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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New DVD Launch Invite!

Wishing every one a Very Happy New Year!

Pleased to invite you all for this DVD Launch!


A great concert i will be remembering for a long time! Thanks to Venkat anna, Swami anna and Hari anna for a wonderful enhancement and encouragement!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Looking forward to December 31, 2012!

I am very eager and looking forward to the D - Day! Yes! The much awaited Video Album release of my concert performed with Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji performed on the 31st December 2011! Yes it is a long wait but indeed really worth the wait! Look forward to more information on the release details in this page in the next few days!

At this point of time, I am very pleased to inform you all that the long awaited album's Audio version on the internet with Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji is available in the following link: 

which you may download on payment as per the instructions in the link.

I am also happy to inform you that Gitaa Cassettes have come out with a single track in Nokia as a Tribute to Pandit Ravishankar Ji of with the Vaishnava Janato track of the album "The Conversation" which is available on payment, in the link:

I am also happy that i will be performing on the 26th, 27th, 30th and 31st of this month and hope to see many of you in these concerts. For details please do check for details in Concert Schedules. 

Great December 2012!

It has been a wonderful December with lots of good things happening! Yes after the concert on the 1st for KBS Inculcation it was a wonderful concerts for Thrimoorthy Sangeetha Sabha and also the one at Lord Ayyappa Temple, Mahalingapuram. These were really good experience and the one in IIT, Chennai was indeed fabulous in many ways!

Yes i sincerely did not expect a grand reception like the one we received with a Grand big banner as a back drop with my name in it! Also it was great teaming up with Pranav Diwakar, a Flautiste in the making, my friend, and a grand team of Venkat anna on violin, Sumesh anna on Mrudhangam, Hari anna on Gatam, Sridhar anna on drums, Bala anna on Nadaswaram, Amma on vocals, Pradeep uncle on Tabla, Suri uncle on Bass guitar and Arasu uncle with his team on Audios from Karthick Audios and my dear dad as a conductor! It was simply lovely and i look forward to more shows like this!

Well, most interesting thing was that i opened up my vocal chords on that day and it was indeed a pleasant good experience! I enjoyed very much and look forward to jamming up with my vocal chords as well in future! Thanks to my parents who have been persuading this for a long time and this had to happen during this concert!

The one on the December 15th at Parthasarathy Swami Sabha was indeed a great experience!

While i have performed in many forums it was indeed a surprise to see great vidwans and vidhushis like  Sri. S. R. Janakiraman, Smt. E. Gayathri, Sri. Unnikrishnan, Sri Vanoli Anna, to name a few and many of my team's well wishers as well in the audience! Great experience indeed and hope to have these kind of experiences more often! Also it was nice of them to have appreciated me after the concert and i am really blessed and honoured! 

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Welcome December 2012!

At the outset i thought this was a music season with less concerts but at the end now it is also filled with 10 concerts, probably more private concerts than public ones this year! Since we do take every concert seriously no matter whether it is private or public (we do give a copy of unedited recording to the organisers of private concerts) there is no compromise on quality delivered so its again hectic with Half Yearly exams around! 

A perfect relaxed start on the 1st december with Team KBS Inculcation's program for a student's 60th  Birthday and really was happy to see my parents and nadaswaram Bala anna doing a great job making good rasikas / artists in particular, on Keyboard! I am so delighted that i am also playing a small roll in this mammoth venture!

Here is the link play list of the video link of this program and i am sure you all will appreciate this!

Pls log on to to see my public concerts and hope to see some of you there to bless me.

As usual, I am trying my best to do justice to both studies and with Almighty's Grace hope to gome good well in both!

Memorable November 2012 indeed!

A wonderful month indeed as this was a month in which my Mother Smt. K. Lalitha and also myself got awards! It is indeed a great moment as this is the first experience for me of this kind! While my Mother was recognised on the 3rd November as one of the 10 wonderful Women who had contributed themselves as a proud mothers with their children in limelight, i was awarded the Youth Achievement Award by Rotary Club of Madras Esplande on the 22nd November, 2012!

