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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed oppurtunity at Tattvaloka on June 25, 2012

Pranams to His Holiness Sringeri Acharya! What a great blessing we got yesterday - June 25, 2012! In fact on receiving the invite describing the events listed during His Holiness Sringeri Acharya's visit to Meenakshi College and Srigeri Math, Krupasankari Chapter, my mother was saying that it would be nice if i got an oppurtunity to perform in some center during this vist and we got a call the same day from TATTVALOKA through Smt. Vidhya asking if we will be in a position to perform on the 25th June'12 at Tattvaloka!

What a great blessing and i am truly indebted to my Amma for the great thought she had and to The Grace of the Almighty and kind blessings of Acharya to have made it happen so soon! I tried to get his blessings in Krupasankari chapter and today it was indeed a great blessings to have seen him so near and take his Asheervadams! God is great and if some body does not have faith in this, please take this as a proof! Thanks amma once again for the excellent videos! In fact many have been asking me to post videos like this and i am sure every one will enjoy these videos!