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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Concert in Bangalore on the 3rd Nov'07.

Appa received a call from Mr Sridharan, Dindigal when we were in Bheemavaram asking us if i can be in Bangalore on the 3rd Nov to perform for the reception of his daughter (for her wedding we performed on the 28th Oct'07) which was being organised by his Son-in-Law. We were pleasantly surprised and decided to drive down from Chennai by car with the team that performed at Bheemavaram as we had little time to cc-ordinate. Understand that Mr Sridharan's sambandhis were very impressed on our performance in Dindigul and wanted us to perform in Bangalore also. I think it is one of the great moment in my life.

We reached Chennai from Bheemavaram at 9am and appa had asked the car to come to Central and the team that arrived from Bheemavaram now were set to go to Bangalore by car. (Tavera). Thanks to Perumal uncle, appa's friend, who had coordinated for this car with driver Mr Babu who was too good - both in driving skills and nature.

A few lines on Bangalore traffic. We left around 1230 from Chennai and reached Bangalore border by 5pm. However to get to 24 kms from then on to Malleswaram it took us almost 2 hrs to reach. It looked as though the entire human were living in Bangalore. The traffic was really heavy and junctions with many roads were also very confusing. However we reached just in time & started the concert with a quick wash & change. On return we had a good tea in the outskirts and later had breakfast at Hotel TamilNadu - Krishnagiri which was really good. I thouroughly enjoyed the journey particulartly the return as we saw beautiful scenaries. The above pictures will explain my feelings.