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Monday, December 28, 2009

A great gift from my Guru on the 27th Dec'09

I should simply say that yesterday was a great day for the year. Yes! Guruji Dr. Balamuralikrishna ji called us around 1030pm and blessed me on the performance as he had got a good report. He blessed me and that is indeed a great gift for the New Year.

I sincerely did not feel the absence ofGuruji at the hall and that is what my parents also felt. We did express that to Raja uncle - coordinator of Vipanchee. aja uncle told me that it was like a channel music performed in a hall and like a 1 hour concert of All India Radio. In fact appa said that this concert was like a trailor for teh recognition from "AIR" and we managed to finish in time. The team of Paur Ananthakrishnan on Violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramanian annaon the Ghatam enhanced the concert so nicely, the audience went with great satisfaction.

Mr. Sathyendra - 12 National and International award winner for acting, gave appreciation apart from few keyboard students who came up to me and applauded our effort. His views are in this link:

"My friend, Guru & Sishya" Achuth was also there with his family and presented me with a soft case for my Korg X50 which i will photograph and detail it in my nest post. Looking forward to his concert as well tmrw evening in my school premises PSBB K.K. Nagar from 5 - 7pm.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Concert on the day of an important Cricket Match 24th Dec'09

While i always enjoy concerts with my uncle Embar S. Kannan i do it more when it is heArtbeat as i am happy to meet Poongi & Karthcik uncles. It is always serious work as well as great fun both on & off stage when the team meets. I am lucky to be part of this ensemble and hope to be there for a longer period.

24th dec'09 was indeed a great day with a cocnert for one my great well wisher's son's reception concert in Chennai. Mr & Mrs Ganesan who had got 300 copies of my new Bhajan's album were hapy with our team of Rajeev on violin, Trivandrum balaji anna on the Mrudhagam & his sishya Sri. K. Dakshinamurthy on Morsing with HariharaSubramanian anna on the ghatam. It was indeed a great task for Thirunavukarasu anna of Kartick Audios to proivide PA system in that small hall & thanks mainly to his efforts it was indeed pleasant evening.

The crucial 4th match between India & Srilanka was and when we sat for the concert it looked India would be easily defeated what with score reading 23/2, both Sewag and Sachin back to pavilion. However it turned out different thanks to the efforts of Gambhir and Kohli India won this with ease and there by the series. A day to cherish indeed!

My friend,  guru (!!) and sishya(!!)  Achuth from US was also there with me almost the major part of the day and will detail about him in my next session. For your info he is going to perform a concert for Sri  Rama Bakthi Sabha, K. K. Nagar in my school premises from 5 - 7 on the 29th Dec'09. Please try to come, if you can spare your time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

eswar recognises our efforts with their electronic Thambura

with the eswar team.
It was a great day for me as i got  eswar - a electronic Thambura from Thoughtworks India (P) Ltd. I just saw the banner of this product outside Sivagami Pethachi auditorium on 15th Dec'09. It was rainning and so may be i thought they had not opened their sales counter. However i told appa that i would like to buy one for my use. On 17th Dec when my appa had met Mr Ramji - advisor music content of Thoughtworks India (P) Ltd and had asked if we can get discount. Mr Ramji replied saying, "if it is for Sathya, it will be our gift and you may please come to our office with Sathya tomorrow and we will be happy to present one to Sathya". 

When appa told me this i did not believe but it is indeed thoughtful of the company - they really are thier  names worth - Thoughtworks - to have really presented me with not only eswar but also a big Saint Thyagaraja and a cute little Vinayaga. I sincerely thank the team and pray the Almighty to give me the knowledge with endurance to live up to the recognition they have given the instrument keyboard and myself. Yellam Kadavul Seyal. When i heard the sound for the first time i was actually surprised on the quality and looking forward to using it tomorrow in our heArtbeat ensemble at Rani Seethai Hall, Mount Road for Kalarasana. 
Ps. The eswar team of Mr Raj - The technical Incharge, Mr S. Ramji - advisor Music Content, Mr M.K. Chandrasekar - Director and Mr Shyam - Designer. more information can be had on the product in 
My Guru's concert i attended on 17th

Yesterday i was there at Meenakshi college for my guru's concert and was happy to see Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan uncle performing with Kalaimamani Kanyakumari amma. Rajeev was on support violin and Sri Vaikkom Gopalakrishnan on the main Mrudhangam. with Sri Ganesh Rao on Tabla. It was a nioce concert but i could not stay full length due to exam i had today. Hope to catch up next concert in full. Here are few photos from Sri Villiwakkam Raghuraman uncle's camera as pictures in mine did not come good.

