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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A great trip to Machilipatnam 30th April 2007

I wont forget (nor my appa, Prasad uncle -Mrudhangam and Durgabavani aunty - Violin) the trip from Vijayawada to Machilipatnam and back as i had the opurtunity to travel in a treasure car. Yes an ambassaddor car model 1982 with no ac and the heat inside was far more than felt outside the car. It was also a jumpy drive through out the trip. We reached the venue in time and was surprised to see my picture on advt banner in a big way. Understood the expectation and prayed Lord Rama in which temple premises the concert was held. Prasad uncle gave me lot of tips for perfoming korvais and i will do it in further concerts. I am in the phot with Mr Prsad uncle on the extreme left and Sri Suryaprasad uncle - the organiser in the middle.

Lord Rama helped me not only perform the concert but also managed to bring us back to Vijawada after a two hour drive back at 1225am. We should have missed the train back to Chennai if it was on time and with Lord Rama's grace the train was late by 1 and half hours. Reached home and had good rest all through the day.