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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip to the capital of USA Washington DC 29-30 May, 2009

It was indeed a great experience in Washington which i shall detail tmrw. Enjoy the photo taken here on way and during the cocnert.

Friday, May 29, 2009

In Tampa from 26 - 28 May'09

It was a great new experience at Chicago in term of concert reception and also experienced heavy rain for the first time in USA. I am sure if it was same in Chennai, the city would have paralysed for at least 4 days. Well this was just for a shower of rain for just few hour! Mr & Mrs Usha Ravi were so nice and so was their children Hariharan and Akshy. I had good time and also made some shopping here for my family, thanks to Usha Ravi anty to have taken us to Best By store.  The milk shakes bought by Ravi uncle on both the days of our stay was indeed great. We had a great get together dinner at Mr Raghavan uncle's hose were almost all the artist who performed at CTU were there and i had the opportunity to mingle with all of them very freely. 

Coming to Tampa, the photos displayed - its a city with climate as good or bad as Chennai and on arrival we were met by Mr Latha Kumar and her son & Smt Geetha Saharsanam. The hoe of Lathakumar aunty where we are staying i huge and Target store is just rght behind! We went ot to look for more shopping but the price i bit higher than Best Buy (it has to be!) store and so had a long walk inside this huge store. All rehearsed ith mr Patrick Hernly, who perform steel drum (in the photo) and Ms Katerine Ocampo who plays Saxophone. We are jamming in on the concert stage today evening and hope it come out good!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Trip to Chicago from New Jersey

It was a new experience of traveling by Surface to Philadelphia to take a flight to Chicago and i was really blessed as i could be in the presence of Great Maha Vidwan Sri VV Subramaniam mama & family during the van drive from New Jersey. Also it was a great blessings to meet Sri Thiruvarur Bakthavatchalam uncle, Sri Thiruvarur Vaidhyanathan uncle, Gurucharan anna and Nagai Sriram anna at the Philadelphia airport as we were all taking same flt to Chicago. On reaching Chicago we were again splitting as respective groups as we were to stay in different houses.

We were picked up by Sri Rangam uncle and we had lunch in their house. The greatest thing was we could watch the 2nd part of IPL finals in a big TV with our web link given by Seattle Vishwa uncle and enjoyed the same. Then we came to Usha Ravi aunty's house and saw group of talented children - Shashank playing Flute (student of Smt. Sunitha Granthi), Sanjay on Mrudhangam (presently nder the tutelage of Sri Gruvayur Durai), Hariharan (student of sri B.. GaneshPrasad)  on Vocal and Akshay (still to dance so no photo of his action - learning from Smt. Sowmya Kumaran) a good dancer. Hari and Akshay are children o Mr & Mrs Ravi. I am on to playing Wi games now and will report later. bye for now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This trip to New Jersey has been different in all ways alike we had to spilt ourselves into 2 groups with appa and self in Mr/s Venkatraman, VP CIMANA's house and Poongi uncle and Kannan mama in Mr/s Sankaran's house (President, CIMANA). While i thought this would affect our smooth flowing trip both our groups were kept busy by both families. We here enjoyed our stay with natural sorrundings with bird's sound always and fish tank at home. I also enjoyed playing / experiencing GOLF for the first time in my life.

Mr Venkat was so nice to take us to a Golf Pro coaching zone and we enjoyed it very much. I was so happy when he said i was playing Golf very ell and also told him hthat i wold like to call myself as Squirrelwood - (like TIGER WOODS!). I also had the greatest opportunity to meet Dr Ravi Dattatreya uncle at his residence, thanks to Prakash anna - Mr Venkat's son, who took us there. We experienced the Train rides all through and spent good time there. Dr Ravi uncle's family were so nice to us and we tasted Pasta for lunch apart from good chappathi's. Ravi uncle plans to make some album project and hope it comes through. Mr Mahendra - his brother was nice too and so was Srivatsa anna - Ravi uncle's son who plays Piano in a great way.

