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Friday, May 29, 2009

In Tampa from 26 - 28 May'09

It was a great new experience at Chicago in term of concert reception and also experienced heavy rain for the first time in USA. I am sure if it was same in Chennai, the city would have paralysed for at least 4 days. Well this was just for a shower of rain for just few hour! Mr & Mrs Usha Ravi were so nice and so was their children Hariharan and Akshy. I had good time and also made some shopping here for my family, thanks to Usha Ravi anty to have taken us to Best By store.  The milk shakes bought by Ravi uncle on both the days of our stay was indeed great. We had a great get together dinner at Mr Raghavan uncle's hose were almost all the artist who performed at CTU were there and i had the opportunity to mingle with all of them very freely. 

Coming to Tampa, the photos displayed - its a city with climate as good or bad as Chennai and on arrival we were met by Mr Latha Kumar and her son & Smt Geetha Saharsanam. The hoe of Lathakumar aunty where we are staying i huge and Target store is just rght behind! We went ot to look for more shopping but the price i bit higher than Best Buy (it has to be!) store and so had a long walk inside this huge store. All rehearsed ith mr Patrick Hernly, who perform steel drum (in the photo) and Ms Katerine Ocampo who plays Saxophone. We are jamming in on the concert stage today evening and hope it come out good!