthusiastic members of KBSI slowly shaping up to be good learners having keen interest and absorbing the lessons with Hard work and practice. 

I am pleased to share the Joy of performing in this year's December Music Festival, 2013 as per following schedule and request you to be there to bless and encourage our team with your presence during the concerts, when ever and wherever you can! Kindly forward this schedule to all your near & dear and encourage our team.

December 02 - Monday - SATHYABODHI Venue - Rani Seethai Hall, Mount Road, Chennai. Time 7 pm

December 03 - Tuesday for Brahma Gana Sabha Venue - Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium, Luz Church Road, Mylapore. Time 7 pm

December 04 - Wednesday CROSSROADS Venue - Rani Seethai Hall, Mount Road, Chennai. Time 7 pm

December 10 - Tuesday for Mylapore Fine Arts, Oliver Road, Mylapore. Time 930 pm

December 17 - Tuesday for RR Sabha Venue - Dakshinamurthy Auditorium, PS Higher Secondary School, Mylapore. Time 7pm 

December 22 - Sunday for Perumbur Annadhana Samajam Venue 3 Meenakshi Street, behind Lord Iyappa Temple, Perumbur Time: 6pm

December 25 - Wednesday for Rama Bhaktha Samajam, K.K. Nagar Venue - Meenakshi College of Eng. K.K. Nagar Time 5pm

January'14 05- Sunday for Panchamuka Anjaneyar temple, Venue Kalayana Mandapam near Perumal Koil Thepakulam, Mylapore Time 530pm

January'14 06- Monday for Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan Venue - BVB, Mylapore, Chennai Time - 5pm

While many of the concerts are free programs, few might have entry fee. Please let us know in advance and we can make the passes available for the concerts, if you want us to get the same. Apart from these i also have few private concerts, AIR recording and working on another Album and mostly importantly have my COLLEGE as well!

I Need all your wishes and blessings for this busy December month starting today and i pray The Almighty to give me strength to take it forward!