The concert here went well and we sincerely hope the good run continues. The only sad thing is that appa got sick with soar throat and hope he becomes alright soon witht eh kashayam given by Smt. Venkat mamai. The stay here has been very good and have been enjoying it with Golf, UNO and also playing Trade game for the first time in this tour. I also had good time with RIA & Rishi children of Mr Govind uncle (appa's friend for last 25 years!) when we went to their house. I played wi games and tried new games too and it was great fun. Tomorrow we are all going to Philadelphia by surface and then to Chicago for a concert on 25th May'09.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our trip to Charlotte

Every city / venue is indeed a great experience in this tour for me and this kind of twin cities as far as music organisers are concerned namely Raleigh and Charlotte has been very special for me. It was after the great stay at Raleigh we moved by surface to Charlotte and if not for the team thinking of all of us including Mr/s Akila Arun and Mr Ravi , ho drove us, we would have had great trouble driving the distance of about 170 miles. It was raining and Mr Ravi uncle was indeed great and self, Kannan uncle and Poongi uncle played UNO cards throughout our travel.

In Charlotte it was in my god's brother's home we were staying i.e. Dr Ravi Dattatreya's (who had presented me with a Korg Trinity workstation in Nov'09 and we in our family really think of him as god) brother's house. I enjoyed the concert on May 17th 2009 after having good lunch and has been enjoying the stay here. e have been playing Tennis, went to IMAX theatre and had the experience of being to Grand Canyon - Colorado River film and playing UNO. I also recorded few krithis for Ravi uncle. Pooja and Rupa akka (one in the photos dancing) were also nice and so was the dinner hosted by committee members with Mr&Mrs Krishna family, Mr & Mrs Vijay family and Mr & Mrs Muthukrishnan & family. Thanks to Jayashree Pandurangan aunty and Pandu uncle for having given us great time in their house with great homely food. They also took us to Cizi's Pizza and e enjoyed the buffet spread! Hope our good run on and off the stage continues!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our stay in Raleigh 13 - 17 May'09

It was wonderful stay at Connecticut with Mr Vir Gopalan and family continue to host us in the best way done by all the hosts during our tour till date. I enjoyed playing Tennis here for the first time in the tour apart from the opportunity to visit New York which photos are already there in my earlier post. 

It was a hopping flight from Connecticut to Raleigh via Washington Dulles airport and were received by Mr Mohan (who helped us to be dropped) and Ms Akila Arun, our host in Raleigh. It has been very good here with good food and pleasant stay. We are enjoying the cinema viewing and UNO cards here. Also having fun with Dia, 18month old child of our host. IPL matches viewed here has been great with close finishes.

I also had the opportunity to try out cycling here for the first time and had fun at both the dinners at Mr Manohar's family, both the daughters Preethi & Namitha playing Piano and Mr Arthanareeswar's family (his son Karthick, a talented singer under the tutelage of Sri O.S. Thyagarajan uncle, sang a Thodi raga krithi for us which was very good). We also had Charan who as good on Piano and with him we had fun trying the jumping jack game, Trampoline which was really a good experience. It looks easy but really pains at the joints after few jumps. The theatre style setting to view dvd made us watch couple of songs from Chandramki at Mr Manohar's house. We have our concert today night and hope it goes well. We will be proceeding to Charlotte tomorrow  by surface and report further from there. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great day of this tour. Thanks to Dr. Vir Gopalan uncle for the NewYork trip today 12th May'09

details follows
Concert in Hartford & our day on 11th May'09

details follows.
Concert photos in LA 09 May'09

details follows.

Friday, May 08, 2009

A great day in Los Angeles - Visit to Disneyland my amma' review in Dinamalar

More than me my mama Embar Kannan was waiting for this day as he was always wanting me to be taken here to Disneyland. He was also scarring me with lots of inputs from Seattle here we had a good stay in Seattle and reached Los Angles on 6th May'09 evening. First few photos are taken at the airport and on way to our host's Mr & Mrs Ramamurthi's house. Here too they are very nice with two children here and one in India. Surprisingly he is working for a company in India on deputation from USA! As soon as i arrived i started playing TT ith Siva anna, thier last son now studying in 11th grade.