It was also a great month as i had the first opportunity to perform with Sri. Abhishek Raghuram anna, who is one of teh leading Musicians today and was indeed a great experience to perform along with Ananth R. Krishnan anna on Mrudhangam and Srisundarkumar anna on the Kanjeera. Sincere thanks to Abhishek anna for the thought and special thanks to Bharat Sangeeth Utsav, Coimbatore team led by Sashikiran uncle for this. The concert, as told by Abhishek anna and team on stage and the huge audience who had turned up, was a great presentation and i learnt lots and lots on this performance! Looking forward to teaming up like this more often!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pooja days with concerts!

Had a wonderful Pooja days this year with a good Pooja done on the morning of Saraswathi Pooja i.e. 23rd Oct'12 with my friend coming home in time to join us and so was our KBSI - KBS Inculcation membrs, where we have members being guided to bring their musical thoughts on keyboard, Bharath and Murali with their mom! We did our pooja for all the books and instruments inside our house and proceeded to do pooja for all our vehicles when these people joined us! It was fun all through out and happy they also enjoyed being with us!   

In the evening it was indeed a concert in a devine atmosphere at the Sri Mahaswami Vidhya Mandhir School in Rajakilpakkam where we were surprised to see live kind of Statues of Maha Periyava!   Godess Kamakshi Temple is indeed great here in the school premises. The school is a resident school for the under privileged and they have around 175 students learning vedas! 

Presently they have till 8th std, if i am remember right and has both State and CBSE streams with the choice for them to take it up. The hall in which we performed was great with right ambience and had gave a presentation blessed by Kanchi Maha Periyava! Thanks to Karaikal Venkat anna on violin, R. Sankaranarayanan anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramainam anna on Ghatam. We also need to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Gopal who handled the audio. Hope to come and perform here more often!

The concert on 24th October, 2012 on the Vijayadasami day was indeed special particularly for my appa as it is a place where actually my appa started creating / continue his Carnatic music interest! Yes it is the house of his very dear friend in Diwakar uncle and he was so overwhelmed that his son was performing and he was on the stage position putting Thalam! He has seen almost all the leading musicians / artists of this great and to get a good report / opinion from the great 87 year old Musicologist and dear uncle Sri Seshadri and when he said,"I have made it Sathya", my father was so moved and appreciated me for this great effort! I thank my enhancement team for thh day in K. J. Dileep anna and Chidambaram Saisankar anna, who was actually teaming with me for the first time! This was also attended by another 92 year old senior musician and also blessed our team after staying right through the concert! What an experience audience with years of listening to good music from great musicians at their best always! They also sat for our concert and appreciated our efforts! Indeed inspiring me, increasing my confidence and make me happy that i can go forward in my efforts with good hopes! 

Back to normal life - concerts and school!

After the surgery and post surgery treatments i got myself recouped by around 17th October in time for my first commitment of concerts! God was so great that i did not have any concert except one scheduled on 6th Oct'12 with Abhishek Raghuram ji! Yes i really missed it and i tried my best to be fit for it but did not want to go against Medical  advice! AR ji was nice to comfort me saying opportunities are plenty to come by! 

We had back to back concerts on 17th 18th and had to leave by a Tempo Traveller to Tirunelveli for a concert on 19th Oct'12. It was indeed a great experience with the vehicle broke down at the Samayapuram Check post (luckily) and had to spend almost 4 hrs to get another vehicle as we also wanted to take care of the vehicle we went in! As reached the venue we immediately made a sound check and had a small nap for 30 mts and were ready on stage for the concert!   After the concert we drove back immediately as many of our artists had work the next morning and reached Chennai around 10am after changing vehicle again in Trichy! It was indeed a great experience and kudos to our team for having performed a wonderful energy filled concert at Tirunelveli in spite of hectic travel. 

I started attending school on the Vijayadasami day after a month two days as our holidays in September began on the 23rd! As i was just trying to catch up with studies again a set of Holidays! Wow interesting but feeling little gittery with regard to coping with studies! Any way God is there and will make me manage this as well!   

