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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great information i would like to share with you all is that my mom Smt Lalitha Krishnababu is on a Concert tour to Mauritius from the 19th Jan - 02 Feb'10 with 10 concerts. This is the first time she is leading a group on a abroad tour and i understand it has been going good. I really miss her for my birthday - 1st  February but i am happy that she is on a successful concert tour.

January 2010 has been very good as far as my concerts / performances are going with great acceptance as it was during the December Music Festival 2009. I had the opportunity to perform back to back concerts at the Sivan Park, Chennai on the 13th and 14th Jan'10 13th being my solo and 14th in Dr. Ghatam Karthick's heArtbeat ensemble.

As i had been with the audience the previous day it was a good feeling of being with known people on the 14th Jan'10 and it was nice of few who had come on the 13th to have called up to say that they would be there on Jan 14th as well! I always like to be a part of this ensemble group and this day once again it was a great team presentation.

After this I had performed in few private concerts one at Coimbatore and few in Chennai. The January 2010 concert performance will be signed off with Pancharathnam group presentation at my dear Bharat Kalachar on the 31st an'10 morning from 9 - 11 am.

In the midst of concerts i also had my cousin's Poonal (thread wearing ceremony) at Srirangam and i was once again had a great darshan of Lord Ranganatha at one of the biggest Temples in TamilNadu. Here is the link for the photos during the function.

Looking forward to a great year while i enter 15 on this 1st February 2010. Wishing and praying the Almighty to shower the best to all of us and to have a geat day on 1st February being my birthday

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chennai Sangamam Concert on 13th January, 2010 

It was indeed a great experience we had in Chennai Sangamam Sivan Park concert in K.K. Ngar near my school with a huge audience turnout. It was a great team work that got applauded from the large crowd who to our knowledge thoroghly enjoyed our presentation which had Mahaganapathim and also Singaravelane. I was so happy to see few of my school mates like Aswath, Aravind, Adharsh and Adithya and turning out and it was all fun filled 60 mts concert. Looking forward to the concert here tomorrow in heArtbeat ensemble. You can see a small clipping of this performance in the following video:

Concerts on the 11th & 12t Jan'10

The trip this time to Madurai was for heArtbeat ensemble concert for SathGuru Thyagaraja Samajam, Madurai on teh 11th Jan'10 and enjoyed the trip with a visit to Goddess Meenakshi Temple. What a great temple! inspite of going there for many times it looks to be new in every visit. I was showing the revolving Lingam painted in the roof near the Pillaiar sannadhi to A.S. Krishnan uncle and infact Karthick uncle and Kannan uncle also saw it as a surprise! The return journey was indeed a difficult one as we did not get ac sleeper and the normal sleeper class was dirty with all kinds of insects around. With no sleep and lots of taking we were all awake almost the entire night and the train to our misfortune arrived 2 hours delayed!

I, however attended the school and in the evening performed at the Mahalingapuram ayyapa Temple which went well with Ananthakrishnan anna on Violin, Trivandrum Balaji anna on Mrudhangam and his sishya Dakshinamurthy anna on Morsing. A pleasant and a soulful concert and all of us were immensely happy to have got the blessing to perform in this temple on the 12th Jan'10.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first experience on the Cricket Field, thanks to YACM

It was fun all through out the day with a trip to a temple near Singaperumal Koil with my grand parents and then on returning i just went to YMCA grounds where there was Cricket mela going on under YACM. Thanks to my uncle Embar Kannan, after winning the first match, left for the day and thanks to the team member, i was taken as replacement.

It was fun throughout the match and I ended up in winning side. Also i took two good catches which were of the opposition team captain Guruprasad anna and Ramana anna. Shall detail other things later as i am now leaving to Madurai for heArtbeat Ensemble concert tomorrow.

Great day to end a year 31st dec'09 with BGS and a great day to start with Nadhasudha

Performing with Poongi uncle and Karthick uncle is always a good experience and with VV Ravi uncle on violin, i had a great day on the 31st Dec'09 at Sivagami Pethachi auditorium for Brahma Gana Sabha. I took up a rare raga in Vishvamari for a RTP and this was well received. Thanks to teh encouragement given by Balu uncle and Ravi uncle - Secretaries of the Sabha i had a great day of performing with leading artists. More details can be had in the blog carnaticonkeybaord.

After this we went to Vipanchee to get the blessings of my Guru Dr. Balamuralikrishna and then went to Music academy for teh new Year celebrations arranged by Carnatica. I teamed up with my uncle and performed a Fusion concept for about 15 mts and the great thing was that when we finished our last phrase the clock was showing 00:00:00 the birth of year 2010!

Not many will be blessed to finish a year with a good oppurtunity concert and also begin the following year with a great concert  oppurtunity and this happened to me with 31st Dec'09 for BGS and 1st Jan'10 for Nadasudha. This concert was also at the very place of keyboard Swamiji Sri Ganapathy Sachidhananda Ashram and it was indeed a great sign for good fortune to folwo. It was a concert i was playing for the first time teaming up with M.A. Sundearesan uncle on the Violin, J.Vaidhyanathan uncle on the Mrudhangama and E.M. Subramaniam uncle on the Ghatam. A a request i performed a detailed raaga aalapan for Aanda Bhairavi with krithi Thyagaraja YogaVaibhavama and  Reethigowla for Jananininuvina.

It was also another great day with my amma singing in the same venue from 3:30 to 5pm and indeed it was a unique happening. With large audience around and lots of blessings from great vidwans i look forward to greater happenings in my journey of music.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

It was a great concert for me to perform on the 30th Dec'09 for a large audience of around 4000 and more for the National Architects Students Association held at SRM University campus also SRM celebrating their 25th year. This was a presentation for Bodhi Muzzik with Mr Paul Jacob on ass guitar, Mr. Donnan Murray on the lead Guitar, Mr Balu on Mrudhangam & Kanjeera and Sri Durbuka Siva on Drums. The videos will be showing you the grandness in which the event was organised and i hope we did justice to that with our performance.

I have lots to say about my concerts on the 31st Dec'09 for Brahma Gana Sabha which i will detail later.