The concert for Panjamuka Anjeneya Temple on 15th Dec'09 was special in a way because K. Dakshanamurthy anna (Ghatam & Morsing) was performing in Chennai stage for the first time. What a great place to start with! Appa remembered my first 90 mts concert way back in 2003 which blessing has brought me to whatever small level i am now in. He has been performing in Mumbai for several years and now has settled down to Chennai getting trained under Trivandrum Balaji anna. Playing a concert with a guru itself is great and to have that in this auspicious place is real blessing. With Rajeev, we all had a concert to be blessed with Lord Anjeneya and few of ardent carnatic rasikas and mainly devotees who had turned up inspite of rain. Thanks to Ramaswamy mama and his son & family for giving this oppurtunity. After the concert i went to Pethachi auditorium and listened to Sri Ashok Ramani. Enjoyed the music and also rava dosa in the canteen.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks Pradeep Uncle for bringing hom Sakshi Article
It was so nice of Pradeep uncle, a great Tabla artiste ,who called up in the morning today on seeing an article in Sakshi - a Telugu daily. As i have an interview in Chennai Live 104.8 FM Radio, i did not go to school today. Pradeep uncle came home and handed over the paper and was so nice of him to read and tell the meaning. You can see the article in the link
A great blessing from a rasika with a review i will merit for ever.

The concert at Sri Obul Reddy Hall - Vani Mahal, on December 14, 2009 for Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha was indeed special for many reasons. It was a great team presentation once again which drew applause all through the concert with SP Ananthapadmanabha uncle on violin, Sankaranarayanan anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasharma anna on Kanjeera. The energy level was at its best and so was the presentation.

We had blessings of almost a full house audience who stayed through out with few media persons & near full strength of the Office bearers of the sabha. I spent almost 10 -15 mts with the audience after the concert and enjoyed every moment of the same. Appa had asked a senior citizen couple if they would like to say a few words on the concert to be uploaded in You tube, they did express their view and later sent me an email which is as follows. I rate this as one my most precious mails and my sincere namaskarams to mami and mama. I understand Smt. Sukanya ex Bangalore now settled in Chennai was speaking to my mom for a long time and i understand she has been following from my first concert attending all concerts which ever she could. A great blessing!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 9:49 PM
Subject: today's concert

My dear Chi. Sathyanarayanan:
Let me introduce myself as K.Desikan, who met your family this
evening at the car stand at Vani Mahal to congratulate your father
on his excellent compering of today's concert.
While talking to him, he asked me to say a few words in YouTube.
As it was a sudden request, I could not marshal my thoughts
properly and spoke generally about your performance. On my way back home,
I realised that I should have spoken specifically about today's concert and the songs
I enjoyed most. Then only it occurred to me that i can do so through
email, since the programme sheet given to us by your mother contained
your email id. Though the concert was uniformly of a high standard,
my wife and I very much appreciated your delineation of the
raga 'Hamsanandi." Only stalwarts like Shri Seshagopalan do such elaborate
delineation of these ragas in their vocal concerts. This part of the
concert was therefore most enthralling. Also, the selection of songs,
and the appropriate comments by your father, and the accomplished
accompanying artists added lustre to the concert.
May God be with you in all your endeavours.
Yours affly,
Flat No.8, II Floor
New No.25, Subramania Nagar 1st St.,
Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024
Ph: 24812823

Thanks to Hariharasharma anna for taking me in his bike to Sri Mandolin U Shrinivas sir's concert at Bharat Kalachar and it was indeed a min blowing concert. A real treat i had and wonderful moments seeking his blessing.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nice feeling on TOI and in the concert on 12th December'09

It is always nice feeling when you see your photo in any media and that too on Super star's birthday in the same page! A real fluke or good luck you can call it as! Yes i got it yesterday when my small photo appeared in the same page as that of Super Star Rajinikanth "Thalaivaaaaaaaaaa" as we call him (myself and my cousin Vikky used to shout while watching his movies). Thanks to Times of India for this great treat on a great man's birthday and thanks to Pyarilal uncle for sending these files. My thanks also to Sri Prakash uncle, who had scanned the page in TOI and sent to my father as early as 10am in the morning.

