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Sunday, May 24, 2009

This trip to New Jersey has been different in all ways alike we had to spilt ourselves into 2 groups with appa and self in Mr/s Venkatraman, VP CIMANA's house and Poongi uncle and Kannan mama in Mr/s Sankaran's house (President, CIMANA). While i thought this would affect our smooth flowing trip both our groups were kept busy by both families. We here enjoyed our stay with natural sorrundings with bird's sound always and fish tank at home. I also enjoyed playing / experiencing GOLF for the first time in my life.

Mr Venkat was so nice to take us to a Golf Pro coaching zone and we enjoyed it very much. I was so happy when he said i was playing Golf very ell and also told him hthat i wold like to call myself as Squirrelwood - (like TIGER WOODS!). I also had the greatest opportunity to meet Dr Ravi Dattatreya uncle at his residence, thanks to Prakash anna - Mr Venkat's son, who took us there. We experienced the Train rides all through and spent good time there. Dr Ravi uncle's family were so nice to us and we tasted Pasta for lunch apart from good chappathi's. Ravi uncle plans to make some album project and hope it comes through. Mr Mahendra - his brother was nice too and so was Srivatsa anna - Ravi uncle's son who plays Piano in a great way.

The concert here went well and we sincerely hope the good run continues. The only sad thing is that appa got sick with soar throat and hope he becomes alright soon witht eh kashayam given by Smt. Venkat mamai. The stay here has been very good and have been enjoying it with Golf, UNO and also playing Trade game for the first time in this tour. I also had good time with RIA & Rishi children of Mr Govind uncle (appa's friend for last 25 years!) when we went to their house. I played wi games and tried new games too and it was great fun. Tomorrow we are all going to Philadelphia by surface and then to Chicago for a concert on 25th May'09.