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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Welcome December 2012!

At the outset i thought this was a music season with less concerts but at the end now it is also filled with 10 concerts, probably more private concerts than public ones this year! Since we do take every concert seriously no matter whether it is private or public (we do give a copy of unedited recording to the organisers of private concerts) there is no compromise on quality delivered so its again hectic with Half Yearly exams around! 

A perfect relaxed start on the 1st december with Team KBS Inculcation's program for a student's 60th  Birthday and really was happy to see my parents and nadaswaram Bala anna doing a great job making good rasikas / artists in particular, on Keyboard! I am so delighted that i am also playing a small roll in this mammoth venture!

Here is the link play list of the video link of this program and i am sure you all will appreciate this!

Pls log on to to see my public concerts and hope to see some of you there to bless me.

As usual, I am trying my best to do justice to both studies and with Almighty's Grace hope to gome good well in both!