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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good concert in Madurai TamilNadu Govt. Music College - 18th Mar'08

Playing back to back concert and that too public concert is what i like the most and when it comes out good we have the best satisfaction. Yes with the team of Rajeev anna on violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on the mrudhangam and Hari anna on the ghatam performed at the Kaga Bhujander Temple, Tambaram on the 17th Mar and then traveled to Madurai and performed at TamilNadu Govt. Music College, Madurai on the 18th Mar'08from 12noon to 130pm with Nellai Ravindran sir on Violin, Madurai Thyagarajan sir on Mrudhangam and Papanasam Sethuraman uncle on the kanjeera.

This concert at Madurai had all the students and the faculty as the audience and it came out well too. I was at ease with the new team of artists and i think it was same for them too as the result was good. The experience of performing to almost entire audience putting thalam throughout and enjoying the concert as if they are performing together is really unique and it is probably one of the few after the concert i had performed in their Head quarters in Chennai and also i remember the same experience at the Ayakudi concert.

The college is situated in a beautiful location amidst mountains and fields and i think it is one of the best suited environment for learning particularly Music! Our delay experience with train continued as the train on the 17th Mar came late to Tambaram while we boarded but was fortunate with just 20mts delay while reaching Chennai on the 19th Mar'08. By this i could go in time to write the exam with all my classmates!