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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bheemavaram Cocnert Trip for 2nd Nov'07 concert

It was indeed a long journey by train, which ofcourse I enjoyed, and we reached in Bheemavaram by Circar Express around 8am (2hrs delay) and were met by Sr Vekatamana - Secy of the sabha. On reching the room as i was testing the instruemnt, the secretary was happy to hear carnatic sounds from keyboard (thats what he said) and gave some list which he said to list as were audience choices. Then after few minutes his brother Sri Rangasai came and when i performed the pallavis of the krithis he showed pleasant shock and hugged & kissed me. He blessed and asked me perform few krithis in the concert in the evening.

Mr Rangasi took me to a leading college in AP namely D.N.R. College & introduced me to all the top officials in the College. I understand this college was started in the year 1945 and has classes from KinderGarden to Doctarate level. I was felicitated in the college and in the evening i swa a huge turn out of audience. I prayed god for a good presentation and it turned out to be one, thanks to the Almighty's grace and also the team of Rajeev anna on violin, Suri uncle on Mrudhangam and Sowri uncle on Kanjeera, Ghatam, Morsing and Konnakol. I got some cash as gift and i think god gave me this for celebrating Deepavali.