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Monday, May 28, 2007

27th May'07 A great performance from our team.

It was indeed a good performance from our team of Premkumar uncle (Sri Sivamani's brother) on PAd, Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna on Mrudhangam, Karaikal Venkatasubramaniam anna on Violin, Pradeep uncle on Tabla, Suri uncle on Bass guitar and Thirunavukarasu of Karthick Audio on the audio system.

In fact the audience response was also an important factor for the success as they showed keen interest in our performance. I tried certain new songs on stage and every thing worked so well that all us had a satisying day. The party hosted us so well and we all enjoyed the food also.

It is also a sad evening for our family as this was our last concert trip with our dear 7 year old Matiz which has been sold today (28th May'07). We all have been talking about the car for the whole day and we had satisfy ourselves as we have decided to get a new car preferebly a Maruthi - Estillo in a few days. Will keep you all updated.

Fyi my entire concert recording at Podhigai (Doordharshan Channel) is to be shown on 30th May'07 at 7:05 pm and pls do watch and forward your comments to my email id. Keybaordsathya (at)

Friday, May 18, 2007

We made it at the reception during Hari uncle's reception in Chennai on 17th May'07.

It was a great evening with all friends of Hari uncle joining together to give performance on stage. Srinivas uncle, Visu uncle, Balaji anna, Rekha akka, Hari uncle himself, Ravishankar anna, appa, amma & myself had a feel of our vocal chords yesterday during the reception concert.

Even though every one of them had a long rehersal sessions only one song per person except for Mammpillai Hari anna 3 songs was possible to rendered. I gave 7 numbers on instrumental apart from my Thirukural composition. May be all the singers were little upset for not been in aposition to perform more but it was due to a delayed start and also early finish this happened.

At the end of the day we wanted to give a good evening of music during Hari uncle's reception and i think we were fairly sucessful in this attempt. Thanks to Sridhar anna - Drums, Padhu uncel - Pad, Pradeep uncle - Tabla, Rajagopal uncle - Time and percusion, Ravisankar anna - Mrudhangam and vocal, Jerrard uncle - Bass guitar, Anantha krishnan anna - Violin, all the singers & Audio Ramesh and the well wishers.

The list of songs performed were:

01. Vaathapi Ganapathim - Instrumental
02. Janani Janani - Visu, KB, MSS & RS
03. Ponmalai Pozhudhu - Instrumental
04. Thendral vandhu - MSS & KL
05. Piece from Remember Sakthi - Instrumental
06. Parthamudhalnale - RV & KB
07. Sangeetha Megam - Balaji
08. Urugudhey - RS & KL
09. Sahana - Instrumental
10. Kurukku siruthavale - Visu & RV
11. Thirukkural - (KL & KB voice support) - Instuemental
12. Buntureethikolu - Instrumental
13. Panivizhum Malarvanam - Hari (mappillai)
14. Thumpasu aye - Hari & RV
15. Medley of old songs - Instumental
16.Kannodu Kanbadhelam - RV & KL
17. Devuda - Hari, RS & KB
18. Vandhey Matharam

KB - Krishnababu, MSS - M.S Srinivas,
RS - Ravishanakar, RV -Rekha Vijesh
KL - K. Lalitha

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trichur - 14th May 2007. A trip amma and myself missed with heavy hearts.

Yes it was Hari uncl's wedding at Trichur we missed due to amma 's All India Radio Audition on the 14th MAy'07 same day of teh wedding at Trichur.

Appa just returned told me lots of interesting stories about the trip including the beautiful photo of Hari uncle and Dhanuya akka's in front of the van to identify the group while being received. The second photo is with all the members of Krupasankari Street who had been to the wedding. 3rd and 4th the vital moment of tying up of Thirumangalyam.

I understand it was indeed organised in a great way with good rooms, food, transport arrangements and a great Hosting indeed. Kudos to both Hari uncle's and Dhanya akka's families for a great show.

Looking forward to our show for the reception on the 17th May in Chennai.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A happy attempt of the legends work

It was indeed a great concert yesterday with 7 artists (like Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha & Ni) enhancing my concert yesterday with Karaikal V'Subramaniam on Violin, Trivandrum Balaji on Mrudhangam, Pradeep - Tabla, HariharaSubramaniam - Ghatam, Sowrirajan - Kanjeera & Morsing, Suri - Bass Guitar & Sridhar - Rhythm Pad, for a private concert. It was also a concert which was attended by Sri AC Muthaiah & family (Chairman - Spic group of companies) and I was really thrilled on seeing them. They were so simple and appreciated me.

As requested performed classical, semi classical and Film numbers apart from a piece from my guru's track of "Remember Sakthi" (Track no. 4) based on Vakulabaranam and a piece from Sri L Sankar's jugalbandhi on ragam Hindolam. This was new attempts with this kind of set up and i think it came out very well particularly considering the fact that we did not rehearse at all. I just shared my thoughts on these tracks with the artists and it was a great co-ordination.

Link for piece from Remember Sakthi

Link for piece from Jugalbandhi

Kindly listen to the links and advice your comments to my mail id.

The photo of Trv Balaji anna i liked very much - just preparing the ravai for the mrudhangam and the next one is of Meenakshi Sundareswarar in the hall premises.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A great trip to Machilipatnam 30th April 2007

I wont forget (nor my appa, Prasad uncle -Mrudhangam and Durgabavani aunty - Violin) the trip from Vijayawada to Machilipatnam and back as i had the opurtunity to travel in a treasure car. Yes an ambassaddor car model 1982 with no ac and the heat inside was far more than felt outside the car. It was also a jumpy drive through out the trip. We reached the venue in time and was surprised to see my picture on advt banner in a big way. Understood the expectation and prayed Lord Rama in which temple premises the concert was held. Prasad uncle gave me lot of tips for perfoming korvais and i will do it in further concerts. I am in the phot with Mr Prsad uncle on the extreme left and Sri Suryaprasad uncle - the organiser in the middle.

Lord Rama helped me not only perform the concert but also managed to bring us back to Vijawada after a two hour drive back at 1225am. We should have missed the train back to Chennai if it was on time and with Lord Rama's grace the train was late by 1 and half hours. Reached home and had good rest all through the day.

Concert at Vijawada - 29th April 2007

It was indeed a different type of weather i experienced in Vijayawada with dry heat. Fortunately we had ac room and so escaped from teh heat. However in the stage it was like a oven and still managed to eprform a 2 hr 45 mts concert. I was happy with the large audience and also with the presence of Sri Anapuram Ramaswamy uncle whom i had met him in Bangalore during the convention of Sri Sri Ravishankarji's Art of Living concert. The hotel we stayed also housed lots of ants and spiders and i was always having a fear if they will bite. Nothing happened till we left the room. The food given by the attenders were excellent.

The train journey was simply great in chaircar and we also wont forget the journey as we had witnessed an accident with our TTR who fell from the moving train to save a lady who had just jumped out. Due to the prompt action of the guard (luckily our coach was just before the guard's coach) the train stopped immediatley and the TTR escaped with minor injury. Appa & myself were standing near the door and saw this action. A nightmarish experience indeed.