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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wishing you all advance Happy New Year

It was a great day for appa as he was successful in organizing a show for the music students of Bheema Naidoo School of Music, Phoenix, South Africa. Thanks to Brahma Gana Sabha who agreed to host this 1 hour show on the 29th Dec’07 the students gave an excellent performance. I think it was indeed a great honour and blessing for the students as they had Sri L. Krishnan - a leading Music composer of South India in the audience. He was also very kind to bless the students and stood for some photos which i think they should treaure it for ever!

I could not attend due to my rehearsals for a show on the 10th and 11th Jan’08 for Chennai Sangamam but enjoyed all the photos and also the videos and audio track recorded by my father. I am sure you also will like it and here is the link for the same:

Video Link:

Audio Link:

I also was happy to have been to Kathadi uncle's "Thupariyum Sambu" drama at Nungambakkam Cultural Academy and enjoyed it to the core. I have decided to attend many more of his plays from now on.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A great begining for the week from 23rd Dec'07week

It has been a great music season for me and most interesting was the concert i performed at the Swami Iyyapa Baktha Samajam, East Tambaram on the 23rd Dec'07. I was surprised with the blessings of a 101 years old thatha who came to me and wore his chain which he was wearing for more than 70 years. I could see lot of energy coming to me with confidence and the performances after that at MFAC, Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru and today at Krishna Gana Sabha were all very successful. I am really blessed and hope to continue my good show during the season with the grace of almighty.

It was also nice to have got my image drawn by Sri Manian, an artist who had drawn myself while i was performing at "Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru" concert. A young girl of my age also tried the same and had presented me my photo. You can see all them above.

After the "Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru" concert performed a Ensemble concert under Sri Kumbakonam Saravanan co-ordinated by the Principal of Tamil Issai Kalluri, Coimbatore at Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram. It was part of a series of programmes conducted on the eve of Christmas for the Foreign Nationals who were resident of the hotel for this period.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A great day with South African Musician Kids - 16th Dec'07

I had a great day today after getting an oppurtunity to be at the Music academy to listen to Ravikiran uncle with my uncle Embar Kannan and also had a Zulu Child come home and be with us for some time. Yes this Zulu child also sings well and that too Tamizh devotional songs. The pronounciation is actually better than many of teh tamil channels presentations. It was a group of musician children from "Beema Naidoo School of music from Phoenix, South Africa who are here in Chennai tointeract and learn music. The tabla player who took my kanjeera at home accompanied me for Vaathapi and also for my appa's bhajan.

Zulu child was the attraction with his neat pronounciation and a great Voice. Every one had exceptional talent and i hope to work along with them in near future. Mr Selvan Pillay who is the co-ordinator of this group was very very happy to have come home. Here are few video clipping and i am sure you all will be surprised with their quality of presentation of their talents. It was birthday for one of teh group member we celebrated with the b'day song and gave sweets to them. Links for the videos:
15th Dec'07 - A memorable trip to Coimbatore for a private concert

It was indeed a good trip to Coimbatore for a private concert with Karaikal Venkatasubramaniam anna on violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan uncle on Mrudhangam and Harihara Subramaniam anna on the Ghatam. After finishing the concert at BVB went and got blessings from my guru Kalaimamani Sow. A. Kanyakumari madam where my uncle Embar Kannan was also there. After spending around 40 mts to learn a krithi in the ragam Dakka went home and rushed to Central Sttion to catch train to Kovai.

