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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Trip to Hyderabad & Calicut

This was one of the trips i was eagerly awaiting as it had all modesof travel involved. Yes Chennai Hyd by trainon 24th evening , Hyd - Coimbatore by flight and Coimbatore - Calicut by car on the 26th Nov'6. The concert in Hyderabd came out very good and i had my appa's friends mom and uncle with the family attending this concert. I was very happy to get the blessings and compliments from Sri Peri Sriramamurthy _(violin artist) and Sri D.S.R. Murthy (mrudhangam artist) who i understand are the leading artists in their fields.

After the concert was over we went to the hotel and went to bed at around 12 midnight. We woke up at 5am on 26th Nov'06 and Srinivasan uncle was there to drop us at the airport. I was thrilled to see him as a fanatic of Sri T.N. Seshagopalan and every word from him was having reference on this greast musician. He also gave me a new clothes and I amsure to stritch them and will wear it asap.

Airdeccan flt to Coimabtore was on time and we had a car arranged by Sri Babu Swami, secy Swathi Music Dias - Calicut. We took the Omni van and its pilot Sakthi anna drove brilliantly and reached Calicut by 230pm. On arrival took 2 chappathi's as lunch (kerala as of now is a problem for my type of food) and went to the room to take rest. We saw Indian team getting belted by the South Africans and so switched channel to POGO and was fortunate to see my episode.

Sri Vinu - Violin, Sri Mysore Sudhanrshan on mrudhangam (a sishya of Guru Sri Karaikudi Mani avl.) and Sashi Shankar - Ghatam were all there before me near the stage but as i was asked / ionvited to the stage only at 715pm i went there. The concert well with all the three of them performing very well and i enjoyed playing with them. Babuswami uncle and his daughters were very sweat and praised me very much.

We went to the station at 1145 pm to take the train at 150am and luckily it was on time. I enjoyed the train journey and the Lays chips also. Reached chennai and as usual came home in Jayaram uncle's auto. Now i am looking forward to the POGO finals on 30th Nov'06


Friday, November 24, 2006

I did not know that today was Saibaba's birthday and i think only with his grace the concert turned out to be one of the best. Yes i was trying many new things just as i am proceeding to hyderabad and Calicut were i am going to perform with some very good and senior most artists. Ananthakrishnan anna was all praise for me as i think i gave him some surprise package today in alapana and kalpanaswaras.
The atmosphere was full of good energy and the knowledgeble audience was an great addition to this. Appa told me that we might have to present some film numbers but the flow was so good i told him that we will do it only if any request to that effect came in. It turned out to be a nil request for films numbers and it was indeed a full length concert for 140 mts of great music. Suriyanarayanan uncel and Pradeep uncle were also at theri best and so it was a great day for the team indeed.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I had my dream come true when I was allowed to sit in the pilot’s seat of Air Deccan flight to Chennai which I traveled on the 21st Nov’06 after performing in the finals of Pogo Amazing Kids Awards 2006 in Mumbai. I was so happy that after having performed well in the final of POGO Awards 2006, this was like an award god had given and thanks to the Airhostess who allowed me to speak to the captain. Both the captain and his deputy were very sweat and took photos of myself in their mobiles.

It was totally a thrilling trip for me this time as I also had a great time swimming in the Ashok Nagar Apartment complex pool, Andheri (East) where we stayed. Ms Varsa from Orissa under the dance category was also staying with us. Shashank another finalist in my category was also in our room for sometime and with Rahul Konneti the third from my category had a good time chatting with each other during the shoot days. Mahavir uncle and his team took care of us very well and I happy to convey my thanks with their photos in this blog.

Vignesh, (of Isai Mazhalai and a good friend of mine) one of the Top 3 nominees under the category Singer was also in the same apartment and we both had a gala time playing during our stay. When we went to the studio on the 20th Nov’06 Vignesh was performing the finals and he gave a great performance and was the darling of Ms Vasundara Doss, who was the judge. She confessed that she is his fan for the song Ye thara O’ thara which he had sung in the movie. Vignesh’s other contestants were Ashraf Khan from Jaipur – a Rajastani folk singer and Ranjith from Mumbai – gazhal singer. I am hoping that people will vote for Vignesh and make him the winner in his category.

