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Sunday, April 29, 2018


Very happy to present SATKRIYA, the band formed with souls full of Love and Passion for music. We wish to spread love and music throughout the world !!

SATKRIYA focusses on performing Independent Music written by KeyboardSathya and the team and also performs Indian Classical and Popular Music with their own unique musical touch.

This piece was composed in the year 2006 by KeyboardSathya at his age of 11 and we are very happy to present to you KIRAVANI. Thanks to AAcharya for giving a superb opportunity to perform for their annual day at Bengaluru.

For concert & other enquiries, Contact

Call - +91 94443 90193

Mail -

The Team -

KeyboardSathya - Keyboards, Kazoo

Abi - Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Shallu - Bass Guitar

Dilip - Flute

Saurabh - Tabla, Djembe & Rhythm Pads

Barath - Cajon, Drums & Rhythm Pads

KB - Team Manager

Thanks to Mrs KL for taking the video. This is a live phone recorded video.

*its an Original Composition. All rights owned by the composer KeyboardSathya*

Sunday, December 10, 2017


It has been a long journey from my first official concert on the 9th December, 2001 and it has probably taken these years to come to the base camp.

Thanks to my maternal Thatha and most importantly NADOPASANA Shri Srinivasan mama, who gave the opportunity to perform on the 9th December, 2001. He is seen in the extreme right he indeed lived a very Humble Life as seen in this photograph.

It is indeed an effort with Almighty's Grace, Gurus & my Parents Blessings, Wishes from each and every one of you all the well wishers, family and friends and most importantly artists and technicians who had enhanced my concerts. Now i feel its my responsibility to scale further and climb EVERESTs in Music career and with all the above to continue to be showered on me,  i am sure i will have the right energy and direction do accomplish same.

Sweet 16 years have passed by and KeyboardSathya as an artist is stepping in to the 17th year this day and am happy that he has some good concerts lined up with some concepts as well.

The interesting concert for this Season would be the one i perform for AmudhaDhwani for Thaligai is the concept of making it an audience choice of song to be performed in the concert. The idea is when one gets a ticket will have to give their choice two days prior and all song requests will be placed and a 10 songs from that would be taken in lots, minutes before the concert. The order of performing those songs would be decided on stage.

This December concert schedule can be looked at the following link:

December Concert Schedule 2017

I am also happy to get in to the nNew Year with a 15 mts performance on the 3rd January, 2018 at Thiruvaiyaru from 545 - 6pm followed by a grand film hits presentation on the 8th for Abbas Cultural's "Kalai Vizha". Details will be given soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all in all or at the least few of the concerts during this month. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

It has been a long time thought to coloborate with my cousin brother Vikram to do a show which we had been doing in our early days.

This is indeed a grand opportunity as we get together and trying to present a music capsule of around 100 + minutes to our well wisher and audience.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the 3rd September, 2017 at MFAC hall, Oliver Road, Mylapore next to St. Isabel Hospital for the concert from 645 pm.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy interaction with Jordan Rudess, worlds leading Keyboard Artiste

It has been quite 3 months with lots of time left for own compositions and updating the learning process. The year 2017 has given myself the right time to Evaluate my self and i am enjoying every moment of this wonderful Year.

The first result / experience of the self Evaluation came with direct communication with Mr. Jordan Rudess, a Internationally Renowned Leading Keyboard Artiste when i was attempting to do few works on GEOSHRED, an app - an instrument by itself made by third Genius.

It was so nice of him and his company to recognise my effort to have a tone registered in my name "SATHYA" in the app and is indeed one of the great recognitions i have received so far for my efforts.

Followed with this was the news of having been selected and listed as one of the Empanelment Artiste in ICCR, a forum under Govt. of India taking Indian Music beyond boundaries. Its a privilege, honour and humble submission that this is the first entry for Keyboard as a Lead Instrument to get into this premier Institution.

The next was with the performance for ABBAS CULTURAL with Sri. GANESH KIRUPA's Orchestra playing a concert full of Film songs with live orchestra. The large turn out and their stay till the end gave us the Team on Stage with Karthik & Team on PA a great satisfaction of having given the audience a wonderful Musical Evening.

Continuing the process of self evaluation and the experimental mindset has given way to the concert of Sathya's Synthesis Teaming up my juniors in my college and with Swami anna to present a fusion concept concert for NADASUDHA on the May 13th, 2017.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on this lovely day to support us.