On reaching Kovai were given a good big room for stay in the Iyyappan Puja Samajam and immediatley we started playing cricket with plastic kit. After breakfast went to a departmentyal store and bought 3 soft balls and a cricket bat and enjoyed playing to heart's content. In the evening the concert was also was of great energy level and we were surprised to see request for Ka Va Va after the main on Ragam Sriranjani. We did allapana of 4 ragas, Sriranjani, Vanasapathi, Kaapi and Mohanam and also kalpanaswaram on same rgas. The audience were very appreciative and Varali krithi was given special applause. We also did a short jugalbandhi on Hindolam whcih was well received.
Concert at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan on 14th Dec'07

I was surprised to see appa in the school at around 2:45 pm to take me home and was happy to know that it was for a concert to perform for BVB. Understand i was to perform as Saindhavi akka, who could not sing due to some reason on that day. It went well with Devatnathan and Srivanchiam Sriram annas enhancing the concert and the audio track url is:

Pls listen and adv your comments also. I was also happy to see around 10 - 15 students from Phoenix, South africa who came to my concert as appa had informed them. They were really happy about the show and one of teh child is a Zulu child but singing tamil devotional numbers with a good pronounciation.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Private concert on the 12th Dec'07 in Chennai

It was indeed a different experience as it looked like we had entered a sabha instead of a reception funtion. The audience were so silent but involved in our team's music right thru'. Ananthakrishnan anna, Arjun Ganesh anna and Sowrirajan uncle were all too good today and the energy level was indeed great. Appa also thought of doing a soft release of my new Video DVD project titled "Sathya's Synthese" under Moserbaer with the first copy taken by Sowrirajan uncle. The concert looked to be successful as we also sold around 19 vcds apart from few audio cds. It was for a very good wellwisher's friends family function and i think every one was very happy over our performance.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The December Music festival started off this year for me with the concert at Bharat Kalachar and the concerts on the 7th & 8th were indeed very satisfying for me. On 7th Dec'07 at Pozhichallur i took all the ragas of Thiyagarajar's Pancharathna krithis and the concept was well received by the audience. Also i performed Varali as the main song for the day and came out well with lots of appreciation. I should thank Embar Kannan mama for having guided me to structure this krithi in the afternoon and it helped me to perform well. I am sure i will better as i keep performing this raga. I am planning to repeat it in another sabha during this festival.

On the 8th for Nungambakkam Cultural Academy i had two great musicians and critics and it was a real blessing. Their appreciation for Diwakaradhanujam - YathukulaKambhodhi, Visalakshi on Banthuvarali and the main song for the day Pakalanilapadi in Karaharapriya gave me great satisfaction. Also the presence of my brothers (my chithappa's sons) was a great sight with the Sowmya kutti playing around.

For video please get to

Sunday, December 09, 2007

This is a link for all videos of Sathya's Dec'07

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The trip to Bangalore for the Bengalooru Habba 2007 is probably one of the best concert trips i have been so far, as we experienced great hospitality through out. We were picked up at 445am (in Bangalore with a great cool climate) in the morning and were taken to Sri Jayaraman's house (Mrudhangam Suri uncle's relative) and even though it was so early hours in Bangalore mami greeted us and gave a great cup of coffee to begin with. Then we enjoyed the breakfast, played cricket and had a good lunch. As Sri Jyaraman's appa was old he requested if we can perform for few mts for him at home and we were only too happy to do it. H/ever after listening to it both Thatha and patti decided to come for the concert and was indeed a great blessing for all of us.

Vivek and Charanya the children of the house were so sweet and moved well with me. Jayaram uncle's wife was so kind to all of us and with her mother-in-law gave us a real feast of lunch and also with great iddlis packed for our dinner. Mr Arun Kumar who was in Bharat Kalachar on the 1st Dec had come with his family for this concert and his son along with Ms Rohini's son (one of the organisors) came on to the stage and sat behind me and was keeping thalam along with my appa. We were all dropped in Mrs Rohini and by Mr Arun Kumar's car and a we said good bye to Bengalooru with fond memories of having made good friendship with new people.
The link for the sample track of the concert is

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It was one of the greatest days for me not just because it was the start of 2007 December music festival in my school under Bharat Kalachar but because after a long time my uncle Embar S. Kannan was there in the audience for the entire concert with my first guru, his father. Also appa's parents (my grand parents) with my athimber was a special surprise!