I performed in the finals on the 21st Nov’06 and was indeed happy with the support of the band provided by POGO, especially the Tabla artist who was very supportive. My judges, Mr Shanthanu Moithra, a leading music director and Mr Derek O’brien (a famous quiz master) appreciated me for the excellent performance, in particular my own composition based on Keeravani, Kaapi and Gowrimanohari. I was so happy to see that I could impress them with my performance which was just for 90 secs of classical, 60 secs of own composition and 45 secs of Bollywood hit song. Both Shashank on Sarot and Rahul on violin gave equally an impressive performance. It is all up to the viewers who will have a tough time selecting the best.

I know I had given my best and hope that impresses all the viewers who see this final which is going to be on air on the 30th November in Pogo Channel at 730pm. Please do vote for me if you think i have performed well and if you feel Shashank or Rahul have done better go ahead and vote for them. Irrespective of the result i know i have won the hearts of both the other contestents and the judges.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It was indeed a good experience for me today with the new team of Sri Neyveli Narayanan on mrudhangam, B S Purushothaman on kanjeera and Sri S P Padmanabha on violin. The concert i believe went well with all the three appreciating me at the end of the concert.

I was very happy that i could perform Diwakaram - a Dikshidhar's navagraha krithi on lord Satturn as requested by Balu uncle and i enjoyed the way he was singing along when i played the song. I am sure he would have wanted me to have played the patanthra of Sri Thiruvengadu jayaraman mama (being his sishya) but as my appa had Sri S Ramanathan's cd i could learn and played from that only.
The audience were in great number even though it was a moving crowd . It was Sani pradhosam today and i am happy i had the oppurtunity to perform with this good news team. Hope i get more such oppurtunities. One thing i want to mention is the insects which were always troubling me on stage. I know no one can do anything for it but i was always scared.
I am now preparing to go to Mumbai by Airdeccan flt early in the morning and hope to do well there. Another three days of Mumbai trip!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I had a great evening with "Speed Deena" of New Big FM 92.7 mhz with a live interview which was on air today from 6 - 7 pm . Deena anna looked like another Sivamani and was interviewing very nicely and i had a gala time talking to him. This interview had been arranged thru' Ritu akka of CMCG, a PR agency of POGO for PAKA 2006. Appa told me that he is getting a recording of this interview from a well wisher and be giving the link in a few days.

New Big FM office has a good looking office premises and who ever i interacted were also very friendly. Great Team indeed. I had received many calls from people who had been listening this programme and our friend Auto Jairam uncle was very happy that he was with us for this interview.

Let me also thank Anna Kannan uncle, for having created a link of all my video clippings which are now very easy to access and view. The link is

Monday, November 13, 2006

I was thrilled to see my article in "The Hindu" made in to a big hoarding and placed alongwith many othere reviews at the entrance of The Music Academy. My appa congratulated me after coming home as he was so happy that Mr Vinod Kumar, who was just standing there remembered me when appa just started talking about keyboard to him. I sincerly thank god for giving this good stature and i will work hard and live upto the expectations of all my well wishers.
I thank Pyarilal uncle for having taken wonderful photos.
Having now come outside The Music Academy with a photo & article, i pray and hope to also perform for The Music Academy soon with the blessings of the almighty and the well wishers.
I am pleased to inform that i am playing with Neyveli Narayanan uncle on mrudhangam with B. S. Purushothaman uncle on kanjeera & S P Anathapadmanabha anna on violin on the 18th Nov'06 at Karaneeswarar Temple, Saidepet (near R'lwy Station) and request all of you (who ever is available in Chennai on that day) to attend and bless me.
Also log on to my other link

with Thomas uncle -Highcourt

with appa in front of Vidhan Sowdha

appa with doves
infornt of Vidhan Sowdha
with Bala aunty appa's friend
with Thomas uncle

My Bangalore tour.

I thank Thomas uncle (appa's friend) for having giving an excellent oppurtunity to perform at the East Cultural Association, Bangalore. Appa and myself reached Bangalore early in the morning at 520am and it was nice of Thomas uncle to have been at the station already waiting for us. We straight went to his house, changed car picked his daughter Jassy akka (who is a real Badminton champion in the making) at the practise hall and then went to cubbon park for a long walk. After almost an hour or may be 90 mts of walk came back picked up Jassy akka, collected our breakfast and went to his house.

