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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good April and a resting May!

It has been long time i logged in to my blog and the reason being i was not keeping good health from April 27! I did have a good April after finishing my last X11 std Board exam on 12th april, 2013 and also had a a great concert in my home ground - Villivakkam Sathguru Sath Sangam on the 20th April, 2013.

April 12-13, 2013 is indeed a important day as we had our KBS Inculcation Evaluation mela which went well with 3 external examiners evaluating the skill / knowledge imparted by us to our members. A report on this appeared in Dinamalar and was indeed a great motivation / recognition. We will be having a function to announce the winner of an Award instituted on my Grandfather memory in the name of "Embar S, Sadagaopan's Award of Excellence" ad wil be held on the 8th or 15th June which i shall confirm soon!

On 27th i developed a slight fever and thought it to be a normal one! H/ever i decided to check with my doctor on 29th and he immediately asked me to do Blood Tests. The tests showed -ve i.e. no problems found and still my fever was coming on and off the entire day. Then went for a two day outing with my Mamoos to Pondy and on the 3rd morning suddenly got a very High Temperature and so decided to leave immediately and straight went to another Doctor. Updated her of all the proceedings i had gone thru' and she asked me to take few more tests which also came back as -ve & the doctor was indeed surprised!

In the mean time as my grand parents were so tensed, approached the doctor we usually get  as final opinion and he in turn asked me to take couple of new tests which also came out as -ve (no problems). Surprised with the results and the prevailing fever on suggestions from both the other doctors decided to take up the course suggested by the first Doctor and I should say i am feeling better from day before yesterday! With no findings of a specific disease have gone through this almost one month with fever and i am still very weak! Hope in the days to come i should become completely fit!

In the midst of this had a back to back concert on 12th May for Issai Mazhalai on Harmonium and my solo on keyboard same evening and thanks to Almighty for having performed it without any trouble! Also had a concert on 15th May and went to Tirumala same night by car to participate in my guru's Instrumental presentation of Pancharathna krithis on Sri Thyagaraja Jayathi celebrations on 16th May morning. With the blessings of my guru and with the Grace of Venkatesa had a miraculous dharshan opportunity as well!

I am also awaiting my results may be tomorrow  26th or 27th May and look forward to getting a seat in Loyola for taking up Vis Com!  Will keep you all updated on my education status by next week!

Ps. The album release of SATHYABODHI has been postpond and will keep you all informed on the date of release soon!