Blissful October 2012

Firstly i would like to thank one and all for all the wishes and blessings sent to me through sms, emails, Facebook, phone calls and personal visits during the period i had undergone a surgery on the October 03, 2012 for Mucosal PolyP. I am fully recovered thanks to Dr. Mohan Kameswaran of Madras ENT Research Foundation and team and have started my routine after a good break of rest! I also owe my sincere thanks to Dr. Padma Subramaniam aunty and Vennai B. Kannan uncle for the guiding us to this doctor and helping us in all ways!

October started off with a Holiday after my exams and now ends also with a Holiday, thanks to "Neelam". While its nice to have rains and holidays, it does hurts when we understand it also brings in pains to many!

What a start with an oppurtunity to perform in Dr. Padma Subramaniam's Nrithyodaya's dance production, "Gandhi Mahan Kadhai" of sri. Kothamangalam Subbu's literary work which saw a sea of people coming into Narada Gana Sabha and the fact was many including my father could not get a place to sit and had to watch the program standing in a corner,  while many could not even find a place to stand and were left outside the hall only to listen to the Orchestra! What a production and it was indeed a great moment for me as my mother Smt. Lalitha Krishnababu was also singing along with me for this production! Thanks Nrithyodaya and this production also coincided with the celebrations of 60 years of Padma aunty into dance. I also had my Raman Athimber for this event and my very great well wisher Sri. Dinesh Naidoo with his friends from South Africa and i liked the way they said, "Sathya we were blessed and lucky to have got an entry in to the hall, forget that we did get just a small space to stand and watch the program all through! An unforgettable evening indeed!

Here above you see me with Veenai B. Kannan uncle on 02.10.2012 night and on the right in the hospital room just before leaving for the operation on 03.10.2012 early morning at 7am!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wonderful September 2012!

It has been really hectic September with quarterly exams, concerts and rehearsals, by the grace of The Almighty have come to the end of this month! Then why do i say Wonderful September! Well its because of some unusual pleasant happenings which make this month very special! Two good concert presentation in Vinayakar temples during Chathurthi celebrations and two different concert presentations and reactions from audience on the 21st and 23rd Septemebr'12!

During the concert  on the 21st Sep i started performing a bhajan and an elderly lady who was amazed by our team's performance walked up to me after the bhajan, took a Dollar embedded with Sai Baba from her Mangal Soothra and presented to me saying, "Baba directs me to handover this dollor to you" and the scene became very emotional indeed! What a blessing! Credits to all the vidwans who performed with me on stage, Sri. S P Ananthapadmanabha on violin, sri Thillaisthnam R Suriyanarayanan on mrudhangam, Sri Pradeep on Tabla, and Karthick Audio - PA system provider!

On the 23rd Sep at the Korattur Cultural Academy - KCA concert which was fairly well attended as informed by the office bearers, I was handed over a Thirukural book by a rasika during the concert and was appreciated by a journalist/musician from a leading Tamil daily after the concert, for our rendition of Bhairavi, Sahana, Kalayani krithis and the Maand Thillana! Again the credits also goes to the team which performed with me namely Sri K.j. Dileep on violin, Sri Suri Suriyanarayananon Mrudhangam and sri Harihara Subramanian on ghatam and morsing & the PA system provided in the auditorium. In this case credits also goes to the well learned/ mannered audience of KCA! Special mention toTeam KCA which spontaneously offered to hold my 1000th concert, whenever it happens, this being one among 900+.

Whenever we have a thought over the uncertainty of a upcoming musician's life, me being one among many, The Almighty guides us with these kind of good symptoms and directs us accordingly! We once again seek the Grace of The Almighty and wishes of all our well wishers to take us forward in our journey of enchanting LIFE! Om Gurubhyo Namaha!

wonderful concerts at Vinayagar Temples!

