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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Concert on the 27th Aug'08 was with Sherthalai Sivakumar uncle, on violin, Erode Nagaraj uncle on Mrudhangam, Nerkunam Sankar anna on Kanjeera and Hariharasubramanian on Ghatam. One of the best presentation in a small hall with the right ambience. We as team enjoyed and so did the audience. My mind is now wroking on the Maths exam on the 29th Aug'08 which i am write alone in Principal's room from 7:30 am as i need to go for a concert in aduthurai that evening. Hope Lord Rama will give me the mental strength and the memory as i am performing today i.e. 28th Aug'08 from 7 - 9 pm. Please view the following video link with few clipping of 26th and 27th Aug'08 concerts.

Concert on 26th was with a new team of Ananthakrishnan anna on Violin, Srikrishnan anna on Mrudhangam, Pradeep uncle on Tabla, Manian sir on Konnakol & Kanjeera, Bala anna on Nadaswaram and Sathya anna on Ghatam & Morsing. The concert also taught us how a team work can be hindered due to the sound quality / the ambience. Yes the hall was full of echo and so the artists could not either listen to what they play or what others played! Because of which in a krithi when i was playing the anupallavi the other was playing charanam and as i was signing him on this the other now caught on with anupallavi. Well it was not a good team work for teh song and later had to settle down with the sound and went on to show how the ambience and sound reproduction can make or break a concert!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Eppadi Padinaro" concert of Sri Krishna Sweets at Sringeri Saratha Peedam - Bangalore.

This is one of the trips to Bangalore i will never forget as i really enjoyed playing cricket in Vivek's residence on the Motta Madi - top open floor. In fact the bal went many times to house nearby and Vivek was very smart in bringing it back. Rules and regulations were so strict that our Indian team will not be in a position to play with us for 5 overs also. It was also a good presentation of concert on the 24th Aug'08 with Venkat anna on Violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangama and Hari anna on ghatam.

Interesting things on the trip was that after the concert was over we were served food at the Math and by the time we came back all over foot wear were missing. It took time for us to locate them and now we had a problem of no autos coming for us to the station. Appa saw a locked Alto car nearby and said that we will take help from the person when he comes to take the car. As appa was checking for the location were we can get the auto, Dr Ramesh the owner of the car, offered to take all of us to the Railway station. It was indeed a miracle and it looked as if we saw the God alive in his form! It was also so surprising for all of us because not only we five fitted in the car but also the entire instruments and our luggage! "Manamirundhal Margamundu" (where there is a will there is a way) proverb was proved here and if not for Dr Ramesh, the god for us, i do not think we could have reached the Railway station in time. Thank you sir!
Karur Concert on the 22nd Aug'08

A big team of Venkat anna on violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam, Hari anna on Ghatam, Vijay on Pad, Rajagopal uncle on Tabla, Suri uncle on Bass guitar and Bala anna on Nadamswaram presented a concert in Karur which was well received. We tried out Maestro Illayaraja sir's "Sundari kannalvarum Sedhi' from Thalapathi for the time and came out good. You can log on to for viewing some of the clippings which includes "Singara velane Deva" from Konjm alangai - an old classic movie.
Concert in Chennai on 20th Aug'08Back to back concert are always a challenging ones and when travel is involved it is really difficult. But i enjoy travel and concert presentation and so it was not a problem for me. We were dropped by a car at Madurai from Rajapalayam and traveled to Chennai by Vaigai chair car for a concert on the 20th Aug'08 in Chennai.While Venkat anna and Suri uncle had committed to perform for another concert, it was Rajeev anna and Swaminathan uncle who formed the team with Hari anna and self. It was big hall and we had a very appreciating audience who were encouraging us very well. It was tiring to go from our house to the concert venue which was in Arumbakkam, otherwise i had no problem for another 3 hour schedule which went well, thanks to all the team members.
Rajapalayam concert on the 19th Aug'08

It was a nice coincidence that we were there in Rajapalayam on the 19th of this month also (we had performed on 19th July'08 earlier) and this time it was with Venkat anna on violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam & Morsing. As usual we had great time visiting temples. This time we visited TiruvannaMalai Sri Venkatachalapathy Temple and Andal Temple in Srivilliputtur. H/ever no kili Josyam this time but bought lot of Pal-Gova for all in Chennai! The photo at the temple is with the person who was always with us right from the station till our departure. Except amma and myself, every one tasted pathaneer also. It was for a Royal family and we were in deed treated like guests of the Kings!

