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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our stay in Raleigh 13 - 17 May'09

It was wonderful stay at Connecticut with Mr Vir Gopalan and family continue to host us in the best way done by all the hosts during our tour till date. I enjoyed playing Tennis here for the first time in the tour apart from the opportunity to visit New York which photos are already there in my earlier post. 

It was a hopping flight from Connecticut to Raleigh via Washington Dulles airport and were received by Mr Mohan (who helped us to be dropped) and Ms Akila Arun, our host in Raleigh. It has been very good here with good food and pleasant stay. We are enjoying the cinema viewing and UNO cards here. Also having fun with Dia, 18month old child of our host. IPL matches viewed here has been great with close finishes.

I also had the opportunity to try out cycling here for the first time and had fun at both the dinners at Mr Manohar's family, both the daughters Preethi & Namitha playing Piano and Mr Arthanareeswar's family (his son Karthick, a talented singer under the tutelage of Sri O.S. Thyagarajan uncle, sang a Thodi raga krithi for us which was very good). We also had Charan who as good on Piano and with him we had fun trying the jumping jack game, Trampoline which was really a good experience. It looks easy but really pains at the joints after few jumps. The theatre style setting to view dvd made us watch couple of songs from Chandramki at Mr Manohar's house. We have our concert today night and hope it goes well. We will be proceeding to Charlotte tomorrow  by surface and report further from there.