concert on 13.09.2012 
concert on 19.09.2012

I should thank Lord Vinayaka for having me perform in Bala Vinayakar Temple, Warren Road, Myalapore on the September 13, 2012 and in Senthil Valampuri Vinayagar Temple, Senthil Nagar near Thirumullaivayil on the Vinayagar Chathurthi day this year on the September 19th, 2012 and it was a good experience. I had performed with the team of Karaikal Venkatasubramani anna on violin, Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna on Mrudhangam, Pradeep uncle on Tabla and Rajagopal uncle on special effects. I really enjoy the concerts here as it is well attended by audience who come with some expectations and if only we can understand and present to their liking it would be a great day and it was one of those great day for our team! I was worried as it was raining heavily after the start of the concert (and so was the organising members!) but with the Grace of Lord Vinayaka we could continue in spite of rain and the audience also stayed till the end! The rain stopped after around 40 mts and it rained "cats & dogs" after we reached home! Miracle indeed that none of us got struck anywhere in the rain!

The concert on Vinayagar Chathurthi Temple on the September 19, 2012 was with the team of SP Ananthapadmanabha on Violin, Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhangam and Sundar uncle on Tabla. Senthil Nagar, Thirumullaivayil, even though i understand its in city limits now, it was indeed a typical Village ambience and allow as set with an excellent PA system too! From Ambattur main road in to  Senthil Nagar it was more of travelling in MOTO car race i.e. travelling in pits amidst some roads laid! Thank God it did not rain as we could not have reached the venue without any adventure! It was indeed a trekking experience into the venue as they had dug and kept just few Road locations for usage!  The concert went on for almost 2 hrs and every one enjoyed the same including the artists on stage and the audience! It was so moving that the organisers informed that they would be inviting us as many times as possible as the audience have given them a good feedback of our concert.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It was indeed a very close to the heart project of mine which was really given great colors by the team of Mr. Paul Jacob on Bass Guitar, Mr. Donnan Murray, Nadaswaram Adyar D. Balasubramani anna, Mrudhangam Sumesh Narayanan anna, Ghatam & Morsing Hariharasubramanian anna and my parents. This along with Podhigai's  Sri. Bharathi uncle's team has made this project a grand one i should say! Here are the links and i am sure you will also enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vandhey    Matharam

Wishing every one a very Happy Independence Day!

I am happy that our "SATHYABODHI" a new venture with Sri. Paul Jacob, Sri. Donan Murray, Sri. Sumesh S Narayanan, Sri. Harihara Subramanian, Sri. Nadas Bala and my parents will be featured n DD Podhigai on August 15, 2012 from 8:30 - 9 am. I am also delighted that Issaimazhalai Ramjhi uncle has given me an opportunity to be in his special programme which is being telecast in Jaya TV from 830 - 930 am same morning!

Please do watch the shows, time permitting and please forward your valuable opinion, suggestions and comments.

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have great pride in informing this news of Chennai's Music Band STACCATO is heading to London to perform during OLYMPICS 2012. I am personally thrilled because i have my cousin Vikram Sarathy and friends Sruthi Sagar, Bala, Shaillu, Praveenkumar annas and Vandhana akka as Core Members of this team and i wish them ALL THE VERY BEST for their great trip to make our Country Proud! I am sure all my well wishers will also join me in wishing this Team STACCATO!

Here is the news from Kalaignar Seidhigal and our sincere thanks to them for this coverage!


Here is the link for the news in The Hindu -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed oppurtunity at Tattvaloka on June 25, 2012

Pranams to His Holiness Sringeri Acharya! What a great blessing we got yesterday - June 25, 2012! In fact on receiving the invite describing the events listed during His Holiness Sringeri Acharya's visit to Meenakshi College and Srigeri Math, Krupasankari Chapter, my mother was saying that it would be nice if i got an oppurtunity to perform in some center during this vist and we got a call the same day from TATTVALOKA through Smt. Vidhya asking if we will be in a position to perform on the 25th June'12 at Tattvaloka!

What a great blessing and i am truly indebted to my Amma for the great thought she had and to The Grace of the Almighty and kind blessings of Acharya to have made it happen so soon! I tried to get his blessings in Krupasankari chapter and today it was indeed a great blessings to have seen him so near and take his Asheervadams! God is great and if some body does not have faith in this, please take this as a proof! Thanks amma once again for the excellent videos! In fact many have been asking me to post videos like this and i am sure every one will enjoy these videos! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A concert i will remember for the blessings of Maha Periyava!

