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Friday, December 18, 2009

eswar recognises our efforts with their electronic Thambura

with the eswar team.
It was a great day for me as i got  eswar - a electronic Thambura from Thoughtworks India (P) Ltd. I just saw the banner of this product outside Sivagami Pethachi auditorium on 15th Dec'09. It was rainning and so may be i thought they had not opened their sales counter. However i told appa that i would like to buy one for my use. On 17th Dec when my appa had met Mr Ramji - advisor music content of Thoughtworks India (P) Ltd and had asked if we can get discount. Mr Ramji replied saying, "if it is for Sathya, it will be our gift and you may please come to our office with Sathya tomorrow and we will be happy to present one to Sathya". 

When appa told me this i did not believe but it is indeed thoughtful of the company - they really are thier  names worth - Thoughtworks - to have really presented me with not only eswar but also a big Saint Thyagaraja and a cute little Vinayaga. I sincerely thank the team and pray the Almighty to give me the knowledge with endurance to live up to the recognition they have given the instrument keyboard and myself. Yellam Kadavul Seyal. When i heard the sound for the first time i was actually surprised on the quality and looking forward to using it tomorrow in our heArtbeat ensemble at Rani Seethai Hall, Mount Road for Kalarasana. 
Ps. The eswar team of Mr Raj - The technical Incharge, Mr S. Ramji - advisor Music Content, Mr M.K. Chandrasekar - Director and Mr Shyam - Designer. more information can be had on the product in