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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pooja days with concerts!

Had a wonderful Pooja days this year with a good Pooja done on the morning of Saraswathi Pooja i.e. 23rd Oct'12 with my friend coming home in time to join us and so was our KBSI - KBS Inculcation membrs, where we have members being guided to bring their musical thoughts on keyboard, Bharath and Murali with their mom! We did our pooja for all the books and instruments inside our house and proceeded to do pooja for all our vehicles when these people joined us! It was fun all through out and happy they also enjoyed being with us!   

In the evening it was indeed a concert in a devine atmosphere at the Sri Mahaswami Vidhya Mandhir School in Rajakilpakkam where we were surprised to see live kind of Statues of Maha Periyava!   Godess Kamakshi Temple is indeed great here in the school premises. The school is a resident school for the under privileged and they have around 175 students learning vedas! 

Presently they have till 8th std, if i am remember right and has both State and CBSE streams with the choice for them to take it up. The hall in which we performed was great with right ambience and had gave a presentation blessed by Kanchi Maha Periyava! Thanks to Karaikal Venkat anna on violin, R. Sankaranarayanan anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramainam anna on Ghatam. We also need to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Gopal who handled the audio. Hope to come and perform here more often!

The concert on 24th October, 2012 on the Vijayadasami day was indeed special particularly for my appa as it is a place where actually my appa started creating / continue his Carnatic music interest! Yes it is the house of his very dear friend in Diwakar uncle and he was so overwhelmed that his son was performing and he was on the stage position putting Thalam! He has seen almost all the leading musicians / artists of this great and to get a good report / opinion from the great 87 year old Musicologist and dear uncle Sri Seshadri and when he said,"I have made it Sathya", my father was so moved and appreciated me for this great effort! I thank my enhancement team for thh day in K. J. Dileep anna and Chidambaram Saisankar anna, who was actually teaming with me for the first time! This was also attended by another 92 year old senior musician and also blessed our team after staying right through the concert! What an experience audience with years of listening to good music from great musicians at their best always! They also sat for our concert and appreciated our efforts! Indeed inspiring me, increasing my confidence and make me happy that i can go forward in my efforts with good hopes! 

Back to normal life - concerts and school!

After the surgery and post surgery treatments i got myself recouped by around 17th October in time for my first commitment of concerts! God was so great that i did not have any concert except one scheduled on 6th Oct'12 with Abhishek Raghuram ji! Yes i really missed it and i tried my best to be fit for it but did not want to go against Medical  advice! AR ji was nice to comfort me saying opportunities are plenty to come by! 

We had back to back concerts on 17th 18th and had to leave by a Tempo Traveller to Tirunelveli for a concert on 19th Oct'12. It was indeed a great experience with the vehicle broke down at the Samayapuram Check post (luckily) and had to spend almost 4 hrs to get another vehicle as we also wanted to take care of the vehicle we went in! As reached the venue we immediately made a sound check and had a small nap for 30 mts and were ready on stage for the concert!   After the concert we drove back immediately as many of our artists had work the next morning and reached Chennai around 10am after changing vehicle again in Trichy! It was indeed a great experience and kudos to our team for having performed a wonderful energy filled concert at Tirunelveli in spite of hectic travel. 

I started attending school on the Vijayadasami day after a month two days as our holidays in September began on the 23rd! As i was just trying to catch up with studies again a set of Holidays! Wow interesting but feeling little gittery with regard to coping with studies! Any way God is there and will make me manage this as well!   

Blissful October 2012

Firstly i would like to thank one and all for all the wishes and blessings sent to me through sms, emails, Facebook, phone calls and personal visits during the period i had undergone a surgery on the October 03, 2012 for Mucosal PolyP. I am fully recovered thanks to Dr. Mohan Kameswaran of Madras ENT Research Foundation and team and have started my routine after a good break of rest! I also owe my sincere thanks to Dr. Padma Subramaniam aunty and Vennai B. Kannan uncle for the guiding us to this doctor and helping us in all ways!

October started off with a Holiday after my exams and now ends also with a Holiday, thanks to "Neelam". While its nice to have rains and holidays, it does hurts when we understand it also brings in pains to many!

What a start with an oppurtunity to perform in Dr. Padma Subramaniam's Nrithyodaya's dance production, "Gandhi Mahan Kadhai" of sri. Kothamangalam Subbu's literary work which saw a sea of people coming into Narada Gana Sabha and the fact was many including my father could not get a place to sit and had to watch the program standing in a corner,  while many could not even find a place to stand and were left outside the hall only to listen to the Orchestra! What a production and it was indeed a great moment for me as my mother Smt. Lalitha Krishnababu was also singing along with me for this production! Thanks Nrithyodaya and this production also coincided with the celebrations of 60 years of Padma aunty into dance. I also had my Raman Athimber for this event and my very great well wisher Sri. Dinesh Naidoo with his friends from South Africa and i liked the way they said, "Sathya we were blessed and lucky to have got an entry in to the hall, forget that we did get just a small space to stand and watch the program all through! An unforgettable evening indeed!

Here above you see me with Veenai B. Kannan uncle on 02.10.2012 night and on the right in the hospital room just before leaving for the operation on 03.10.2012 early morning at 7am!