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Friday, November 27, 2009

My greatest Day - release of my Album by Legendary guruji Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna ji

A great blessing indeed for me with my Guruji entering the hall as we started playing the bhajan "Sri Guru Partivasa". A moment i will never forget as it was any way not planned and that means it is just the great blessing of my guru and Almighty. I am now in Erode for a concert in kumarapalayam today and have been talking about this launch funtion to Venkat anna and Arjun Ganesh anna all this while. I also saw a movie "Kanden Kadhalai" here in Erode.

Coming to the function, all of us Suri uncle, Nadas Bala anna, Sridhar anna, Pradeep uncle, Rajagopal uncle and my parents were very excited to perofrm in front of my guruji and it was a performance which he later in his speech praised! Guruji was also emphasasing the point regarding the Ban of keyboard in All India Radio and went on to say that "it is not right to ban an instrument but one can ban artists who do not perform to the true effects on an instrument" With his blessing i am sure the ban will be lifted soon and many people like will get greater recognition soon!

The boon he gave me as a gift for this album launch was the words of encouragement to me by saying that, " i enjoyed singing with Sri Chakrobarthy on Harmonium, Sri Ramani & Sri Chaurasia on flute and Sri Zakeer Hussain on Tabla. Let me tell you all that in my future concerts i will also be singing alongwith Keybaord Sathyanarayana". A blessings i never thought of and it is indeed the greatest gift on this day.

I also thank Mr & Mrs Ganesan family, Mr Rangarajan and Mr & Mrs Raman family for having bought 300, 100 and 50 cds respectively of this album. I also thank one and all who made it to the funtion and others who wished me as they could not make it. Looking forward to a greater future and will surely work towards my best.
A great trip to Bangalore and Coimbatore.

It was indeed a nice trip with back to back concert at Bangalore on 22nd for a private concert and at Coimbatore for a public concert at Kanavai Sai Temple. Our team of Sherthalai Sivakumar uncle, Trivandrum balaji anna, Hariharasubramanian anna with my apa on thalam gave a presentation which was liked very much at the function in Bangalore. in fact it was one of the rare scene when almost aroudn 100 or more people standing in a semi circle and dancing and singng along when we were playing the last medley. The final Raghupathi was indeed great with almost every one chanting or clapping. A very memorable concert.

We left early morning on 23rd Nov'09 to Coimbatore and reached around pm. We went to a hotel and had lunch and rest. Around 530pm we went to Smt Jayanthi's residence where we saw Putaparthi Saibaba's divine powers with sandal sprinkled all over the pooja room as a mark of his visit being his Birthday! Yes a great scene and then we proceeded to the Temple premises for the concert. The temple Swagatham Sai Mandir, Thiruvalluvar Nagar Bus stop, Somayanur, Thadagam Road, (Kanuval-Anaikatty) - Coimbatore, is indeed a great place of worship just at teh foot of a small hill.and is managed by Smt Jayanthi, Sai Krupa Temple -45 A Arunachalam St, K.K. Pudur, Coimbatore 641 038. t was a divine experience when we performed 8 Sai bhajans apart from aghuvamsa and Jagadhodharana. We finished the concert with traditional Sai aarthi song.

Then came the surprise that i was called upon to cut the cake placed for Saibaba's birthday and i was pleasantly shocked and did the act of cutting the cake with full of devotion. What a great blessing for me! - coming just before 2 days of my album launch titled "Bhajans on Keybaord". A concert i will never forget in my life time!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New album on the making - details in

It was always in our mind that we wanted to do a "Bhajan" album with my attempts on background music score. I did not think it will happen so soon as we just casually started discussin on this on 3rd Nov and by 6th we had completed teh recording! Yes it is a beleive it or not kind of story only! My sincere thanks to Jagdeesh uncle of Kothandapani Studios to have extended the same on a short notice and to the team sound engineer Gopi uncle who had given us great support for this project. Our thanks goes withot saying to the artist Nadaswaram Balasubramani anna, Trivandrum ballaji anna, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan uncle (one of the mentor for this project) Tabla Pradeep uncle, Drums Sridhar anna and Effects Rajagopalan uncle - who incidently helped me when i started composing first time when i was 6 years old for a project tilted "Avar Parvai Avar Poonagai" which is yet to be released on Mother Pondy.

The recording was done from 10 - 11 pm on 6th and today as i am reproting this it is all done and the master has been sent for making glass master. Things are happening so fast and the surprise elementis the launch function to be held on the 25th Nov'09. Casually appa was informing on this project to Dinesh uncle n South Africa and he immediatly asked him to arrange for a release function which we could not say no. I am thankful to god that all whom we approached to be Guest of honours namely my gurji Dr. balamuralikrishna sir, Dr Nalli sir and Sri Natarajan sir are all available on that day and now i am looking forward to a great day - to release an album in the presence of my guruji!

Details of this album can be had in
samples here you go...

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Thrilling trip to Madurai on 7th Nov'09

November month started off well with a heArtbeat concert for Apollo Hospitals stamp release function on their 25th anniversary on the 2nd Nov'09. This was followed by a back to back concert on 7th and 8th November in Chennai and Madurai respectively. After the concert in Nanganallur, Chennai on the 7t we were dropped by a volunteer at the Pazhavanthangal Rail Station to enable us reach Tambaram to take Pandyan Express. t was indeed a day of heavy rain and we were very scared if we could take up this trip.

All went well with Ghatam Hari anna helping us get the ticket for suburban train travel and we got into the train at 935pm at Pazhavanthangal jsut 4 or 5 stations from Tambaram. However the train after leaving Sanitorium station halted for almost 15 mts and both our trains - the one we were in into Paltaform 1 and the one we were to take to Pandyan Express to Madurai in Platform 8.

It was all heroics from then on. Yes both appa and self started running to climb the staircase and got down the same on the other end. By the time appa was in the last few steps Pandyan Express just started! Appa called me and by luck i heard it and understood his sign language of asking me to get in to the unreserved compartment. Appa was still to come down and he decided to stay near the steps for the train to come by!

I was two coaches ahead and so had to run back and got into the unreserved coach with the help of a unknown friend holding me. Appa just through the luggage he held in is hands and got himself in to the moving train! At last we were in the train to Madurai! Traveled in that coach till Chengelpet and we got down at Chengelpet to change coach we realised we were in the first coach and our reserved coach B1 was probably the 20th coach.

The train had stopped outside the platform and so it was just slushy & thank God the S1 coach was open and we just squeezed thru in to it while the trainstarted moving again. It took us almost 20 25 mts to go to B1 coach and that was the time i was thanking and appreciating the vestibule system available in the trains. It was great adventure indeed and the deed followed with a mike system as old as may be 30 years provided at the hall for the concert! Thanks to almighty that system also worked and we had a great concert performance appreciated by all who had come for the reception function. A memorable trip indeed!!!!!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

This is the blessings for me after the Thanjavur concert performed for Sadhya Vizha on the 29th October, 2009. A great review in The Hindu, Trichy edition dated 01 November, 2009

Full review can be read in the link

I sincerely thank the almighty and all my well wishers especially Hon. Sri Ubayadullah, Minister for commercial taxes, Govt. of Tamilnadu and the Festival Committee for giving me tis oppurtunity.