I was very excited and also little scarred of going to Disneyland in the morning but it was all a different feeling in the evening when e finished all the rides and amusements. Yes Poongi uncle told me not get scarred and so did my appa & i just enjoyed every ride. My mama as so happy and i am glad i could full fill his desire here in Disneyland by taking all the rides he wanted me too!

Really a great day and thank to our host who had dropped and picked us from Disneyland and also for the wonderful lnch they had packed for us. Appa and Poongi uncle were enjoying the match seeing it live! and also saw Mozhi - tamil film.

We came back around 9pm and appa showed me the Dinamalar article on amma's concert, and i was doubly thrilled and was really happy. Technology has helped me see this article at the same time when my amma was seeing it at home! I understand appa and my chithappa made all in our family to come on skype conference call and shared this joy.

I am now watching the match, thanks to Vishwa uncle from Seattle who has given a special link to see the match in full now!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It was indeed nice to have performed a concert for ISKON temple yesterday and it as a full house concert. Every one enjoyed and had a great dinner and played UNOtill 1am. The host Priest Lakshminarayanan and Priest Vasudeva uncles were very nice and the highlight of this city's visit was the viewing of IPL matches on both days. Thanks to Vishwa uncle who had specially given us a link today for us to see the match ninterupted. It was done ydy by LN uncle. We all enjoyed this stay in Seattle to the greatest extent.
It has been a great stay in Seattle hat with a new concert fixed up after seeing our performance on 3rd May, now at ISKON temple on the 5th May'09. e are really blessed to have Mr Lakshminarayanan & Mr Vasudevan who have have been taking care of us so well with great food from Mr LN's house. Here are the photos taken on 4th May'09 with some exercises, visit to a temple and the highlight of visit - MICROSOFT office thanks to Gayathri akka for arranging same. thanks to LN uncle for having taken s to the temples of ISKON and Nithyanandam with his father.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Todays' concert at Seattle 03 May'09

Pleased to upload photos of today including the concert held today which well received. Will detail later as i thought of uploading it at the earliest.

We had great fun at San Jose staying in Mr & Mrs Viji Mani's hose and enjoyed the walking trail in a small mountain. I have given the links of the photos and also that of the concert evening.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Appa received this message from Bharath Uncle, and i feel this is one of the greatest recognition i have received. Thanks to Bharath uncle and Mr Teed Rockwell.


Hello Mr. Krishnababu,
You might remember Teed Rockwell from Uhooroo. He just sent out this email to his mailing list. I hope it brings a few more to the audience tomorrow. Thanks, Bharath
---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Teed Rockwell <>Date: Fri, May 1, 2009 at 3:40 PMSubject: Rare Carnatic music performance.To: Music Bay area

This week end on 2nd May'09 Keyboard Sathya is peforming in an instrumental ensemble "heArtbeat" at the Livermore Hindu Temple, Livermore 1232 Arrowhead Ave, Livermore, CA 94551 <> the concert is from 5 - 7:30 pm.
This thirteen year old prodigy is the first person to play traditional Carnatic music on the synthesizer. He has figured out how to use the pitch wheel to play the broad Gamakas which are so important to Carnatic music. I frequently go to listen to his music at this website.
Musical Prodigies are usually very good at copying their elders, but I’ve never seen anyone his age who has also been so innovative. He has transferred Carnatic music to a whole new instrument in ways that I am sure will effect the future of this music in many important ways.
He lives in Chennai, India, and to my knowledge this is the first time he has ever played in the United States. It’s a long trek from Berkeley to Livermore, but I’m definitely going.

-- Teed Rockwell, Touchstyle Fretboard (aka Chapman Stick®)