The concert went well with many good suggestions coming up from my school Chairman and being a first attempt of Jugalbandhi with Hindustani Vocal - Ananthakrishnan anna, Sundar uncle on Tabla and Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhnagam, we did a decent presentation to get complemented from one and all - especially my mama. I was also happy that a old patti (made me feel as if my patti - mother's amma was sitting) stayed back through out and blessed me. One normally can see her in almost all the concerts held in Bharat Kalachar and i was really happy to see her stay back for the entire concert. Great blessing in deed. I thank all who attended and specially to Mrs & Mr Ramji uncle.

To listen to audio track of this concert log on to by tmrw after 3pm.

A short video clipping link
is given here and hope you like it.

Thanks to Pyarilal uncle who had taken some good pictures in our camera.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A comprehensive list of my concerts appearing in Chennaionline. pls see the following link:

I am also in the website of Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru 2007 and the link is

The link for Bangalore Habba Festival is

Monday, November 26, 2007

A private function (25th Nov'07) with greatest Extravagansa I have ever seen!

It was for a private function we were to perform our fusion group's presentation and 6 of us including appa took the morning Jet Airways flight to Mumbai departure at 915am. I had slight fever the earlier night and should have avoided the butter milk in flight. Instead i took two cups and that started all my toruble. I started puking and continued to do so till almost 5pm. The cocnert was at Sahara Star Hotel were we stayed also. We were scheduled to take the 935pm flight to Chennai and as the programme was getting delayed our slot of performance was also pushed and we some how managed to take the flight back home. I was in the team of Paul uncle on Bass guitar, Donan uncle on Lead Guitar, Balu uncle on Mrudhangam and Durbuka Siva uncle on Kahoon. My health was alright to an extent and had a good corn masala at the airport. I could not go to school today as i was tired.

Abaswaram Ramjhi had called appa and asked me to got to Sri GV Prasad's (AR Rahman uncle's nephew) for harmony singing and i finished it and came home around 10pm. I am looking and feeling alright now and hope to go to school tmrw for sure.

Looking forward to seeing you all during my concerts in December and for details please check my site link forthcoming concerts in the front page or my blog :
Private concert in Coimbatore on 22nd Nov'07

Reached Coimbatore in the morning and were taken to Rathna Regency hotel were we were booked to stay. Sundar (tabla artist) uncle came around 9am and by then myself and Arjun Ganesh anna had a great session of playing criccket. Yes i had taken bat and ball and as the room was very big we played almost till 945am. After breakfast we met Gopi mama who ahd coem to visit us in the room and showed his new book to be released on 23rd Nov, on Sr Pattammaml. It was very attractive and i am sure will be very informative also.

We then started rehearsing for the 1st Dec'07 Jugalbandhi concert scheduled at Bharat Kalachar and then later in the evening tried few of those presentation too. It was a good concert once again with Ananthakrishnan anna on violin, Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhangam, So9wrirajan uncle on Ghatam & Morsing and Sundar uncle on the Tabla. On reaching Chennai went to school to write the cycle test and was also happy to get the reconfirmation of the Mumabi concert on the 25th Nov'07.
Private Concert in Chennai on 21st Nov'07

It was for the first time Sri Venkat Subramaniam on Ghatam played with me and this concert with Kandadevi Vijayaraghavan uncle and Kumbakonam Saravanan uncle went really well. After the concert my self and appa had a quick bite and rushed to park our car as AK anna and Arjun Ganesh anna were waiting for us in a call taxi to go to central railway station to catch the train to Coimbatore for a concert on 22nd Nov'07. It was raining and we managed to reach station in time.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karthigai celebrated with fun and fire works

I enjoyed Karthigai at home lighting lamps at home yesterday itself as i had a rehearsal for a concert scheduled for 25th Nov'07 at Mumbai. Amma and myself wanted to surprise appa and we decided to do this lighting and also prepare "pori urundai" only at 5 pm. We managed to do and i am happy to share the photos. Thanks to my athai, who had helped amma to select the lamps and i am sure every one will like it. I also enjoyed fireworks with left overs of Deepavali stock.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pinnacle of Glory Award & Carnatic Idol Concert

Pinnacle of Glory Award This was awarded to me yesterday by Lions Club of Saligrammam 326 - A6 in Chennai during a funtion held at Hotel Sabari Inn. This was the same evening after i participated in the finals of the Carnatic Idol 2007 competition held on the 10th Novemebr, 2007 and take this as a positive sign.

