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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It has been a a good couple of weeks gone wherein i have had some good concerts and also my exams in this period. I had 2 public concerts and 2 private concerts and all of them went well. The one at Visakaa Innisai Peravai at ambattur was performed in a divine atmosphere in the Sath Sangam building and had a god knowledgeable audience for the concert. While the team did present a good show, i felt there was electrical problems and that the current supply was not at the adequate level (low Voltage) because of which my instrument's tone itself came out differently. It was the same case for all the other instruments and we presented a concert actually with a discomfortof not having proper feedback. Well it happens sometimes and that's one of the problem of having an electronic instrument. While all have just the PA system to do them favour i need also my own instrument to do its best for which power supply has to be at the right level.

The heArtbeat concert performed in Pudhucherry for Pudhucherry (Pondycherry) Doordharshan's golden Jubilee celebrations which  was well received and i understand one of the song performed was also shown the following day i.e. 19th September'10 in Podhigai channel. It was again fun trip as we went in a Tempo Traveller listening to SV Sekar's dramas and Maestro Illayaraja songs. In this concert Sundarkumar anna played Mrudhangam (he is a A grade AIR artist) and Venkat anna perfomed on Kanjeera part from Raman uncle on Morsing, Raju uncle on Mandolin with Dr. Karthick leading the team on Ghatam & Vocal. Here also i think we had power problem and not only mine the Mandolin tone & the tonal quality of all the other instruments were sounding totally different. Well some time we need to cope up with this difficulty as no one is to be blamed for Power fluctuations! We had a nice host in Sri A.L. Ramasamy who is a multi talented personality. He plays morsing, guitar, writes poems, makes good paintings and also makes special carvings. We all were amazed on seeing  a Thiruvalluvar statue which he had made of clay and also a sitting / resting Lion in a marble stone!

We had a UNO session at home on the 20th September'10 at home with Drummer Sridhar anna, Nadaswaram Bala anna, Mrudhangam Swaminathan anna, Keyboard Arunkumar anna & with my appa. It was fun all the way and we all had nice dinner at Ashok Nagar Hotchips restaurant sponsored by Sridhara anna. Looking forward to another session soon and also the grand dinner to follow!!! Sridhar anna are you ready? I am ready anytime after 24th Se'10 and looking forward to seeing him after his successful trip to South Africa to watch the finals of the Champions trophy 2010 as the winner of the highest viewed video to cheer up Chennai Super kings!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Congrats Sridhar Anna ! Bon Voyage 
to South Africa 
and come back with 
Champions League Cup 
team -  Chennai Super Kings!!!

I am very happy to share this news. My friend Sridhar anna has won the competetion held for the highest viewed Video presentation in support of a team conducted by Youtube & Airtel. Let's all congratulate him and cheer his team Chennai super Kings!!!! watch his video in under drumsjillu

Thank you all who helped him achieve this great milestone!
Concert at Warren Road Pillaiyar Temple on September 06, 2010

It was one of the special concert i was performing with my Maths teacher apart from my many well known personalities like Papanasam Kumar uncle, Smt. Mala Mohan, Murali uncle & aunty my paternal grand parents and many senior citizens who were richly knowledgeable in music in the august audience. The fact that my Maths teacher with family had come all the way from K.K. Nagar to listen to my concert and returned home after i finished the concert at around 11pm was indeed very pleasing and i sincerly thank her for this. She also took the mike and expressed her sincere wishes & blessings to me. I am really blessed to get the wishes from a teacher just after teh teacher's day and i was totally moved. Thank the Almighty for this Grace showered! 

The concert in fact was one of my best to my knowledge and i felt the presence of the divine force of Lord Vinayaga indeed as the energy level was indeed at its peak throughout. It was kind of a new experience to me and i enjoyed every moment on stage with B. Ananthakrishnan anna (Violin) R. Sankaranarayanan anna (Mrudhangam) and Hariharasubramanian anna (Ghatam) were at their best. It was a great team work and this is once again prooves the greatness of UNITY and this is indeed very important for concert performances. The concert recording will be uploaded and link will be given soon.

Concert on Teacher's day September 05, 2010

I had back to back concerts 28 & 29 Aug'10, 3rd, 4th & 5th September'10 and it was all fun. In particular the concert trip to Pondicherry on the 3rd Sept'10 in which we had the Chief Minister as an audience!. What a simple way he was! In fact i saw the picture of Kamarajar and this Chief Minister resembled the same to me! A real surprise! In this trip all of us were playing UNO while going and coming in a Tempo Traveler and i am happy to also say that the concert went very well!

September 5th, 2010 was indeed a great day for me as i had an I. A. S. officer from Gujarat attending this privatre function sat through my concert and also spoke in praise of our team efforts with quotes from Vedhas! We, Karaikal Venkatasubramanian anna on violin, Calcatta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Nanganallur Swaminathan uncle on Ghatam & Karthick uncle of Karthcik audios were all thrilled to get good wishes & blessings from an I.A.S. officer on a Teacher's Day!

Listen to the tracks and hope you will enjoy same.

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