Once again the importance of divine ambiance was felt here in this concert at Maha Periyava's Padhugai temple, PS Sivaswami Salai, near Nilgiris, Mylapore on the June 5th 2012!

Yes it was purely his blessings as this interesting incident will let you know! I tried Tyagaraja krithi - Manasa Sriramunidhaya in Mararanjani but right from the alapana used Ga1 instead of Ga2 throught my presentation of the krithi as well! After completing the krithi i realized the mistake when Karaikal Venkat anna informed me that he was used to play this krithi in Mararanjani and that i had executed the song in Jangaradhwani! I felt bad but also thanked Periyava for his blessings to have at the least, maintained the mistake and i also thank Venkat anna for the great support!

Here is the video link, thanks as usual to my dear MOM!

Congrats Swami Anna for the Wedding and becoming "Grade A" Artiste of AIR!

It was so nice of Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna to have invited me to perform for his wedding reception held in Chennai on the May 28, 2012. In fact he asked me before printing his reception card but i could not confirm my participation as i was not sure of my return date from the South Africa tour under ICCR in Dr. Padma Subramaniam group.

I thanked God for making me reach Chennai in time to be present for this concert as he is indeed very dear to me and i also think the same feeling is there with him too! It was indeed a concert i enjoyed joining with my "MAMOOS"!

Congrats Swami anna and we, our family and friends wish you a "Very Happy Married Life". I am sure you are seeing the fruit of it as i now also congratulate for becoming Grade A artist of AIR! Where is the party?  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reached My Own Country India and my Home in West Mambalam!
It was indeed a joyful tour starting on the May 18th till today morning May 27th, 2012 with Dr. PAdma Subramaniam aunty and Troupe to South Africa!

Totally a new experience compared to my first tour to SA in 2003! Interestingly It was once again Durban City which was my first stop for stay even this time! I had the pleasure of seeing Dinesh Naidoo uncle, who is indeed a greatest well wisher and guide for me! He took him time out and met me at the hotel as soon as we checked -in. A great human he is! He also gave me few sim cards for us to top up and use but we actually did not even use one and may be will be returning it to him when he comes in!

I also had the oppurtunity to perform Instrumental duet with Veenai Sri. B. Kannan uncle and Sri Sekar on mrudhangam before each of the dance performance by Dr. Padma Subramaniam and Troupe which consisted of Anugraha, Neeraja, Srinidhi, Ramya, Mahathi, Shyam as dancers, Natuvangam & Vocal by Smt. Gayathri Kannan and Veenai B. Kannan uncle Sekar uncle on Mrudhangam & myself on Keyboard.

I shall detail about the trip little later and in the meanwhile please enjoy the photographs!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trip to my Musical career Home Ground - South Africa!

I am so happy today that i am going to my Musical career Home Ground! Yes i vividly remember my first ever tour to South Africa way back in 2003 which was indeed my launching pad!

Today i am going back to the country after 9 years at the same period thanks to Dr. Padma Subramaniam, Sri. Veenai Kannan and ICCR for selecting me as a team member for this tour!

These are the pictures taken just outside Chennai Airport before leaving and will update my trip as and when possible! Thank you all for the support, encouragement, wishes and blessings!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Sad Day

It is indeed a sad day today as i have lost one of my greatest well wisher and guide in Dr. T. P. Naidoo uncle who i understand breathed his last at 10 am today morning in Durban, USA. He has been a great inspiration and a mentor to me and our family. He has done immense society to the Tamils and in Particular Indian in South Africa and it is indeed a great loss for all of us.

For i am what today, it is also because of the efforts of this great uncle and his daughter Smt. Vasantha Naidoo, through Indian Academy, Durban South Africa, giving me an opportunity for a concert tour to South Africa in 2003 just when i was 8 years! Unless for this tour i would not have met Dinesh Naidoo uncle and the albums he made on me! 

