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Friday, July 05, 2013

I am a College Boy Now!

It has been long time i have had the opportunity to sit to write my blog and i feel bad for the same!

Unless you keep writing, it becomes old news and difficult to remember sequence and also looses its values!

Thank the Great Almighty i passed by HSC (+2) exams with 80.8% scoring 60 in Entrepreneurship 73 in Economics, 84 in English, 92 in Accountancy and 95 in Business Studies! Also i am now in DG Vaishanav College  studying BSc. (Vis. Com)! Wow! I could not believe myself on the turn of events in my life in the past two months! Thanks Ma and Pa for the nice scooter!

Yes i have got my Driving and riding Licence as well and now a proud owner of Hero - Maestro Scoter too! I am going to college in that only!

The proud moment in the recent past was the Award instituted in our KBSI Here is the linkfor the photos:

Also the performance with my Mamoos on World Music Day (June 21) at Arkay Convention Centre under Carnatica and Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha! Wow it was so nice feeling and the concert came out well with just two of us only! Here is the link for the video:

I am travelling to Karaikudi for attending a Sadabisekkam to get the blessings of my paternal grand father's sister and will come back and detail more!

Before going let me remind you all that i am on performing on a Harmonium and that is being telecast on July 067, 2013 in Jaya Tv at 630 am, thanks to Ramjhi sir and Jaya Tv Baala Bruhmam!