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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Great Day - Awards of Excellence 2015 in KBSI

Today is another Great Day, Thanks to my wonderful parents for instituting an award in my maternal Patti's name along with that of my maternal Thatha's name which we have been awarding for the past 2 years. Thanks to my Kanna mama for being with us sponsoring these awards and it means a lot to all of us including mama. 

Pleased to invite you all for today's celeberation of our KBSI annual day and Awards Function. 
If you cannot make it do not worry log on to this link and you can be with us from 6pm on live web stream thanks to Arkay Ramakrishnan ji, Arkay Convention Centre.

Looking forward to all your wishes.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Looking forward to a Joyful June!

A eventful month being the month of my Amma's birthday on the 6th! In fact this year her star birthday falls on 5th June and we are making a new concept attempt in a Jugalbandhi concept with Smt. Manonmani on Sarangi, sri. Kumbakonam Swaminathan on Mrudhangam and Sri. Pradeep on Tabla on this wonderful day!

This is being performed  at Mahaperiyava Padhugai Temple, PS Sivaswamy Salai, Mylapore.

Looking forward to all your wishes for this New Team and effort!

Mystic May!

Yes it started with a concert for a well wisher's family and actually looked as if i was little free! However things shaped up well and it was another quiet  happy busy month with routines and interesting concerts with Team Rajhesh Vaidhya.

The last two concerts for the month on the 29th for a Doctor's family and on 31st for a Congress Member's family were indeed electrifying kind of presentation with one of the large crowds atending the concerts and also paying attention plus acknowledging our performance in a big way! Yes we have already received couple of concerts after these performances! While its a fact that we do have our concerts as a follow up of our presentations only, this was indeed mesmerising  for the fact that few concerts came up immediately!

Admiring April!

This is indeed a great month for me remember with two concerts in Team Rajhesh Vaidhya anna, in Koratur  for Koratur Cultural Academy and also at Thiruvarur in the music festival conducted by Sri. Thiruvarur Bakthavatchalam sir.

It was a busy month otherwise with concerts, few recordings and composing along with semester exams. Hoping to have good results!

superb March 2015

Yes it was indeed a great March this year as it was this month i got to perform my first recording for All India Radio as a, A Grade artiste and also my first interaction live on stage with Drums King "Sivamani" anna on the 31st March, 2015!

What an experience it was and with his wife Smt. Roona singng along it was a great concert and i was happy to have been part in this Team which was later named as "Sathya Prema Karuna" by Guruji of Mahuwa and indeed it was a grand Start for me to have been a part in the stage with Sivamani anna!

Great interactions with Team Rajhesh Vaidhya anna and indeed enjoying being in all these concerts!