The first photo is the one i had taken during his visit to India in 2005 and the second one is the one i had taken with him in my first tour of SA.

May we all pray for his soul to rest in peace!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

self in "Yugiyudan Yugiyungal" May 04, 2012

I have seen and also been in many talk shows and this is indeed one special as you are focused on humor all through the show but message reaches in the easiest way possible!

Thanks to Yugi uncle who was very nice to us and made us feel at home and enjoy the show! The shooting started around 1145 pm and ended around 230am! What an effort he takes and kudos to his dedicated team who work with the same energy level as that of Yugi uncle! In fact his colleague Sri. Ganapathy Narayanan penned down lyrics for a composition of mine and i hope to have that sung by my mom and will upload it later! This happened as we were waiting to go on the recording and he was indeed amazing!

The team full of thoughts and energy and that's the reason it is a Success Show!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I performed a concert for Layapriyan Sri. Papanasam Kumar who had organised a ahendam concet series for this year's Shivarathiri and was performed at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai on the 20th February, 2012. The concert is being telecast on 12th and 13th Mar'12 in RAJ DIGITAL Channel from 630 - 7 am. Please watch and forward your comments.

It was a team with Sri. KJ Dileep on Violin, Sri. Neyveli Ramkumar on Mrudhangam and Sri. Sai on Morsing.

Audio track of today's concert telecast is

01. - AnandaNatamaduvar Thillai - Poorvi Kalyani - Rupakam - a composition of Neelakanta Sivan

02. - Ananthanatanaprakasam - first attempt of Kedara raga Dikshidar krtihi

03. - Evasudha - Tyagaraja krithi in Sahana


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Audition on Harmonium!

Most interesting thins happend at the start of my journey in to my 18th year is the Audition i went through on Harmonium in All India Radio! Yes when i tried playing the few krithis on Harmonium some time last year in a concert appa asked me if i would be ready for applying in AIR! As i had always a liking to the instrument, i immediately said yes to it and had initialised the process. We got the letter from informing that the audition will be on the 3rd Feb'12 in the first week of Jan'12 and we now started scouting for a Harmonium! 

We actually asked almost every one we had known whom we thought would have a Harmonium and understandably only Mr. Ramani sir of my school had one and that instrument was always used for Bhajans sung during Anusham. Also it is indeed such a wonderful Harmonium, many artists using the instrument for Bhajans try and take it from him always. So we did not want to give him the trouble but what are we going to do! Buying one at this stage i thought is little premature and so decided to check with Palladam Venkataramana Rao sir - the magician on the instrument! He has on date only two instruments, one which he had bought almost 50-60 years back and the other for his students to learn! So end result no instrument! However I sincerely thank Palladam Vankataramana Rao ji for his expert suggestion / guidance extended to me to better the handling of the instrument when i went with an instrument later.

God is always kind to us and this statement was made true once again by Prasad Uncle! Father of Shyam Prasad who is interacting with us to develop his vocal chords in our KBS Inculcation, when asked on this help, at once called up Lakshman Sruthi Musicals and made sure we have the instrument in 2 days time! Now all i had to do was to go to  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals and pick one of my choice! The people in  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals were so nice to me, the manager Mr Lakshman in particular, they extended all help and i now had the instrument with me clear 2 weeks ahead of the audition!

I have now appeared for the local audition in All India Radio, Chennai and hope to get a call soon for the next level i.e. actual audition to be sent to New Delhi for grading my performance. Well that is possible only if i clear the local audition and so this is crucial and now awaiting the result! 

After finishing the audition when i wanted to return the instrument,  Lakshman Sruthi Musicals were so nice and have offered me a 4 read Scale shift Harmonium! Along with Prasad uncle they have now imposed the confidence that i will surely get through the local audition and from now on i shall start practicing for the Delhi audition! 

I am so happy that God has been so kind to me and i am sure he is, to all of us and always!

Few more links of my Harmonium attempts:

A Bhajan - Nandhanandhanu / Muralidhara Gopala / Jagajanani

I request you all to pray for my good result and I shall keep you all updated on the same.

