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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Vinayakar Chathurthi to one and all.

Pillaiar Chathurthi is the first of all the festival to follow in the year and it is indeed a great occasion for everyone to celebrate. Understand Sri Lokamanya Thilakar started the procession of Vinayaka statue to the Mumbai beach just as a matter of bringing two major communities together in those times! This is in practise even today and is also most effective as this day is celebrated almost by every body in a street as Pillaiar temple is there in all the streets almost throughout India.

I am very happy that this year i am starting off with a concert along with my dear uncle Embar Kannan in Ghatam Dr Karthick's heArtbeat for a private concert and following it up with a public concert in Madurai for Sathguru Sabha on the 20th Sep'08. Hope i get more such opportunities and keep improving with all your blessings.

Our day started with the Pillaiar bought from the same shop near our house and as we had last year's Pillaiar also did pooja for both. Above are the pictures from the shop and Pillaiars at home.