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Friday, May 08, 2009

A great day in Los Angeles - Visit to Disneyland my amma' review in Dinamalar

More than me my mama Embar Kannan was waiting for this day as he was always wanting me to be taken here to Disneyland. He was also scarring me with lots of inputs from Seattle here we had a good stay in Seattle and reached Los Angles on 6th May'09 evening. First few photos are taken at the airport and on way to our host's Mr & Mrs Ramamurthi's house. Here too they are very nice with two children here and one in India. Surprisingly he is working for a company in India on deputation from USA! As soon as i arrived i started playing TT ith Siva anna, thier last son now studying in 11th grade.

I was very excited and also little scarred of going to Disneyland in the morning but it was all a different feeling in the evening when e finished all the rides and amusements. Yes Poongi uncle told me not get scarred and so did my appa & i just enjoyed every ride. My mama as so happy and i am glad i could full fill his desire here in Disneyland by taking all the rides he wanted me too!

Really a great day and thank to our host who had dropped and picked us from Disneyland and also for the wonderful lnch they had packed for us. Appa and Poongi uncle were enjoying the match seeing it live! and also saw Mozhi - tamil film.

We came back around 9pm and appa showed me the Dinamalar article on amma's concert, and i was doubly thrilled and was really happy. Technology has helped me see this article at the same time when my amma was seeing it at home! I understand appa and my chithappa made all in our family to come on skype conference call and shared this joy.

I am now watching the match, thanks to Vishwa uncle from Seattle who has given a special link to see the match in full now!