Here is the link for the Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha concert and i am sure you all will like it.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Birthday Celebrations in United India!

My birthday this year was clebrated in "United India" ! I mean in India and also in the premises of United India Insurance office Head Quarters in Chennai and it was indeed a pleasant experience.! Having the number 1 of the company - CMD Sri G. Srinivasa for the entire concert was in itself a great blessings and bonus was that three more front line officials in GMs also stayed back and enjoyed our presentation along with the offcials and their families from UII.

My team actually have to thank as always to my parents for having made a concept for this presentation and it became a good effort!  Being Republic day we presented more of Patriotic numbers which had helped seed the great feeling of Independence among our people during the British Regime and these are the ones which make us feel proud even today! Having celebrated my day of landing in this Mother Earth, in a grand manner thanks to UII, the actual birthday i.e. 1st February also went well with a surprise party in the evening. 

My parents had bought me a cute little monitor speaker, thanks to my Mamoos for buying it for us from Singapore. I got lots of gift this day fromArjun Ganesh anna, Sankarnarayanan anna, Vikky, Nads Bala bought me T-shirts, gifts from students of KBS Academy, my mamoos, my grand parents and many more. Sridhar anna kalakified with the wonderful Cake and Giri Trading Raman uncle uncle gave me a good back bag for Laptop!

The day went well with lots of happiness around and hope God will be kind to hold it for me ever!

Here is the video clipping of the songs we thought were apt for the republic Day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thank you All

எனது மனமார்ந்த நன்றி !

It is indeed a great day and i thank my parents for having brought me in to this wonderful World! It has been my pleasure to receive all your wishes and blessings through sms, phone calls and on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. 

I cherish this day and look to carry all your wishes and blessings with the sincere hope that i will have more loads of these in the coming years as well!

Friday, January 27, 2012

A great trip to Thiruvaiyaru

It is always a blessing to visit temple and more so to visit St. Thyagaraja'r during the Aradhana days. Even more great is to perform few krithis there on one of these days!

I got this oppurtunity and we left home in time to be at Thirvaiyaru little early and had a good Dharshan. It was so sad that the river alongside was almost empty and had a long stroll in the sands! What to do? no water! The schedule time given to me was 545 pm and it was perfect going and got to the dias in time. I had Ms Rajajeswari on violin, Sri Venkatsubramanian on Mrudhagam and Mstr Sai Balaji on Morsing.

It was divine feeling and to perform there we are not only blessed also feel like cleansed after the performance. What was surprising this time for me was that after 3 krithis i thought of getting up Sri Srimushnam Raja Rao sir, Sri Deccan Murthy sir, Sri OS Arun sir and many office barrers who were actually listening to our performance from near the stage asked me to continue performing another krithi! What a blessing for our team and i thought it is indeed a great good sign for the prosperity of the instrument! I sincerely thank one and all for this gesture and pranams to St. Thyagaraja for his Grace!
Concert at Bhairavi Pondicherry

I had a good trip to Pondicherry with Villiwakkam Raghuraman uncle's car along with appa and Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna. Thirukannapuram J Sowrirajan uncle joined us in Pondicherry.  We actually wanted to start little early and have a good relaxed time at the hotel room before going for the concert. But as Raghu uncle had some work we started little late and also went on a wrong route travelling around 25 kms and had to come back and reached hotel only by 4pm! Of all hotel restaurant Suruguru - a fast one delayed to bring our food and so went to the room only by 5pm! Had some snacks and changed costume & proceeded to the venue.  
It was an excellent ambience but the audience was not the usual good strength in number and they sighted recent rain / Thane wind and others for the comparatively not a strong turn out of audience. We enjoyed the concert presenting some rare raga / krtihis and returned to Chennai after having a good dinner at Adyar Anandha Bhavan!.

You can listen to the performance by our team in the link:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year Eve celebrations with Vidwans and Vidhushis at Music Academy!

