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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yesterday's concert was held in a cute little hall and there was good crowd coming in. The wedding party really managed very well. I enjoyed chating / playing with Ramakrishnan (violin) & Trivandrum Balaji Anna(mrudhangam) before and after the concert. I was happy to see lot of known people in the audience and in patricular the old uncle and aunt who had come all the way from Pudhukotai who stayed till the end. My friend Abhinav's grand parents were also present for 30 mts or so.

It was first time i saw a family respecting their pet and it was nice of them to have brought Hippy to the hall and also posed for photos with Hippy. The picture has Ms Kavitha & Mr Srinivasan with Hippy. You also have Ms Kavitha's mother and sister to her right with Venkatesh anna behind. Venkatesh anna lives in Singapore and appreciated me for the performance ydy.
Our New House effective 1st Sep'06

I am in the room proposed for myself

Amma and myself inside the pooja room / space
Our Master bed room
My appa just outside kitchen

Happy to inform you all that we have found our next house (rented) and few pictures above shows the details. The address is

New# 23 Old # 13 Vasudevapuram
opp Bala Vidhya Matriculation School
West Mambalam, Chennai - 600033.
Phone: 91 -44 - 42073403
Mobile: 91 - 98841 03464

Also we are getting a new cell 1 connection which is 91 - 94443 90193 eff 4th Sep'06. H/ever we are also retaining the old number.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Concert under Rhythm & Raga

I enjoyed the show today because our team of Rajagopal uncle (tabla) Suri (1mrudhangam and the other bass guitar) uncle with Saravanan (rhythm Pad) joined after a long time. This was a mixture of both carnatic and film music and the audience i think enjoyed too.

Shobana Aunty from Dubai did marvelous singing with dance movements too. Her Kajuraho, vasigara and Snehidhane songs were well song and kudos to her professional way of doing it. Hope she liked our orchestra. It was Pattapa uncle's catering which was really excellent. I enjoyed the concert very much as i had oppurtunity to playtwo keyboards and after long time my mother (Yamaha 640) and father (Korg Pro)boards were used today instead of the child (Korg TR) which had rest today.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My trip to Hyderabad for concert on 22nd Aug'06.

A view from teh Birla mandhir with the lake in the back ground.

Infront of teh Vishnu's statue just on way to the Birla Mandhir

A view from the car of teh Budha Statue inside the huge lake.

Playing a car game in the mobile of Balaji anna at the airport while waiting for teh aircraft. (TOP)

In the train while going to Hyderabad (down)
I enjoyed this trip to SICA - Hyderabad as i had both Train and Flight journey involved in this trip. I suggested to come back by flt to avaoid absenting from school on Wednesday but due to delay in flight service had to absent yself which was the only disapointment.

I enjoyed the train travel onward and the sightseeing my self and my appa went to see the Birla Mandir and the Lake from there. It was wonderful and i enjoyed the game of cricket played with Balaji anna in the room. The food in Hyderabad was very good but the Badam milk was no where near the quality of Bapatla's.

Mr Chackrapani uncle and Rajasekar uncle were very kind and the weather was also kind to us. The auditorium was great with good sound system. I take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who turned up for the concert and blessed me.

Looking forward to my trip again on Nov 25th and hope to visit Charminar then.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday August 20, 2006.

It was a good evening for me as i had the oppurtunity to play with the cell phone of Ramakrishnan anna (violin artist for todays concert). I enjoyed the concert today with Balaji anna and EMS mama doing great co-ordination. I like the Mallari today as it was just planned in the evening and it came out very well. I also made friends with few children today.
Ramesh uncle (SK Audio) was in some tension today as the PA System was giving trouble and all of us on stage was always behind him for some thing or the other. It is to be appreciated that without his help we cannot give good diaplay of our talents.
The audience i think hads much time being Sunday as i saw many of them till the end. The dinner was good and looking forward to the train journey tmrw to HYD. It was fun while we drove back home as water spilled over appa's driver seat and he had to sit onthe wet seat. I think he felt cold as well as we had switched on our ac also. In total a good evening of entertainement and concert.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A full length Listener's choice concert Aug 19, 2006.

Today after long time i had a concert at chrompet and just after i reached the hall i had my friends Gayathri and Prathyusha who had come all the way from Thiruvanm,iyur to visit me while performing. The concert was supposed to start at 7pm but the nichayadhartham (engagement ceremony) was delayed my concert started only at 8pm. Till then i enjoyed playing dumsharads, chikkuliba and anthakshari.

Today Saravanan uncle brought his second child and he was very good on stage. I have been featured in latest issue of India Today and many congradulated me and started asking for numbers they liked. So we decided (my appa, amma and myself) to play all the choices and i think every one enjoyed same. The video and audio links are given below:


Video 1 : Varavallaba

Video 2 : Sobillu

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Friday, August 18, 2006

A great concert of my guru Sri Mandolin Shrinivas at KGS on 18 Aug'06

It was indeed a great evening for me as i had the oppurtunity to take my lessons from my guru during his concert at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, as part of their Gokulastami Celebrations. He Started off with varnam in ragam Kamboji followed by Varanamuka with crisp kalpana swaras.

