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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Concert - Entrepreneurship Meet of CII on the 28th Mar'08 in Chennai

I was fortunate to have got this concert as I was performing for the CII conference one again, now in Chennai for the Dinner hosted by TVS group of companies. High profile audience who had been on a long day of conference looked like enjoyed the show as most of them came personally to me and appreciated. Appa suggested to mix little bit of Hindustani numbers and it had a good impact too. I tried out Smt. Ambujam Krishna's - Oododi Vanthen Kanna in Dharmavathy, for the first time and it was appreciated by Venkat anna on the violin, Suri uncle on the Mrudhangam and Hari anna on the Ghatam. Venkat anna performed with his new Silent violin and it was really great!

Our sincere thanks to Mr Vasudevan, Mr Prasanna, Mr Mahesh Kumar and the TVS group of companies for this great oppurtunity.
Concerts on the 24th and 27th March'08

We enjoyed i.e. Vijaraghavan uncle on violin, Arjun anna on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam, this private concert in Chennai for ambience, good audience and our own performance which came out very well. In fact we had a 60 year old man dancing like a snake for teh song "Nadhamudi mel irukkum nallapambe". When he requested this to be performed we did not know that he was to dance but when he started dancing it was really a great effort and we on stage thought could not see few of his movements as he was lying on the gorund and twisting his body as if a real snake will do!! It was mind boggling and thanks to the camera man who shot this in showed it in their ccTV immediately.

The concert on the 27th Mar was for a friend's family of Suri uncle and it also came out well with the team of Raghuram uncle on violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam. It looks like Hari anna has become a part and parcel of our family and i really enjoy time spent in playing with him.
Coimbatore trip for the concert on the 23rd Mar'08

This trip to Coimbatore will not be forgotten in many ways! Yes! of all trips this was one in which i slept well before going for the concert. I played to my hearts content with Hari anna and also we were involved with Gopi mama and family with their love and affection we were in a mood of having gone for a holiday! We had a small concert session in his house and it was real Joy! Thanks to Biju anna for doing a smart fast driving to bring my keyboard in time to start the concert and what a great audience both in terms of number and quality!

The audience stayed through out and enjoyed every number of ours with the team of Rajeev anna on Violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on the ghatam. The highlight was the ragamalika RTP and the medley which appa coined just on stage!. Appa was just spelling out the song names and i was just playing it without any rehearsal and it came out well too! Thanks to Navneet anna, my well wisher in Coimbatore who came and gave a cd of few photos and videos he took during our Nadham Concert in Coimbaote.

For the full audio track log on to and get to the serial number 7 for this concert. You can right click on each track and use the option SAVE TARGET AS to save and listen to the tracks. You can see few of the video clipping down below:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good concert in Madurai TamilNadu Govt. Music College - 18th Mar'08

Playing back to back concert and that too public concert is what i like the most and when it comes out good we have the best satisfaction. Yes with the team of Rajeev anna on violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on the mrudhangam and Hari anna on the ghatam performed at the Kaga Bhujander Temple, Tambaram on the 17th Mar and then traveled to Madurai and performed at TamilNadu Govt. Music College, Madurai on the 18th Mar'08from 12noon to 130pm with Nellai Ravindran sir on Violin, Madurai Thyagarajan sir on Mrudhangam and Papanasam Sethuraman uncle on the kanjeera.

This concert at Madurai had all the students and the faculty as the audience and it came out well too. I was at ease with the new team of artists and i think it was same for them too as the result was good. The experience of performing to almost entire audience putting thalam throughout and enjoying the concert as if they are performing together is really unique and it is probably one of the few after the concert i had performed in their Head quarters in Chennai and also i remember the same experience at the Ayakudi concert.

The college is situated in a beautiful location amidst mountains and fields and i think it is one of the best suited environment for learning particularly Music! Our delay experience with train continued as the train on the 17th Mar came late to Tambaram while we boarded but was fortunate with just 20mts delay while reaching Chennai on the 19th Mar'08. By this i could go in time to write the exam with all my classmates!
A new experience at the Kaga Bhujandar Temple on the 17th Mar'08

Yes to perform in front of Sri Ramani Guruji with a large audience at the Kaga Bhujandar ashram Temple was indeed a divine and inspiring experience. I was also of having been blessed when Guruji said that the "Parivatta Mariyadhai" was being given for the first time for an artist performing on that dias and more so when all the artist were given the honour. I always feel that my music is successful with the enhancement of the artists who perform with me and it was only right that they were also honoured. Great to see many foreigners as audience and all of them enjoyed and appreciated the music as well as our audience and were in traditional attair too!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A concert i will remember for all different reasons!

Yes this trip to Karur was indeed a great story. I went to Karur for a private concert to be presented on the 16th Mar'08 with Rajeev anna on violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam. I also had my amma and appa joining this trip and we had a lovely day in Karur visiting famous temples namely, Thanthondri Malai Venkatachalapathy temple, Vennai malai Murugan temple and Easwaran Temple. Venkatesh uncle (seen in the picture above) from KVB was the co-ordinator and it was a pleasant time spent with him as he had a bankful of questions which were thought provoking and some were kadi specials. Our stay and arrangements were wonderful and the concert also went very well. However the return travel from Karur to Erode was little hectic with a Matador van and now begins the story!