It was another great year which i enjoyed welcoming 2012 with many great Vidwans and Vidhushis, thanks to Carnatica's effort to bring in all of them under one roof - Music Academy! I think it is for the 3rd or 4th year in succession i have enjoyed this New Year Eve programme! This time again i teamed up with my dear Mamoos - Embar S. Kannan ji, and gave a mix of just film / Carnatic music on a concept of tempos / nadais and it came out good!

I was also happy to get greetings and enquiry on the Jugalbandhi concert i had performed with Pandit ji at Brahma Gana Sabha just before coming in to this programme! I shall post the video of the same at thee earliest for all of you to enjoy! However the last couple of minutes is lost due to no space in the camera as my mom had also used the same for the earlier concert. I look forward to welcoming 2013 soon!!!

In the process of this Jugalbandhi Concert i missed out on detailing the 29th Dec'11 concert performed with M. Rajeev on Violin, R. Sankaranarayanan on Mrudhangam and Sunilkumar annas at PH Mahal, Chitrakulam, Mylapore for Sri Panchamuka Anjaneya Music festival committee which was a grand show indeed. With rain god showering his best with the help of his friend Vayu Bhagawan with "Thane" the possibility of the concert was in fact remote! However there was a good audience turn out and the performance was also of good level with our team giving our best with the Grace of Lord Anjaneya! I always love playing in this forum as it is indeed a divine atmosphere and feel as if Lord Anjeneya is omni present to listen to us!

Great Experience of performing with Inventor of Mohan Veena and a Grammy Winner!
It was indeed one of the most memorable day in my life time - December 31, 2011 ! Yes it was like a dream for me to be realising at 715pm on this day that i was performing with Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ! Humble Personified personality and i was only fortunate to have had this opportunity! I am confident and hoping to get more such occasions  in the future! A dream New Year Eve indeed!

Panditji was so humble to come home the earlier day with his wife and had dinner - simple Dosas - at our house and we had gone  for a short drive on to the beach side and he was feeling so bad for the effect of "Thane" strom and as he got out of our car he said, "All the best Sathya, let's make a great day tmrw evening". It was a great blessings and i was so stunned to see a person of his stature to be so simple and even more simpler was his wife Ma ji and it was one of teh best moments i had in my life time.

The day of the action i.e. December 31, 2011, appa left home early to see through all arrangements for the evening as Giri Trading Agency had decided to make a Video  & Audio albums of the concert. I was very excited on the show and just tried to concentrate and practise few ragas for slow and speedy phrases as i thought of the Hindustani phrases and ones i might have to give a good response!

God was kind to me with the presence of good number of audience and i thought that was indeed the respect Chennai rasikas gave for this Maestro Mohana Veena Inventor! While doing the sound check we understood teh "Reverb" key was faulty and Pandit ji was so humble in saying, "let's play with whatever resource we have". A great learning for me and for any artist as this is the best mind set one should possess instead creating a big issue and make a scene which might bring in more and more of unpleasantness!

Thanks to my dad's idea of checking with Mr. Ranganathan, incharge of Giri Trading  Agency who was captaining the the recording stream, they brought the studio mixture  from Surang, As we were playing the raga aalapana the new mixture was made set and before we went on to Thanam the equipment was fixed in no time - Thanks to teh sound engineer and team! It was kind of non stop music for the next almost 1 hr 30 mts and as we finished our piece on Madhuvanti - Dharmavathi combination we realised it is time to end the concert! Panditji in all humbleness asked me what we could play to end the concert, i suggested "Vaishnava Janatho" which happend to be one of the best renditions in a Jugalbandhi concert as said by Panditji, Ms. Vaijayanthi Mala Bali and others who had attended.

I sincerely thank Eenadu to have carried an article on the Jan 02, 2012 and Dinamalr on Jan 15, 2012 and you can log on to to read the reviews.

I also thank Brahma Gana Sabha for having thought of this combination of Jugalbandhi Concert and Pandit ji in particular for suggesting to do a Jugalbandhi instead of his Solo which was in first place asked for!

Let's now look forward to Giri Trading Agency to bring out the DVD & Audio CD of this concert and i just cannot wait for a long time to see the same!

Let me also take this opportunity to greet you all for a Very Happy 2012!