While i enjoyed playing at NGS mini Hall for Karthik fine Arts on teh 11th Dec'09, i equally enjoyed the private concert performed the following day i.e. 12th Dec'09 with SP Ananthapadmanabha anna(Silent Violin) , Sri Kumbakonam Saravanan uncle (Mrudhangam) and Sri EM Subramaniam uncle (Ghatam). The reason was that i got appreciation for many things i attempted from SAravanan and EMS uncles as they kept on encouraging and boosted my confidence throughout the concert. Well thats was others also do but getting appreciation from Saravanan uncle and EMS uncle is indeed of great value as they are great people in this field with lots of experience. Also i was very happy to hear Saravanan uncle say that, " I am happy to play my first concert with Sathya after receiving a prestigious award from Guru Karaikudi Mani Sir's organisation and this concert will really test me as Sathya is a great artist to perform with". With this he has given a great Award to me. Thank you uncle.

Friday, December 04, 2009

A grand treat with multiple delight
It is indeed a great day for me with a rare opportunity to see myself in a Newspaper along with a class mate - Supraja, a friend Visweshwar, my mentor Shri Mandolin Shrinivas sir's words, my guru Kum. A. Kanyakumari madam and my uncle Embar S. Kannan along with my well wisher who also has enhanced an album Sri Pathri Sathishkumar uncle! I am unable to express my feeling and so teh only thing i can say is "Yellam Iraivan Seyal". Thanks to the almighty for this great moment and thanks to Times Of India for this great treat to me just at the start of the Music season 2009.

I am asking appa to type this as i have a project to be submitted but wanted this to be in my blog as early as possible.Thanks also to Pyarilal uncle for getting this article/page in one frame for me.

Concert at Pozhichallur - a dear venue became memorable too!

Thirumoorthy Sangeetha Sabha in Pozhichallur, is one of the venues i really enjoy performing as we can be listening to the sound of aircraft coming and going very clearly as they will be flying almost on the top of the venue with thatched roofing. This year too when i was entering the street of the venue i saw a huge Emirates flight coming in for landing and as i was about to go on stage looked outside to see a huge Helicopter (must be belonging to Air force). As we were performing also there were many flts coming in or going out and the sound was so good to me as i always enjoy it. Another venue is Infosys Hall, Ramakrishna School in T. Nagar where "Mudra" conducts its programmes. However i ahve just performed once and hope i will get more oppurtunities with them.

The concert with Ananthapadmanabha anna on violin, Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan uncle on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramanian anna on ghatam went well and became very memorable not only because of on stage but pre-concert happening. As we were drving in to the street, just infornt of the venue our car's front left wheel got into a pit and thank God, it had just stopped raining. However it was full of slush and water and the wheel for freely rotating but not coming out. When appa tried to take the car Hari anna tried to push it behind and in teh process as the wheel of freely rotating it splashed water all round.

Hari anna's veshti became yellow in colour - he was on a pure white dhoti and we all started laughing and later felt sorry. Well the immediate reaction from all of us was laughing including Hari anna. Then appa asked a neighbour to take on the steering and with the help of Suri uncle, Hari anna, Ananthapadmanabha anna and self tok the car out from the pit with no major damage done!. As it happened in front of teh venue there was no delay in the process and hari anna was helped with a clean Veshti by Krishnamoorthy uncle - the Secretary of the sabha.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Start of December Music festival

A great start for this year's music festival concert with a oppurtunity to perform thematic concert on the life history of Guru "Yogi Ramsurathkumar" Jayanthi festival conducted by Om Bhavatharini amma of Sakthipeetam, Chennai at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan - Mini Hall. For the first time appa narrated the story and i performed songs which were describing the instances in Yogi's life.

This script was done by Smt. Padma under the advice of On Bhavatharini amma and a new experience indeed for us, the team of Karaikal Venkatasubramanian anna on Violin & Thillaisthanam Suriyanarayanan uncle on Mrudhangam. In fact Suri uncle played with Smt Padma & team last year for the same songs. I was blessed to get appreciation from all present especially Om Bavatharini amma and Smt Padma as i had just taken these songs in a span of two days. Blessing of Yogi Ramsurathkumar indeed! It was nice to see young children from the school run by Sakthipeetam, Sengee, turning for this event. Having performed for Guru's birthday i am blessed and with the Almighty's greace hope to do well during this season. Looking forward to all your blessings and wishes with presence, wherever possible.
Trip to Kumarapalayam

After the launch of Bhajan album i went to Kumarapalayam for a concert which went well. It was fun time once again as we, Arjun Ganesh anna on Mrudhangam, Karaikal Venkatasubramanian anna on Violi, saw a movie in the morning. Great time with me and Sridhar anna (Drummer) playing Cricket for some time. Here again we had blessings of many people coming around us during the medley and it was a great scene. We got lots of appreciation. Sowri uncle joined us for this concert from Cudalore.