When we were on the road we met with a probable accident which could have been our last breath indeed. Our driver was very rash and almost gave us VISA for the godly world!! On reaching Erode in time 1110pm to take the train at 1155pm we enquired the railway officials and were informed that the train was on time. However after 1140pm, just then 3 trains to Chennai passed us, they informed that our Cheran Express was delayed for 160 mts. I got a shock as i had a exam today 17th Mar'08 at 815am. When tried to explain and get our ticket endorsed for another 2 trains which also passed before this came in, the Station Master Mr Subramaniam, was not helpful at all. But a railway guard of one of the trains was at least considerate in saying that if we manage a seat in General compartment (Unreserved) he would take care of our ticket. When we saw the general coach it was just overflowing and appa decided to take on the original train itself.

Cheran express finally came in at 3am and managed to maintain the running time of 6hrs and we reached Chennai Central at 9am. In the meantime amma spoke to my School Principal, who was very considerate and granted permission to write the exam if in case can make to school before 1045 am. On reaching home at 950am, changed to school uniform picked up the kit for Maths exam and managed to be in school at 1005 am.

It was indeed a different experience and i am sure i will remember this Maths exam for ever. Thanks to my appa who had the telephone number of one of my school admin staff Mr Ramani and that of the school, we could speak to the Principal and write this exam. A real story indeed!.

Ps. Special mention is on the Venkatachalapathy & Thayar backdrop done by Best Mano - 98940 61584 which was indeed very realistic and we had a feeling of being there in TTD, Venkatanarayana Road itself!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Private concert on the 10th Mar'08

I had a great concert today as i had a full bench team of Venkat anna on Violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam, Harish anna on Kanjeera, my dear friend Chandru on ghatam and Pradeep uncle on Tabla. This was for a very good well wisher's family function and ultimately it came out well also. I tried few new songs like Andhi Mayangudhadi, Idathupadham Thooki aadu, Needhan Mechikollavendum, Kathirupan Kamalakannan, Aarumo Aaval etc. I sincerely thank Rasikapriya Yahoo group for having sent me the mp3 for the last two songs mentioned and i sincerely hope that i have performed to an acceptable level.

You can log on to and listen to the directory 005_Private_concert_ in_ Chennai

Here is the link for the video clippings taken by my amma.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I was actually suffering from bad cold and was surprised to see a team of doctors being made available in the concert hall. Yes it was for wedding reception i was to perform and the bridegroom's father told me i am at liberty to choose who i should get treatment from! (any way i did not know any one personally) Dr Sriram from Dindugal was kind to give me some tablets and i was happy when he said he had been to my concert earlier in Dindugal last year and liked it too.

It was also the first time i was performing with Erode Nagaraj uncle for a private concert and the team with Ananthakrishnan anna on violin and Sowri uncle on the ghatam and Morsing had a perfect setting for the concert with the right ambience - a interested set of audience for our music and good pa system. Almost till the end there were many who stayed back and listened to the concert and i was very happy. The recording has come good and after speaking to the artist appa should be uploading it in my site which you can listen to from this page or from my audio sample page link in my website in a couple of days time.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive a email from a well wisher couple, who had mailed me about the concert and showing interest to take to Dubai for a concert tour. I had received this mail very early in the morning on 9th March'08 and that was the reason i was so happy as to the interest they have shown on me. Hope it comes thru' with god's grace and thier sincere attempt.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A great day i will remember for a long time!

Appa told me that it was my 450th performance and was surprised to see the coincidence that both were for the same forum, NADOPASANA. If not for Srinivasan uncle giving me an oppurtunity as early as 9th Dec'01 it would not have a possibility for me to have done these performances. While it is just another number, i pray God to give strength to continue in music and satisfy all my well wishers thur' music. Pranams to my thatha who could not come the other day. my patti who is no more and wishing / blessing from the heaven. My other thatha and patti were there to cheer me up for this special concert and i enjoyed performing this concert with the team of Rajeev anna, Calcatta Karthick anna and Hari anna.

The most saddening thing is that this concert was not recorded due to the fact that the PA system operator forgot to open up the line for recording. May be god is to make me perform many more concerts like this and that's probably the reason!! Let me it in a positive way!!!

Great News!!! i got the track from Calcutta Karthick uncle and the link is

Thanks a million!!!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

An interesting & effective performance 1st Mar'08

I performed on the 1st March'08 for a private wedding reception and it turned out to be interesting and effective as we had once audience around 50 - 100 who almost were there throughout the concert. Even though we had not planned, it came out very well with the selections coming to the liking of the audience. On hearing the sound from outside Mr. Yogeswaran from London who was staying in the same premises (its a hotel)wanted to see who was performing and on seeing me sat down for more than 1 hour and then appreciated me and went.

Same way my athai, athimber and Vikky anna had come for dinner and on hearing the tone of my keyboard confirmed that it was me and were listening to the concert from out side the hall and called me out as soon as the concert was over and appreciated me. We, Karaikal Venkat anna - Violin, Calcutta Karthick anna - Mrudhangam, Papanasam Sethuraman uncle - Kanjeera and Charasekara Sharma (we call him kalakurachandru) -ghatam, as a team jelled well and both the bride & bride groom's families were so happy about the concert.

It was also interesting that that the bride's family was from Mysore and many of them had been to my Ganabharathi - Mysore concert on the 10th Feb'08. Mr. Gopalakrishnan - Krishna Book House - Mysore gesture of bringing an article in The Hindu dated 29th Feb'08 about that concert was so moving and appa appreciated this gesture over the PA system and we all thanked him whole heartedly.