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Friday, October 27, 2006

I had a surprise on the 24th Oct'06 when Ms Vandana, Pogo channel called to say that she is coming the next day with a crew to shoot me at school, guru's class and at home which is again towards the POGO Awards 2006. I was informed that She will be at school at 10 am on the 25th Oct. It was a great day for me as i was having gala time. It was informed that i was one of the nominees for the awards and every one in the class, my teachers and the Pricipal wished me for getting the award. Three of my friends Arvind, Anusha and Bharadwaj were also interviewed separalety & so was was my class teacher and Principal.
Then we went to the beach to take shots there and as we were packing heavy rain started. It was one of the pleasant days i enjoyed in the beach with a great climate. I think i should ask appa to take me to the beach whenever it is to rain as i think that is the most appropriate time to be in the beach. If not for the shoot i am sure i would have had myself drenched in the water.
After lunch we proceeded to my guru Kalaimamani Ms. A Kanyakumari's house and finished shooting by around 530pm. My guru blessed and wished for my success. Appa tried to reach my guru Mandolin Shrinivas sir also but i am not blessed with his presence in Chennai as he is scheduled to come the next day only. Then the next location was at home and we had a surprise in store for us there.
Almost when i thought the shooting is over at around 915pm Cheenu, the Prime Time POGO compeer personality came in with a bang to say that "Congratulations Sathya. You are now in the TOP 5 Nominations of POGO AMAZING KIDS AWARDS 2006 in the category of MUSIC".
We were are thrilled to hear that and from now on, i understand it is to be shortlisted to 3 and then the winner to be announced in the first week of Dec'06. It is indeed amazing for me and my family for coming so much in to the TOP 5 and with the wishes of all my well wishers and with the grace of god i hope to go to the next stage of TOP 3.
I sincerely thank god for having brought me so close as it is in the race for this prestigious AWARD and i thank the entire crew of POGO channel who had been with me the entire day and co-opearted so well in producing this film on me. I presume this will be on air in PRIME TIME POGO from 4th Nov'06 on saturdays and sunday mornings fro 8-9 am. Singing off with a hope to inform you of the next stage entry soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sathya in Mumbai for POGO Shoot

I was in Mumbai for a shoot made for Pogo channel as i am informed that i am in the race for this year's POGO Amazing Kids Award. This is one of the exercises towards this award and it was indeed a great trip for me as i went on Jetairways both ways with my father and enjoued the entire trip.

We went on the 13th Oct afternoon and stayed in a hotel named Hotel Columbus. On reaching Mumbai and being met by the driver, we went to the hotel and then on to the area near Ville Parle. I enjoyed the Pani Poori and Bhel along with a good ice cream and a lemon slush. That evening we had dinner at the hotel. In the mean time Adhishree aunty and Pradip Thakker uncle were ther in the room to brief us about the next days's schedule.

We left hotel around 1130 before which i had breakfast at Hotel Rama Krishnan where i had superb iddly sambar. The shoot went on for about 2 hours and after having lunch entertained the people there by playing my keyboard. Himanshu uncle who was the chief photgrapher was very impresinve and was very friendly too. The entire crew was helpful and courteous and not to miss out on Ganesh uncle who was our car Pilot for teh day. He was with us to the beach and i enjoyed seeing another beach of India other than our Marina. We reached airport, which is huge, and took flt and reached home around 1130. Thaks to Jairam uncle who was waiting at Cheenai airport to receive us and took us in his auto.
Met Mohamed Akrit Khan, a 13 year old child from Jaisalmeer who is also in this race. He was accompanied by his father Sri Khete Khan who was amazing with his karla katai i.e. 4 pieces of wood with which he was playing percusion. He palyed for my music and it was a real good time with me, matching his speed and gave a treat of good music to all the ones present. atleast that is what they said on this presentation. Sri Khete Khan is a profeesional artist playing alongside great musicians like Sri Zakir Khan and alsom y guru Sri Mandolin Shrinivas.
Looking forward to another trip and be with this POGO team at the earliest.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The making of Tea

A tour i enjoyed very much with full of fun and food 27 / 28 Sep'06.

The tour of Coimbatore and Coonoor was great as i enjoyed the journey by train and also the concerts. The audience for both the concerts was of different nature and i am happy as i was informed by many that the concert presentation was well received by them.

Gopi mama and his sister i can never forget and as it is my first visit it was indeed a great experience. What an ambience they have given to the artist who visit them? Gopi mama was waiting at the station to receive us and from then on till the next morning when we left to Coonoor he was with us tqaking care of all our needs personally. Imagine he even gave towels as gifts to us, thaks to Ananthu anna who had brought a small towel and Gopimama gave a big new towel as gift to him and also to all of us.
It was interesting to see great pictures of "The Trinity' which i believe is apinting given to Gopi Mama copied from the painting of a royal family. The photos were very realistic and till date i have not seen these pictures at all.
The dosas i ate in their was probably the best i have ever taken and so was the lunch. The longest time i have probably heard carnatic music should be in Gopimama's room where i was busy doing my home work hearing Sruthi station in World Space. I haveasked appa to buy one for me at home too. I am looking forward to celebrating Diwali this time with his family in coimabtore as i am going back for a concert on the 22nd Oct'06.
The Coonoor trip was great and i enjoyed the drive to the hill and so was all in the team. I along with Ananthu anna got off to a small water fall and enjoyed in the water. The climate was great around 19*C and enjoyed playing with Saravan anna whom we called as Car Pilot, with my aeroplane. The food here at the hostel was also very good and the team hogged as we were very hungry. Sister Mary and the entire college students were appreciating my ability to perform at the young age and i dedicate this to the blessing of the almighty.
I had the oppurtunity to visit a tea factory inside an estate and it was a real good experience. I visited the factory thanks to Saravanan, our car Pilot, who had taken us to Hill green Tea factory were we saw the making of tea. The first 4 photos show the process of making tea. i.e. tea leaves are feed to a container tube & it travels a long distance and comes out as tea dust which are classified in to varities with use of filters with various sizes.
Thanks to NCA i got this tour and hope to come back here for a concert and i am sure to stay for a couple of days andfreek out with the climate.