The krithi Mokshamugalada on ragam Saramathy was great which was followed by a krithi on Chandrajothi. The elobarate raga alapana in Madhyamavathi for teh krithi Saravanabhava was entralling and i really enjoyed. Special mention to be made on the percussion team of Sri Murugabhupathy on mrudhangam, Sri Gopalakrishnan on kanjeera and Sri EMS on the ghatam apart from the versatile Sri Sridhar on the violin.

The kaanada oothukadu kavi's alaipayudhey was followed by a great Kaapi redention with the krithi Jagadodharaka which moved every one in the auditorium. He rounded off the concert with a krithi on ragam vakulaparanam a rare composition followed by Chadrasekara, and Desh Thillana and concluded with a mangalam.

I will place a request once again to rasikas not to move in between songs and in particular before thani avarthanam and also just before playing Mangalam. Pls try and adhere to this and oblige.

It was indeed a great 3 hour class for me with my guru's performance and i was indeed lucky to have been there and also received his blessings on showing up my photo with articlew in India Today's latest issue which was on stands today (page. 78)

Friday, August 11, 2006

Interview by Sri Chandrasekar, Kumudham on August 11, 2006

Today i had plans of going for the School Sports meet at Jewaharlal Nehru Stadium but could not go because of viral fever form ydy night. H/ever i went down to Kumudham, a renowned and famous tamil magazine, office where i was interviewed by Chandrasekar uncle for their website.

Chandrasekar uncle is the chief reporter for Kumudham and has a good knowledge of carnatic music. I remember interacting with him for almost 3 hours around 3 years back after which a big interview was published in the magazine under the tilte "8 vadhinile".

This time it was just for 20 mts and was for their website. CS uncle appreciated me very much and i was so happy to receive this from him as he is some one very knowledgeble.
I also had the oppurtunity to talk to Rabi Bernaurd uncle at his office.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A useful evening, thanks to Bharathi Kalaikoodam under Nalli uncle

Mr P Dhanapal, Director of the documentary being honoured by Nallii Uncle

Nalli uncle with the section of huge gathering

Dr Kunnakudy uncle with the team

My school Chairman and guruji - Dr Mrs Y G P madam coming in to the hall

Shri V Kalyan, who has been with Mahatma Gandhiji till Mahatma's last breath.

I attended a function screening of "A Little Dream" - a documentary film on our great President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam's Life. This was organised by Bharathi Kalaikoodam for which Padmashre Sri Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti Uncle is the President and Sri A Natrajan (ex Director Dhoordharshan) is the VP.

The function started of with a violin solo concert by Nadha brahmam Dr Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan and team which was electrifying.
Sri P Dhanpal, who had scripted and directed the documentary was honoured in the function by Nalli uncle. The documentary - 45 mts duration, was very informative on Abdul kalam uncle and every one present appreciated the efforts.
The most interesting of all is that i saw Mr Kalyan, who has been with Gandhiji for long years. I had the great oppurtunity of seeing him today and thanks for Nalli uncle for this.
I think every one should thank Bharathi Kalaikoodam under Nalli uncle and Natarajan uncle for organising this great show and also giving everyone a samptuous meal at the woodlands for dinner.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Experience with Mr Francis, Korg Technician from Mumbai.

I had a great day on the 3rd Aug'06 as i had the oppurtunity to meet a technician from the India representatvie Mr Francis who was here with his team for displaying KORG products in Chennai at Harissons Hotel Chennai. Thanks to the owner of Sruthilaya who had informed my appa, appa visited the exhibition and with kind co-operation of the owner of Meco Tronics, Chennai a meeting was scheduled at 730pm at his office.

I had a great time exploring my new KORG TR model with him and itwas a good 60 - 70 mts spent with him which has given me some good knowledge / update on this board. Mr Francis appreciated my efforts in bring the nuances of Carnatic music on the KORG and i look forward to greater support from KORG and team whcih they have promised.

My trip to Thiruvannamalai

I enjoyed the trip i had with my friend Rekha akka, her husband & with my parents to Thiruvannamalai. I left by maruthi 800 car at 9pm and reached by 1230. We stayed in a lodge and got up left to the temple at 7am.

After having a great dharshan we returned at 830am and then proceeded to Seshadri Swamigal and Ramanashram. We decided to visit the Kandh Ashram and Virupakshi Cave which we visited in 1 hr 30 mts. However Rekha akka had some health problem and took 30 mts more.

We left by around 2pm and reached home by 545pm. The most interesting thing is that we had great dharshan during the trip and listened to my guri Sri Mandolin Shrinivas sir's cassette and that of great MLV amma and Shri Chembai Vaidhyanadha Baghavadhar. It has really made me to learn songs in this albums and i will surely learn in a few weeks.

Bye for now and see you soon.
Sri Krishna Gana Sabha Award

I was happy yesterday as i received Gottuvadhyam Narayan Iyengar's Endownment Award from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha and it is indeed a great recognition. I also had the oppurtunity to get the blessings of Sri Yagnya Raman, Secy, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Sri Nalli Kuppuswamy Chetti, President SKGS, Smt Aruna Sairam, Smt Seetha Rajan, Sri Cleveland Sundaram, Coimbatore Gopi Mama, Sri Ramani flute sir and many other senior vidwans and well wishers.

With my uncle's son Nakul in front of the Sabha

With other award receipiants