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Monday, March 17, 2008

A concert i will remember for all different reasons!

Yes this trip to Karur was indeed a great story. I went to Karur for a private concert to be presented on the 16th Mar'08 with Rajeev anna on violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam. I also had my amma and appa joining this trip and we had a lovely day in Karur visiting famous temples namely, Thanthondri Malai Venkatachalapathy temple, Vennai malai Murugan temple and Easwaran Temple. Venkatesh uncle (seen in the picture above) from KVB was the co-ordinator and it was a pleasant time spent with him as he had a bankful of questions which were thought provoking and some were kadi specials. Our stay and arrangements were wonderful and the concert also went very well. However the return travel from Karur to Erode was little hectic with a Matador van and now begins the story!

When we were on the road we met with a probable accident which could have been our last breath indeed. Our driver was very rash and almost gave us VISA for the godly world!! On reaching Erode in time 1110pm to take the train at 1155pm we enquired the railway officials and were informed that the train was on time. However after 1140pm, just then 3 trains to Chennai passed us, they informed that our Cheran Express was delayed for 160 mts. I got a shock as i had a exam today 17th Mar'08 at 815am. When tried to explain and get our ticket endorsed for another 2 trains which also passed before this came in, the Station Master Mr Subramaniam, was not helpful at all. But a railway guard of one of the trains was at least considerate in saying that if we manage a seat in General compartment (Unreserved) he would take care of our ticket. When we saw the general coach it was just overflowing and appa decided to take on the original train itself.

Cheran express finally came in at 3am and managed to maintain the running time of 6hrs and we reached Chennai Central at 9am. In the meantime amma spoke to my School Principal, who was very considerate and granted permission to write the exam if in case can make to school before 1045 am. On reaching home at 950am, changed to school uniform picked up the kit for Maths exam and managed to be in school at 1005 am.

It was indeed a different experience and i am sure i will remember this Maths exam for ever. Thanks to my appa who had the telephone number of one of my school admin staff Mr Ramani and that of the school, we could speak to the Principal and write this exam. A real story indeed!.

Ps. Special mention is on the Venkatachalapathy & Thayar backdrop done by Best Mano - 98940 61584 which was indeed very realistic and we had a feeling of being there in TTD, Venkatanarayana Road itself!