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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A wonderful trip to Sringeri - concert on 14th Sep'08

Trip to Sringeri will be in my mind for a long time to come with the most joyful river side bath at the Thunga river and a lovely deity in Sharadhambal at the temple in Sringeri. Not only me but also Vittalarangan [Violin] and Srikrishnan anna [mrudhangam] also enjoyed these and the concert oppurtunity in front of the Acharya and the evening concert. Kudos to Hari anna [Ghatam] who traveled for almost 20hrs from Palani, after finishing a concert, to Sringeri in bus and ensured he was there for the concert. Sad that he could not be part of our other activities. Also it was one of the trips i did not play cricket at all as we were busy with bathing in the riverside. Looking forward to more and more trips to this place for both concert and as a pilgrimage destination. Thanks to Sri Prabhakar uncle and family for being an excellent host with great lunch provided to us. We will also remember the food at Maruthi mess where we had breakfast in the morning!
You can log on to the following link for video clippings and

Monday, September 15, 2008

A concert for leading Corporate - leading Print Media

It was a great team work with my freind Vishweswaran on Flute, Karaikal Venkat anna on Violin, Tabla Pradeep uncle and Hariharasubramanian anna on Ghatam joining together for a performance for a corporate show on the 12th Sep'08. It was like getting the highest ever reward with Smt Aruna Sairam appreciating us with roses for the song Madumeikumkanne. We were also blessed by Haridhwaramangalam Sri. A. K. Palanivel uncle with roses. We presented this show in front of many top musicians, film artists, Small screen artists and luminaries & were was appreciated by all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Back to back concert with Great difference in Audience approach

Concert today was of different experience with audience keeping silent throughout the concert which made every one of us, Karaikal Venkat anna on Violin, Arjun Ganesh on Mrudhangam, Tabla Pradeep uncle, Bass guitar Suri uncle and Pad Padhu uncle, feel if the audience were not enjoying the concert. However at the end every one came and appreciated us and said that the silence was the respect they were giving for the concert! This was emphasised by the Bride and the bride groom who informed that they were enjoying every number presented and would be recommending us for all their friends and relatives. Really a different experience!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The concert on the 10th Sep'08 was one of different experience. Yes almost from the start to the finish there was always an audience of 100 plus and we, the artists, enjoyed this kind of attention in a private concert. It was always surprising as we were playing some rare krithis in ragams like Kanakangi, Sarasangi, SekaraChandrika, Santhamanjari etc. There was also a request for Andolika which we performed and it was indeed a concert which we had a thought of having performed in a big Sabha. May be we are reminded of the December season which is fast approaching. I was also moved by the gesture of Smt Manjula Krishnan - a Veena Vidwan who after the thani avarthanam took the mike and spoke encouraging words and blessed me. It was a surprise for all of us and we all felt great! The audio tracks of this concert will surely come up in the next few days in the link and i am sure you all will also enjoy it.
A memorable concert trip to Nellore - 04 Sep'08

Concert in a temple ambiance is always great and for this Vinaya chathurthi i had the opportunity to perform for Vidhya Vinayakar Temple, Nellore owned - maintained by Sri Sankar uncle. It was indeed a great trip with Pakala Jayaprakash anna on violin, Thillasthanam Suri uncle on Mrudhangam and Hari anna on Ghatam & Morsing. Special thanks to Balu uncle, Gurukal of the temple who had bought a cassette of my first volume 1 in Chennai and requested Sankar uncle to organise our concert.

All started with the car driver Sri Jaffer who was so good as person and also in his driving. What a reception we had in Sankar uncle's house! I can tell you it was one of the best with the entire family moving with all of us in a nice way. Hard to find people like this and yes! we cannot always ask for it too! After having a sumptuous food we relaxed for some time and then visited Sri Ranganatha Temple. We enjoyed the Pennar river side and the idly and bajji stall nearby.

The mini concert inside the temple was filled with divine vibrations and it followed for the concert outside the Temple premises too. Large audience turnout with presence till the end is one of the things we cannot expect every where. A memorable trip in all aspects and we all look forward to a good relationship with the entire family and friends in Nellore.

Today it was indeed surprise for my appa & amma. They had visited a temple with a wedding hall and on hearing a good presentation of Nadaswaram from outside went in to the hall to appreciate them. To their surprise the vidwan showed my card which i had given him at Nellore and my parents also remembered them who were performing just before we went in to the temple. Small world indeed!! You can log on to for more info on the concert which has been posted by my appa and you can listen to the songs in the link
A good way to start the festival year 2008-09 in heArtbeat Ensemble

Every festival year starts with Vinayakar Chathurthi and this year for me i had the blessings to perform with my uncle Embar S. Kannan in Dr Ghatam Karthcik's heArtbeat ensemble for a private function. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert with this team of Poongulam Subramaniam uncle on Mrudhangam. KV Gopalakrishnan anna on Kanjeera and Raman uncle on the Morsing. It was a enterprising concert and had good response from the auidence. After the concert every artist appreciated me and my mama was so nice to bless me with lots of compliments.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Vinayakar Chathurthi to one and all.

Pillaiar Chathurthi is the first of all the festival to follow in the year and it is indeed a great occasion for everyone to celebrate. Understand Sri Lokamanya Thilakar started the procession of Vinayaka statue to the Mumbai beach just as a matter of bringing two major communities together in those times! This is in practise even today and is also most effective as this day is celebrated almost by every body in a street as Pillaiar temple is there in all the streets almost throughout India.

I am very happy that this year i am starting off with a concert along with my dear uncle Embar Kannan in Ghatam Dr Karthick's heArtbeat for a private concert and following it up with a public concert in Madurai for Sathguru Sabha on the 20th Sep'08. Hope i get more such opportunities and keep improving with all your blessings.

Our day started with the Pillaiar bought from the same shop near our house and as we had last year's Pillaiar also did pooja for both. Above are the pictures from the shop and Pillaiars at home.

Thanks to my School management for great understanding and cooperation - August 29,2008

Yes if this concert was performed, its is due to the great gesture of my school management and teacher who had come specially for me to be a invigilator as i had to write my exam at 7:30 am on the 29th Aug'08 . The concert was at Aduthurai, around 7 hrs drive and as my school accepted to have my exam at 7:30am i could drive down with my team and performed this concert, which will be in my memory for ever. Thanks to the team of Violin Ananthakrishnan anna, Nadaswaram Bala anna, Tabla Rajagopal uncle, Bass guitar Suri uncle, Drums Sridhar anna and Ghatam Hari anna for making this a great success. Thanks also to the audio provided there in that small town and our sarathy of the vehicle Hari anna for an excellent driving experience.