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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Concert under Rhythm & Raga

I enjoyed the show today because our team of Rajagopal uncle (tabla) Suri (1mrudhangam and the other bass guitar) uncle with Saravanan (rhythm Pad) joined after a long time. This was a mixture of both carnatic and film music and the audience i think enjoyed too.

Shobana Aunty from Dubai did marvelous singing with dance movements too. Her Kajuraho, vasigara and Snehidhane songs were well song and kudos to her professional way of doing it. Hope she liked our orchestra. It was Pattapa uncle's catering which was really excellent. I enjoyed the concert very much as i had oppurtunity to playtwo keyboards and after long time my mother (Yamaha 640) and father (Korg Pro)boards were used today instead of the child (Korg TR) which had rest today.