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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The concert on the 10th Sep'08 was one of different experience. Yes almost from the start to the finish there was always an audience of 100 plus and we, the artists, enjoyed this kind of attention in a private concert. It was always surprising as we were playing some rare krithis in ragams like Kanakangi, Sarasangi, SekaraChandrika, Santhamanjari etc. There was also a request for Andolika which we performed and it was indeed a concert which we had a thought of having performed in a big Sabha. May be we are reminded of the December season which is fast approaching. I was also moved by the gesture of Smt Manjula Krishnan - a Veena Vidwan who after the thani avarthanam took the mike and spoke encouraging words and blessed me. It was a surprise for all of us and we all felt great! The audio tracks of this concert will surely come up in the next few days in the link and i am sure you all will also enjoy it.