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Thursday, October 24, 2013

1000th appearance - Yellam Iraivan Seyal!

Thanks Almighty for the Grace and taking us to this 1000th appearance! Pranams to my Gurus, in particular my maternal thatha Sangeetha Bhushanam Sri. Embar S. Sadagopan and most importantly my parents! Thanks to every one who have been with us through this journey and to be with us further more as well!

I strongly believe in my parents concept that it is indeed a Team effort and i sincerely Salute all my well wishers for the support, encouragement, confidence they have been giving me and request every one to continue showering their wishes and blessings! 

I sincerely understand that this is just a beginning and what we need to achieve is grater than we think and i shall put in my best efforts to accomplish same with the Grace of The Almighty!

I look forward to seeing you for the concert i will be performing for MUDRA at Infosys Hall, RKM School premises, Bazullah Road, T. Nagar from 630pm on teh 27th October, 2013 where i will be teaming up with Sri. Karaikal Venkatasubramaniam, Sri. Kumbakonam Swaminathan and Sri. Hariharasubramaniam. 

Thanks 999 forums / Individuals!

I am so glad and thankful to all the forums / Individuals who had extended opportunities to me and my dear instrument to have made us come to 999 performances and this was at the Forum Vijaya Mal, Vadapalani organised by RMKV. 

It was so nice of Mr. Thyagarajan, A senior Official and from Owner's family was there to receive us and also requested us to perform few popular krithis which i believe was a great recognition for our efforts, all these days! It was amidst a good number of audience and also a huge moving crowd in the Mal being a Saturday. 

Our team with SP Ananthapadmanabha anna on violin, Sankarnarayanan anna on mrudhangam and Pradeep uncle on Tabla enjoyed the performance as i am sure the audience did! We did not have a Monitor speaker but otherwise there was not much to complain about! Enjoyed the dinner after this concert looking forward to the next one on 6th October, 2013 being our 1000th! 

Friday, October 04, 2013

Pranams to my first Guru, Mentor and my dear Thatha!
Sangeetha Bhushanam Sri. Embar S. SAdagopan avl.

I sincerely thank all my gurus, well wishers, Organisers, enhancing artists, PA support team, Media and importantly my Parents as i step in closer to the stage on the 6th October, 2013 at Music Academy organised by Arun Excelo which happens to be the 1000th concert! 

When i look back i remember troubling my paternal patti to switch on the TV and to have Vijay Channel in it as it would telecast Sriman Narayana, Dollayam and Pony Mother's song Malarpola Malargindra as early at 530am! Also my patti used to sing many kutti pattukal as well!

My memory rolls back to the days when i used to go to my maternal grand parent's house where Music was The Thing with my thatha and mama always busy with music! I remember my thatha taking me to concerts and also talking to me about music, music and music related talks only like saying me the names of ragas, their arohanam & avarohanam, sample krithis etc. Probably this lead me deep in to the direction of taking up Music into me in a Big way and i salute him and all others who have been instrumental in me taking up Music seriously!

He has inspired me to take up Violin and have sincerely been making efforts on same! I have also attempted to perform Harmonium and have been, to an extent successful, placed as a Grade B artiste in AIR! Now i am also trying Accordin as well! 

My thatha has been my first Guru, Mentor and a greatest Well Wisher  and seek his blessings along with that of all my Gurus, well wishers, Organisers, enhancing artists, PA support Team, Media and many more  as i step into 1000 and beyond! I sincerely understand what has been done is just a start and what is to be achieved is YET to START!   

Adyar D. Balasubramani on Nadaswaram, Adyar D. Senthilkumar on Thavil and Sumesh Narayanan on Mrudhangam