Carnatic Idol 2007

It was indeed a good day on the 10th November'07 as i was one of the five finalists for the Carnatica Idol, 2007 competition held at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai. The quality of competition was of high standards with giant Musicians like Sri Ramani sir, Sri T.N. Krishnan sir, Sri A.K. Palanivel sir, Sri Bakthavatchalam sir, Sri Guruvayoor Durai sir and Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan sir asking question to us - the participants.

They were so nice in just not trying to bring us down any time but made us feel good with questions which was not only useful for us to know but for also others to learn. Their approach was very good and made every participant feel at ease, at least that is what i felt.

It was indeed a new experience for me and to my knowledge i ahve doen my best playing alapana for Kambodhi ragama nd also swaram for Odi Baraiya - Bharavi. When asked if i knew to perform a krithi in Varali i replied in the negative and they gave me the choice of Bhairavi. The results will be known probably in two days and i hope for the best.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

Private concert in Chennai on 04 Nov, 2007

It was last of the 8 evenings/7 concerts series of mine from the 28th Oct - 4th Nov'07. Suri uncle and Rajeev who were with me for almost 5 days during this period appreciated me for having presented all different sets of songs and maintained the standard for all these days. Thanks to appa and amma for the support and the almighty for giving me the mental strength & well being. I also thanks appa & amma who have been working hard these days. This concert was performed with Rajeev anna on violin, Arjun Ganesh on Mrudhangam, Harish anna on Kanjeera and Chandru anna on the Ghatam and was just after reaching home at around 12 noon from Chennai and had a rest for 2 hrs and proceeded for this concert.

To be very frank i enjoyed every moment of this hectic days and probably feel one of the best has come out of the last concert with great encouragement from my appa. I have asked him to upload the entire concert in my audio blog and he said he will do it in a day or two. Pls listen to the tracks and forward your comments. Now there will be a gap for concerts which i am to use for taking more krithis for this December season and also to catch up with my studies. Bye for now and wishing you all a Very Happy Deepavali.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Concert in Bangalore on the 3rd Nov'07.

Appa received a call from Mr Sridharan, Dindigal when we were in Bheemavaram asking us if i can be in Bangalore on the 3rd Nov to perform for the reception of his daughter (for her wedding we performed on the 28th Oct'07) which was being organised by his Son-in-Law. We were pleasantly surprised and decided to drive down from Chennai by car with the team that performed at Bheemavaram as we had little time to cc-ordinate. Understand that Mr Sridharan's sambandhis were very impressed on our performance in Dindigul and wanted us to perform in Bangalore also. I think it is one of the great moment in my life.

We reached Chennai from Bheemavaram at 9am and appa had asked the car to come to Central and the team that arrived from Bheemavaram now were set to go to Bangalore by car. (Tavera). Thanks to Perumal uncle, appa's friend, who had coordinated for this car with driver Mr Babu who was too good - both in driving skills and nature.

A few lines on Bangalore traffic. We left around 1230 from Chennai and reached Bangalore border by 5pm. However to get to 24 kms from then on to Malleswaram it took us almost 2 hrs to reach. It looked as though the entire human were living in Bangalore. The traffic was really heavy and junctions with many roads were also very confusing. However we reached just in time & started the concert with a quick wash & change. On return we had a good tea in the outskirts and later had breakfast at Hotel TamilNadu - Krishnagiri which was really good. I thouroughly enjoyed the journey particulartly the return as we saw beautiful scenaries. The above pictures will explain my feelings.