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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am proud of my borther "Viky The Great" and my friend " Drums Bala"

A great achievement to be selected as Top in India and participate in an International competition! Congrats! here is the link of an article in  today's -  The Hindu Metro Plus Page 1 Looking forward to seeing a live performance of the band "STACCATO" on the 1st July, 2011 at The Spring Hotel, New No:11, , Kodambakkam High Rd. Nungambakkam, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai, Chennai Phone:  40509999.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One of the greatest Moment in my Life!!

The above two links says it all!! I was amazed at the gesture of Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji when he asked me to perform with him for 5 mts sooner he saw me perform (check to see the video here)

It was just a dream and it took lot of time for me to realize that it was true that i performed with him! Such a Humble  person he is, when i asked him if i can use the video footage - he simply asked me, " Do you want it to be uploaded in You tube?" and when i said yes he with a smile told me "Go ahead and let the world see your performance". Magnanimity at its best! I still remember how got to join as a Sishya with Mandolin Shrinivas sir and Dr. Balamuralikrishna sir, the oppurtunity to perform with Sri Ravikiran sir and  this is another great moment which came through on the World Music Day - June 21 !!! This will be in my memory for ever! Thanks to each and every one who has seen these video and wished and blessed me!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blessed to be in Bangalore on World Music Day this year - June 21st, Tuesday

I am really happy to be a part of Handshake Concert Music festival to be held on the World Music Day i.e. on the 21st June, 2011. It is a great occasion to interact with extraordinary Musicians and take their blessings. I am blessed to have got an oppurtunity to perform for 15 mts during this grand celebrations to be held at Chowdaiah Hall, Bangalore from 6pm on wards. Looking forward to seeing many known faces and making new friends on June 21st, 2001. Excited to meet and interact with Grammy Winner Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt!!

Here is a link of a report on this event

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A great Saturday 11th June, 2011

I was informed by Sri JJ Prasad & Mr Alex of Nickelodeon channel that they would like to shoot me for a programme in their channel to be broadcast ( i shall let you all know for sure!) and had to be ready by 830 am at my aunt's house in Besant nagar. Unfortubnately they had gone out of station and myself and my father went little early and waited for the crew. We did not know the power cut in that area was from 9 - 10 am and as the crew came up they had to claim 3 stories! Thanks to my Principal who had spoken good things only to the team when they went on Friday and my classmates were so thrilled to see a TV crew coming to the class to take some bytes!! Well this is a new class and many of them were new friends and it was a real surprise and nice feeling for me too!!!

As soon as the crew was ready we got call from my aunt saying that almost every one in the block apart from the security & caretaker had called her to inform that some one was using their premises! I was so happy to know that our society is indeed vigil / alert and was also happy to understand how good my aunt had been for so many of them to really take it up to call her on this!! 

my mom, Sri DSP and Murugan uncle PA to DSP Sir.
As we were doing the shoot i got a call from my mother informing that DSP - Devi Sri Prasad, a leading Music Director had accepted to  say words about me and asked us to come to his house as early as possible. It was indeed a real surprise to me and when we went to his house he received us like a nice friend and was shocked to she his humility! What a great person he is and was so nice of him to have shown this gesture of talking about me in the channel! I do not want to go further on this as i thought it will be nice if you all can see the programme! I shall try and put the full thoughts of his impressions after the broadcast! thanks to Murugan uncle and his son Mani anna who were coordinating this meet. 

the crew Mr JJ Prasad, Mr Alex and Mr Soloman
This Day i learnt our Society is Vigil / alert and also learnt and pledged to be as humble as possible with the meeting i had with  DSP Sri. Devi Sri Prasad
I am into 11th Standard!

I am happy to inform one and all that i scored 7.6 on 10 in my 10th Standard examination. I am also happy to inform that i scored 9 in English 8 in Sanskrit and 7 each in Maths, Science and Social. I had decided to take up Commerce stream and had opted for that before the exams. I am into 11th Std with English, Accounts, Economics, Business studies and Entrepreneurship as subjects. Its already over a week into 11th std and yes it is indeed totally a good jump from 10th to 11th and could see it in all subjects.  

The next 5 years are very crucial in academic studies and it is also equally crucial for me in the music field. I need to concentrate more and i sincerely hope to achieve the best in the forthcoming years so that it will be a good foundation for my future. Praying The Almighty and hope for the best as always!!