The next was t

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wow January 2017!

What a start for this year! A Grand concert presentation with CROSSROADS and at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan followed by a day trip concert successful tour to Singapore and an opportunity to showcase my support for the cause of Jallikattu with the track - Jallikattu Song.

After a 30 day assignment with Modern Margazhi, these two tracks were of different shades and i am so happy that i could get these in right time with just few hours of notice given by ourselves.

As i step into my 23rd year in the next 32 minutes as i am typing this post, I thank The Almighty for the Grace and thank all the well wishers for having blessed & wished me all through.

My pranams to my parents and Gurus and look forward to all your wishes and blessings in the years ahead!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Greetings for a Very Happy New Year - 2017 as we say bye to year 2016.

Wishing you and your near and dear A Very Happy New Year!

Yes the last Quarter of 2016 i.e. Oct-Dec has been sensational in many ways!

What with a trip to Australia, a dream destination, owning new premises, having a Private Space for my own self named as Kbs Sound Zone, my Guru Kanyakumari amma being designated as Sangeetha Kalanidhi 2016 by Music Academy and the Great support i am getting for my project Modern Margazhi!

The disturbing and unconsolable loss was of Guru Dr. M Balamuralikrishna attaining the lotus feet of The Almighty in November. I had visited him in the first week of November as we were to do a pooja for our new premises and found i was fortunate to spend quality time to take his blessings. 

The visit of Legendary SPB sir to open Kbs Sound Zone was another Dream Come True happening which was on the 4th December, 2016. Having acquainted with Ravi uncle and Uma aunty family is the highlight of the last quarter which made us make our Dream of owning our own place possible.

We need to thank many Kbsi ians family for helping us make this project come through with physical, moral and financial support extended to us. 

The most happiest thing presently happening is the project "Modern Margazhi", a thought which actually came to me to present Thirupavai with some music arrangement close to ears of general listeners. I sincerely thought by doing this we can make this reach more people and decided to work on it. Then came an idea of making video of the making and then the thought from my cousin Viky to feature 30 artists for 30 days. Finally decided to make the tracks on daily basis, shoot the video, edit audio, master it and upload it i Facebook and Youtube one day prior from the start of Margazhi month i.e from 15th December evening as 16th was the first day this year of Tamizh Margazhi month.

With Almighty's Grace, Gurus and parents Blessings and well wishes of my Well Wishers have successfully completed 16tracks and heading for the 17th to upload today at 10pm. 

I take this opportunity to Thank one and all for the Great support and encouragement and it is now time to say Good Bye to 2016 and lets Welcome the New Year 2017 with Greater Hopes.

Wishing you and your near and dear A Very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ROLI SEABOARD 25 - The New Addition to our Family in this UK Trip

It was this June trip to UK, thanks to Orupanai and Mr & Mrs Swaminathan and Team, we had a great time with all three of us travelling abroad after 13 long Years ! Yes after April 2003 trip to South Africa and Mauritius this trip was more memorable, thanks also to London Bala uncle (mrudhangam Vidwan) who made this possible with his project for which Amma sang. He was also so nice in providing us with Great food just not for us but for the entire family of sponsors as well. 

We had some good time with Drummer Sridhar anna as well at the last leg of our trip.  

I am so happy for this new addition to our family.

Check this link on my first attempt.

This is indeed a great to my family of Key(s) instrument, thanks to the Well wisher Couple in Uk who had presented this to me during our recent trip.

What a wonderful expressive instrument it is!

My Visit for Charity Concerts to UK June - July 2016

The month of May was another good one passed by but the June was indeed exciting.

What a Trip to UK! Firstly all three of us, my self with my parents travelled to an International Destination after 13 years! Yes the first being the South Africa-Mauritius Trip way mack in May 2003!

Full of exciting concerts, visits to lovely places and more than all interacting with Great Humans! Yes this time i was very lucky to interact with some lovely people who have become a part of my life from the day we saw.

I shall update the exciting happening soon!

Graduate Sathya !

Happy to inform you all that i have passed my Graduation in B. Sc. Visual Communication from D G Vaishnav College, an institution who gave immense support as PSBB extended me while i was in school.

I look forward to taking up M.A. Music in Tamil Nadu Music And Fine Arts University and i hope i am blessed with the same support and more there too!