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Monday, September 25, 2006

Launch function of Hello FM 106.4

24th Sep'06

I enjoyed being in the launch function of Hello FM 106.4 as I had good opportunity to see few folk number, a team of Indian - Western band and meeting some great personalities like AVM Saravanan sir, Sri Prabhu actor, Sri Sivandhi Adityan and many more. I enjoyed the folk dance and the drum sounds of our traditional and kudos to Paul Uncle for this great idea of presenting them in this launch function. I have a photo of their performance above.

Our performance was also of great quality considering the fact that we had no formal rehearsals and still could win the hearts of almost all in the audience. Looking forward to working with Paul uncle and party for a lengthy show soon.

24th Sep’06 at Sundaram, Chennai

I had a great opportunity to perform inSundaram, Sai Baba Temple in R A Puram. It was a great experience for me to play in that place and it was like performing in a meditation hall with just sounds of pour instruments else the claps we got after the songs. I some how had a feeling as if Sai Baba was always present and listening to our concert. I am looking forward to perform one day in his real presence soon. My pranams for the same.
Concert at Villiwakkam

I traveled a long distance to villiwakkam for the concert and had to cross two railway crossing before reaching the venue James Kalayana Mandapam, Rajaji Nagar, Villiwakkam. I felt it would be sultry on stage and my appa requested for a fan with which we managed very well. Infact both Raghuram (violin) uncle and Calcutta Karthick (Mrudhangam) uncle also felt the same and we thanked the organizers for providing the fan. I got good appreciation from the knowledgeable crowd present and I was happy.

After the concert we had dinner at Raghuram uncle’s house and thanks to his wife we had good chappthi, kootu & urugai. I liked the new house of Raghuram uncle and we had a tour of his house after the dinner. We returned home quite late but with a feeling of having given a good concert and also of having good Chappathis.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Great Delhi Trip

I loved this trip to New Delhi for Delhi Tamil Sangam concert. The reasons 1) My favourate train journey both ways by ac sleeper. 2) I had Trivandrum Balaji anna and Harihara Subramaniam anna to play 3) I had Sri Ramji, Secy Music Academy as an audience, 4) activities in Delhi and 5) a lovely auditorium with good pa system and aquastics.

1) The train journey both ways were fantastic with my amma's Pulliyodhari taking the first mark in the onward journey and Train Panntry's chappathi in the return. I think we all spent time in the train not only cracking jokes but also eating and drinking tea, Soup and eating also junk food like chips.
2) I cannot forget the way Trivandrum Balaji anna and Hari anna were playing with me all through the tour. I extend my sincere thanks to them for having extended great support during this tour.
3) It was indeed a pleasant surprise for me to have Mr Ramji, Music Academy Secy as the chief guest & stayed almost for over an hour to listen to my concert. It is my first oppurtunity to perform before him and i am happy to have done that. I now look forward to great oppurtunities from him as he has already recommanded me for a5 concerts in Bangalore in Dec'06 by listening to my cds. I am now confident that more such things will come thru.
4) I think we spent more time in New Delhi in drinking Juice in the shop near Delhi Tamil Sangam where we had an excellent stay minus just TV. Selvam anna and team of assistants in DTS were so helpful and we were hosted well by DTS with new cot & a bed, good food and area to play cricket. I enjoyed the stay thoroughly and so all the rest. Appa's friend Mr PArthi (his ex Boss) took us to his house where i played with Ganesh (his son) squash, TT and Snooker. What a great house they live in with all facilities. I think this should be taken as the base design for my new house in the years to come!
The best part is the tea shop we went and had tea while going to Balaji temple. It was very unusual for me and the Daba was not clean bu the tea was of high quality.
5) The auditorium was excellent with good quality PA system and aquastics. I did not any one complain about the audio and i also did not have any and so was for the case with other artsits.
I look forward to another concert oppurtunity soon in New Delhi.
Bye for now.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A great Week end
on the shore after saying good bye to Pillaiar
My lovable Pillaiar who i painted and now i had to leave him at the sea today
At the birthday party of my friend Pranav at Pizza Cut Adyar on 9th Sep
It was indeed a weekend with good and a little bad happenings. I had my friend Pranav's birthday party at Pizza Hut , Adyar on saturday which was from 1130 - 230pm and i enjoyed it very well. It was the first time i also ate almost 3 pcs of Pizza and the masala lemonade was really great.
On Sunday i went to the beach after a long time with heavy heart as i had to drop my lovely Pillaiar for whom i had decorated with my own painting. What to do it is a belief that he is taking all the bad things from us and geting dissolved in the sea and so i had to say good bye. I also got hurt while playing shuttle in the morning and took medication.
In the evening i attended a good concert even though for a very short while only. For more details pls scroll down.

