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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have great pride in informing this news of Chennai's Music Band STACCATO is heading to London to perform during OLYMPICS 2012. I am personally thrilled because i have my cousin Vikram Sarathy and friends Sruthi Sagar, Bala, Shaillu, Praveenkumar annas and Vandhana akka as Core Members of this team and i wish them ALL THE VERY BEST for their great trip to make our Country Proud! I am sure all my well wishers will also join me in wishing this Team STACCATO!

Here is the news from Kalaignar Seidhigal and our sincere thanks to them for this coverage!


Here is the link for the news in The Hindu -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed oppurtunity at Tattvaloka on June 25, 2012

Pranams to His Holiness Sringeri Acharya! What a great blessing we got yesterday - June 25, 2012! In fact on receiving the invite describing the events listed during His Holiness Sringeri Acharya's visit to Meenakshi College and Srigeri Math, Krupasankari Chapter, my mother was saying that it would be nice if i got an oppurtunity to perform in some center during this vist and we got a call the same day from TATTVALOKA through Smt. Vidhya asking if we will be in a position to perform on the 25th June'12 at Tattvaloka!

What a great blessing and i am truly indebted to my Amma for the great thought she had and to The Grace of the Almighty and kind blessings of Acharya to have made it happen so soon! I tried to get his blessings in Krupasankari chapter and today it was indeed a great blessings to have seen him so near and take his Asheervadams! God is great and if some body does not have faith in this, please take this as a proof! Thanks amma once again for the excellent videos! In fact many have been asking me to post videos like this and i am sure every one will enjoy these videos! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

A concert i will remember for the blessings of Maha Periyava!

Once again the importance of divine ambiance was felt here in this concert at Maha Periyava's Padhugai temple, PS Sivaswami Salai, near Nilgiris, Mylapore on the June 5th 2012!

Yes it was purely his blessings as this interesting incident will let you know! I tried Tyagaraja krithi - Manasa Sriramunidhaya in Mararanjani but right from the alapana used Ga1 instead of Ga2 throught my presentation of the krithi as well! After completing the krithi i realized the mistake when Karaikal Venkat anna informed me that he was used to play this krithi in Mararanjani and that i had executed the song in Jangaradhwani! I felt bad but also thanked Periyava for his blessings to have at the least, maintained the mistake and i also thank Venkat anna for the great support!

Here is the video link, thanks as usual to my dear MOM!

Congrats Swami Anna for the Wedding and becoming "Grade A" Artiste of AIR!

It was so nice of Kumbakonam Swaminathan anna to have invited me to perform for his wedding reception held in Chennai on the May 28, 2012. In fact he asked me before printing his reception card but i could not confirm my participation as i was not sure of my return date from the South Africa tour under ICCR in Dr. Padma Subramaniam group.

I thanked God for making me reach Chennai in time to be present for this concert as he is indeed very dear to me and i also think the same feeling is there with him too! It was indeed a concert i enjoyed joining with my "MAMOOS"!

Congrats Swami anna and we, our family and friends wish you a "Very Happy Married Life". I am sure you are seeing the fruit of it as i now also congratulate for becoming Grade A artist of AIR! Where is the party?