A beautiful appartment complex and a nicely kept house is Thomas uncle' & Sara aunty's house. John, their son was very chutty and i believe he is a good football player. We finished our breakfast and then around 10 went to the club and took a room. Both of us went to sleep as said by Thomas uncle and got up only when appa's friend Bala aunty came to see us at around 1pm. We all had our lunch and then came the news of the travel plan to POGO awards trip to Mumbai and appa made booking over the net for 19th and 21st to and back from Mumbai.

We then reached room and listed the songs to be performed for teh day. Had good masal vadai around 7pm and then performed the concert. I hope every one liked it. I liked the ambience of the hall and the sound system very much. After the concert and before the dinner i laid my hands on the Billiards table and played & pocketed few times. May be next time i will try and learn the game.

I will surely like to go back to the auditorium to perform with a full fledged team of ours in the near future. Johny uncle and family dropped us back at the station and we met Vadivelu uncle, the porter who helped us get in to the train. He was very nice and hope to see him in my next trip. Reached Chennai early morning at 440am and it was nice to see Jayaram uncle with the auto. A memorable trip indeed.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today was a good day for me as i was interviewed by CNN - IBN news channel. We went to the beach in Thiruvanmiyur and had a session of video shoot. Lots of people were seeing it and one old thatha was very sweat & sat on the stone opposite me. After which i went for my keyboard class & then proceeded to Woodlands to greet Padmashree Dr Nalli Kuppusami chetty uncle as today was his birthday and had dinner there.

When we reached home at around 1015pm i got a call from Ms Piarchi, POGO - Mumbai office informing that i am now shortlisted in the TOP 3 nominees under Musician Catergory. I am really thrilled & so was appa and amma. Hope with the grace of god and the wishes of all my wellwishers i should move now to the next stage of topping the list and get the award.

Details of Photos:

1. My self at the beach 2. With the CNN IBN crew and the old thatha 3. with CNN-IBN crew

4. Hoarding at the junction of Chetpet flyover and Ega Theatre

5. Haording at Mount Road diagonally opp. to Spencer Plaza

6. The advt. saying the timings of the show

7. Hoarding at 100 ft road opp. Ravuthar Films building near Iswarya Mahal.

8. Hoarding on the corner of Village Road from Valluvar Kottam

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today it was my 303rd concert and it was at AVM Rajeswari hall with Anathapadmanabha anna on violin (after a long time as he had been to USA), J Vaidhyanathan anna and Ghatam Karthick anna. I was little tired today as had a hectic school activity, however the concert went well with these great artists.

Anathapadmanabha anna had come to the concert with his wife and daughter Nandhini. Nandhini was very co-operative and was listening the concert throughout without troubling her mother. Above is their photo. Also appa took me to village road near Vallurvarkottam to see another hoarding location and was thrilled to see a huge hoarding at a close distance. Hope to go to the next round.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My trip to Vellore on the 4th and 5th

I was happy to know from my appa that the TTD concert in Vellore was probably my 300th concert and what a blessing for me to have performed in front of Lord Venkateswara. Also it was indeed a great to have stayed with Mr/s Surendran's family who were host to the best possible. The food was excellent and i really felt bad for my amma as she was missing the good food (of course she prepares equally well too) and company of good kind hearted people. Thanks to Prasanth anna we had a good tour of vellore and Palluru - where my appa studied 23 years ago.

Saraswathi Kala Kendra - Vellore

It was in this institution's dance class i performed a concert for Saraswathi Issai Arangam on the 5th Nov'06 with L Ramakrishnan on the violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan on mrudhagam and Dr Prof. Srinivasan on the Morsing. I was really happy to have shared stage with Dr Srinivasan as i felt he was too modest and encouraged me very much. I was happy to know that i was performing in SKK for the 102nd concert.

The above photos were taken in Saraswathi Kala Kendra. It is amazing to know that this was first started in a car shed of Sri & Smt Surendran's residence with just 8 7 students. Today they have more than 150 students learning veena, violin, mrudhangam, vocal and dance. It looks like barnasala - i have seen in movies & tv serials where as saint's residence. The ambience is very great and i think the students are gifted to have a school like this.
The details of photos are:

1. Saraswathi Kala Kendra's look from outside.
2. Veena master with students
3. Students with vocal teacher
4. Students in the dance calss
5. Smt Surendran standing outside the hall where i performed
6. Mr/s Surendran showing me a little pond with fish