We had a good time playing cricket and also presented a good concert i the evening. The Nadaswaram realy gave a great performance before our concert which i enjoyed very muc. The highlight was that the Bridegroom Mr. Karthick sang a song - "En nenjil palli kondavan" and it was so nice to see his guru enjoying this. Karthick anna sang very well considering that it was on his reception day and he was almost pushed to sing! Great attempt indeed photo of his singing also given above). It was a learned audience and almost who's who of the area was present to greet the couple. It was also nice of Sri Bharath uncle for who's daughter's wedding we were there on the 19th July'08, to have come and seen us at the hotel. Sri Bharath also had made a thanks card for all the people who had come and it was so nice of him to have made my CD and present it to them along with a thanks card! So moving it was to see the card and i am really blessed with these gestures. I hope to live up to the expectations and i shall surely works to wards that as a goal!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greatest day for India! 11th Aug'08

It is probably the greatest day for India! I thinks it is equal to a new baby born in a family, country getting the Independence, etc.. etc.. Abinav Bindra has made us all feel so proud and the family has been the best example for all of us to follow. Yes! do what you can and you will achieve what you deserve! Let us all believe in ourselves to have each one of us with our guru's in the first picture and our parents in the next, very soon! New India is born on 11th Aug'08 and let us all celebrate!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A great Sunday

Bhajans for my School on 10th Aug'08 at Sri PadmanabhaSwamy Temple, Adyar for TAMBRAS
It was one the proudest moments in my life! Yes being part of my school performing Bhajans and in the team receiving the "Pride of Honour Award" for the school team which has been winning 4 of the last years of competition of TAMBRAS Bhajan competition. Thanks to the management for having thought of me in the team.

Kudos to the teacher team of Smt Kalyani & Smt Srividhya from my school - Padma Seshadri - K.K. Nagar branch who were there yesterday and all other teachers and students who have worked to get this achievement.

Here are the video clipings of our Bhajan presentation and hope you all like the same. Fyi this year we were not competing and teh winner winner was Sankara Vidhyalaya, Adyar branch who made a great presentation in front of a jam packed audience in the hall.

Looking forward to more and more achievements for the school team.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sri T.V.Gopalakrishnan of in our house - 6th Aug'08

I was happy today spending a good time with Sri T.V.G uncle and family. I am really blessed with their visit to our house.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My visit to Madhuramangalam Sri Embar Temple

It was one of the "Great Sundays" for me as i had the oppurtunity to visit Madhuramangalam - Sri Embar's birthplace. Worshipping / praying at Sri Embar's - Nephew of Udayavar Sri Ramanujar - Temple one can get rid of all problems concerning eyes. My grand parents has been telling me about this temple and this day i had the oppurtunity to go and it was a double bonanza with great dharshan of Sri Embar and also take blessings from the first Jeer of "Madhuramangalam Sri Emberumanar Jeer Math" 'Srimath Paramahasathyadhi Yathiraja Narayana Ramanuja Jeer Swamigal' who is on his Sathurmasa sangalpam from 18th Jul till 15th Sep'08.

If any of you (i suggest all) can spare time you can a part of this great celebration where in Sudharshana Homam, Sri Sukthi Homam, Thanvanthri homam, reciting Thivyaprapandhams are rendered on a day to day basis. The Math has started functioning in a new premises, planning to buy a place on their own, and have started a Patasala also under the name "Sri Ramannuja Sidhantha Vardhini" where in around 10 children are enrolled as on date. If possible you can also support this festival and the temple by contacting the Jeer at + 91 9245772289 or + 9445271545 or +91 9940646881. The temple of Sri Embar is in Madhuramangalam which is 25 km from Kanchipuram and 9 km from Sunkuvarchatram. After visiting this temple you can also got to Sriperumbudur and take the blessings of Udayavar Sri Ramanujar on your way back

My paternal grandparents have always been talking about this temple and my maternal grandfather is from this family jean of Sri Embar and it was like a home coming for me. I had taken my violin along with me and played few krithis in the sanadhi. We all had a pleasant day and returned home after having prasadam at the Math itself. Above are few pictures i was blessed to be with the Jeer and i also had the oppurtunity to perform before him and take the honour with his blessings.