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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Concert on the day of an important Cricket Match 24th Dec'09

While i always enjoy concerts with my uncle Embar S. Kannan i do it more when it is heArtbeat as i am happy to meet Poongi & Karthcik uncles. It is always serious work as well as great fun both on & off stage when the team meets. I am lucky to be part of this ensemble and hope to be there for a longer period.

24th dec'09 was indeed a great day with a cocnert for one my great well wisher's son's reception concert in Chennai. Mr & Mrs Ganesan who had got 300 copies of my new Bhajan's album were hapy with our team of Rajeev on violin, Trivandrum balaji anna on the Mrudhagam & his sishya Sri. K. Dakshinamurthy on Morsing with HariharaSubramanian anna on the ghatam. It was indeed a great task for Thirunavukarasu anna of Kartick Audios to proivide PA system in that small hall & thanks mainly to his efforts it was indeed pleasant evening.

The crucial 4th match between India & Srilanka was and when we sat for the concert it looked India would be easily defeated what with score reading 23/2, both Sewag and Sachin back to pavilion. However it turned out different thanks to the efforts of Gambhir and Kohli India won this with ease and there by the series. A day to cherish indeed!

My friend,  guru (!!) and sishya(!!)  Achuth from US was also there with me almost the major part of the day and will detail about him in my next session. For your info he is going to perform a concert for Sri  Rama Bakthi Sabha, K. K. Nagar in my school premises from 5 - 7 on the 29th Dec'09. Please try to come, if you can spare your time.