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Monday, December 28, 2009

A great gift from my Guru on the 27th Dec'09

I should simply say that yesterday was a great day for the year. Yes! Guruji Dr. Balamuralikrishna ji called us around 1030pm and blessed me on the performance as he had got a good report. He blessed me and that is indeed a great gift for the New Year.

I sincerely did not feel the absence ofGuruji at the hall and that is what my parents also felt. We did express that to Raja uncle - coordinator of Vipanchee. aja uncle told me that it was like a channel music performed in a hall and like a 1 hour concert of All India Radio. In fact appa said that this concert was like a trailor for teh recognition from "AIR" and we managed to finish in time. The team of Paur Ananthakrishnan on Violin, Calcutta Karthick anna on Mrudhangam and Hariharasubramanian annaon the Ghatam enhanced the concert so nicely, the audience went with great satisfaction.

Mr. Sathyendra - 12 National and International award winner for acting, gave appreciation apart from few keyboard students who came up to me and applauded our effort. His views are in this link:

"My friend, Guru & Sishya" Achuth was also there with his family and presented me with a soft case for my Korg X50 which i will photograph and detail it in my nest post. Looking forward to his concert as well tmrw evening in my school premises PSBB K.K. Nagar from 5 - 7pm.