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Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 23 - 24 weekend story continues:

Yes during the rehearsal we also had a journalist from North from a leading Hindi daily who wanted to spend some time with me and make a story during November'10! I was really thrilled to have them home and they studied the way we were rehearsing, had interviews from all the artists, couple of my friends and the organisors of the evening concert. It was fun with the Photo Journalist who has taken so many shots of ours! Hope i will get a copy from them!

Sunday October 24, 2010 started with myself getting up late as we returned only by 1am the earlier night. It was great to have Siva Kodukula uncle from Austin to come home and spend some quality time with us. It was so nice to know that he was inspired to take up playing keyboard after listening to my concerts uploaded. He has a Korg TR and we had good exchange of technical details and hope what ever i told him will be of some use to him. Siva uncle even offered to take me for a holiday to USA! What a great thought and he is indeed so simple and nice to move with. I am blessed to have a well wisher like him indeed!

I shall detail about the journalist and experience with them when the matter is published as it will take off teh interest if i do it now! Wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali / Diwali in advance!

One minute happy to inform you all that i have finished my dress and crackers purchase for this Diwali!! (may be first round!!)
Great Week end spent!

Yes it was one of the happiest weekends last week end on the 23rd & 24th October, 2010. 23rd started off with a rehearsal for the show on the same evening. I tried 3 new composition for this concert and appa named it as The Sailor - based on Rasigapriya set to Adi, Rainbow - based on Vakulabaranam, Hemavathy and Keeravani set to Misra nadai (7/8 tempo) and The Chaste - based on ragam Gowri Manohari. we just had time to do just 1 rehearsal and decided to take a go at the pieces on stage that evening. Thanks to the team of Karaikal Venkatasubramanian on silent violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan on Mrudhangam & Konnakol, Drummer Sridhar  Bass Guitar Suri and appa on Thalam & Kanjeera (sometimes!). The audio was provided by Karthick audios and the production was through Bodhi Muzik by the team "Chennai Synthesis".

The cocnert started off with Gajananayutham in Charavagam followed by The Sailor. Then we played Krishnanee Begane named as Hasten slowly. we also played Sankarabaranam notes, Thirupugazh, Chinanchirukiliye - named as Vibgyor, a Sai Bhajan on Dwajavanthi and finished off with a medley. It was a satisfying presentation wich drew lots of appreciation. The video link is:

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The audio link is:

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy to inform you all that we have had Kolu in our house for the first time! Yes it was usually done by my patti (appa's mother) but this time we also have made a small kolu arrangement with 3 steps and few dolls!!, We bought few dolls and also got few from my patti's house. Many are the gifts received during my many concerts and all this helped us organise this. The steps are made of just things we had at home and may be we will have a bigger one next year! I am pleased show up our kolu wit the cute visitors - twin sisters - our neighbors!

Last week it was a good surprise when Mr Karuna from Durban had visited my house (he and his family in the picture)! It is because he was telling me that on seeing my DVD - Sathya's synthesis album he was impressed and wanted to meet me but was not sure of doing so in his life! However when he landed in Chennai and got in touch with his travel coorodinator Sri. Enver Gowender he asked him if he could meet Sri Pithukuli Murugadoss and my self. When he came home he shuld such a surprise and happiness on meeting me and this was indeed a new experience to me! We all had a nice dinner and look forward to seeing him in his own land- Durban and also make an album in his newly coming up Recording Studio soon!!.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I was thrilled to get a call from Jaya TV Kalaimalar producer to come to the studios in the last week of September and had good time interacting with the anchors who were very knowledgeable  This interview was telecast on October 07th, 2010 and got many emails, SMS and phone calls which mad e me really happy. Here is the link for the interview and if you have not seen it you can always log in and hope you will like it!

Looking forward to some good concerts in this week with the one tmrw at Thabovanm, Tambaram which has come to me just morning!