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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A great day i will remember for a long time!

Appa told me that it was my 450th performance and was surprised to see the coincidence that both were for the same forum, NADOPASANA. If not for Srinivasan uncle giving me an oppurtunity as early as 9th Dec'01 it would not have a possibility for me to have done these performances. While it is just another number, i pray God to give strength to continue in music and satisfy all my well wishers thur' music. Pranams to my thatha who could not come the other day. my patti who is no more and wishing / blessing from the heaven. My other thatha and patti were there to cheer me up for this special concert and i enjoyed performing this concert with the team of Rajeev anna, Calcatta Karthick anna and Hari anna.

The most saddening thing is that this concert was not recorded due to the fact that the PA system operator forgot to open up the line for recording. May be god is to make me perform many more concerts like this and that's probably the reason!! Let me it in a positive way!!!

Great News!!! i got the track from Calcutta Karthick uncle and the link is

Thanks a million!!!!!