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Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Trip to Chicago from New Jersey

It was a new experience of traveling by Surface to Philadelphia to take a flight to Chicago and i was really blessed as i could be in the presence of Great Maha Vidwan Sri VV Subramaniam mama & family during the van drive from New Jersey. Also it was a great blessings to meet Sri Thiruvarur Bakthavatchalam uncle, Sri Thiruvarur Vaidhyanathan uncle, Gurucharan anna and Nagai Sriram anna at the Philadelphia airport as we were all taking same flt to Chicago. On reaching Chicago we were again splitting as respective groups as we were to stay in different houses.

We were picked up by Sri Rangam uncle and we had lunch in their house. The greatest thing was we could watch the 2nd part of IPL finals in a big TV with our web link given by Seattle Vishwa uncle and enjoyed the same. Then we came to Usha Ravi aunty's house and saw group of talented children - Shashank playing Flute (student of Smt. Sunitha Granthi), Sanjay on Mrudhangam (presently nder the tutelage of Sri Gruvayur Durai), Hariharan (student of sri B.. GaneshPrasad)  on Vocal and Akshay (still to dance so no photo of his action - learning from Smt. Sowmya Kumaran) a good dancer. Hari and Akshay are children o Mr & Mrs Ravi. I am on to playing Wi games now and will report later. bye for now.