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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Concert at Vijawada - 29th April 2007

It was indeed a different type of weather i experienced in Vijayawada with dry heat. Fortunately we had ac room and so escaped from teh heat. However in the stage it was like a oven and still managed to eprform a 2 hr 45 mts concert. I was happy with the large audience and also with the presence of Sri Anapuram Ramaswamy uncle whom i had met him in Bangalore during the convention of Sri Sri Ravishankarji's Art of Living concert. The hotel we stayed also housed lots of ants and spiders and i was always having a fear if they will bite. Nothing happened till we left the room. The food given by the attenders were excellent.

The train journey was simply great in chaircar and we also wont forget the journey as we had witnessed an accident with our TTR who fell from the moving train to save a lady who had just jumped out. Due to the prompt action of the guard (luckily our coach was just before the guard's coach) the train stopped immediatley and the TTR escaped with minor injury. Appa & myself were standing near the door and saw this action. A nightmarish experience indeed.