Kudos to Sri Harikumar who performed 7 string vio electra isntrument concert.

I went to the beach today for dropping the Pillaiar statue we had at home and on way back I had the great oppurtunity to be there at Sastry Hall, Mylapore. I was thrilled to see Sri Harikumar playing 7 string vio electra instrument. Amazing it was as he cud go and produce bass chords effects so easily on this instrument. As i have my exam tmrw and also i was hurt and not keeping well, i had to leave the concert midway.
Sri D A Srinivas on mrudhangam was excellent and it was a real joy listening to him. I hope one day i will also have an oppurtunity to play with him. Sri Harikumar on Tabla was also playing well. Bhavadharini akka did a commandable job of being vocal support to this concert on D scale. I have heard her perform for Carnataka Sangeetha Sabha earlier where i think she sang on the Scale A, but here she was supporting for the Scale D and also for instrument. It is indeed difficult to compare the speed levels which can be attained on an istrument to that of a vocal artist but today she was really good in matching frame to frame.
I look forward to another concert which i hope to listen full length to understand the nuances of this 7 string instrument. My appa was there till the end and informed that Sri HariKumar might attend my Delhi concert and i look forward to meeting him in person. Appa also told that everyone attended had a pleasant experience and i also saw Sri V S Narasimhan uncle, (lead violin artist and a great friend of Maestro Ilayaraja uncle)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great to be a part of Chennai On celebrations (with Mr Ravi)
Audience enjoying by dancing to my tune of a medley of films songs.
All of us watching the mimicry artsits.

Mr Kalaivanan & Mr Radhakrishnan doing mimicry

Great to be a part of Chennai On Line 10th Anniversary Celebrations

It was a great evening for me top have been with the team of Chennai On during theri 10th anniversary celebration which was chaired by Mr/Mrs Pandian of MAFOI.

I enjoyed teh mimicry programme of Sri Kalaivanan and Radhakrishnan who gave a good presentation bringing out many actors voices, birds & animals. Infact everyone enjoyed the show.

Then it was my turn to entertain people and i think people were very happy as i gave them a mix of carnatic, film and western. I decided to give a presentation of a medley offast films songs and most of them started dancing. They made a special request for Engeyum Yeppodhum - a song from Ninaithale Inikum and a member danced very well debicting the pambu dance. It was Bala i thing and it was amazing indeed.

I enjoyed the food and also the gifts given to me. I was happy that i was involved in the celebrations. Looking forward to more such oppurtunities.

We have moved to the new house:

Our address 23 / 13 Vasudevapuram near Bala Vidhya MAtriculation
West Mambalam, Chennai - 600 033.
Phone: 91 - 44 - 4207 3403
Mob: 91 - 94443 90193 & 98841 03464
I am happy to report from our new house and all is set here except that i am unable to have the car parked as there is no car parking. Today appa decided to take our friend Mr Haris' help and have parked the car in their house. May be when we find a new house (buying) we will have the car with us.
I performed a solo concert on the 6th September, 2006 for a private function at Park Sheraton. It was organised thru Sri Ajit, Pace Effects - a recording theatre. I used Yamaha 640 for rhythm and Korg TR for melody and performed a mix of Classical, Film and Western music. I was happy that people liked the concert and made special request for Papa Kehtheyhey a hindi number and Sri S V Sekar requested for Vandhey Matharam.
I enjoyed the dinner and the play time with my class friend Srinidhi and Young Drummer Siddharth who had also come there to perform solo.