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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sathya blessed to receive his new keyboard from the hands of Flute Maestro Dr N Ramani

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It was indeed a great day for Sathya and family as Sathya received his new Keyboard - Korg TR Music Workstation, blessed from the hands of great Flute Maestro Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr N Ramani. It was so nice of Sri Flute Ramani sir to have accepted to have come and blessed Sathya amidst his busy schedule which showed his humility!

Sri Ramani's blessings and the inspiration was stright away noticed what with Sathya starting off the concet with a crisp Arabi varnam in 3 speeds followed by a GNB's Hamsadvani krithi. This was followed by Oothukadu Venkatakavi's saptharathnam on ragam Naatai.

Sathya next item was on ragam Gowri Manohari with elobarate raga alapana and with good kalapana prayogams. B Anathankrishnan on violin gave an excellent coordination for sathya with great alapanas and commandable swara prayogas. It was a great enchansement for the cocnert with Trivandrum Balaji on mrudhangam and with Sri E M Subramaniam on ghatam. The team of 4 gave a great treat to the ears and the audience were really spell bound by their effort.

Sathya performed another GNB's krithi Srichakra raja nilaye on ragam Sivasakthi with brief alapana and a good kalpana swara. Periyasamy Thooran's Muruga Muruga on ragam Saveri brought out the capacity of the new board to play the nuances of carnatic with a rgam Saveri. This was followed by a Ragam Thanam Pallavi on ragam Lathangi with the words 'Kalaimagale varam arul purivai neeye Potri vangi thudhipom' set to Adi thalam and the percusion team gave an excellents sweet thani.

Sathya rounded of the concert with Radhasamedha Krishnan followed by Sri Lalgudi's Desh Thillana.

Sathya day with the new board has really given immense confidence to him and it is sure with this he would be going further up in his endeavor to perform to perfection.

Thanks to Sri Palladam Venkataramana Rao's blessings, suggetion and encouragement to find the board to perfection, with this board it seems, Sathya has found a board almost matching to the expectations.

We thank everyone who had come today and blessed Sathya and request do drop to any of his future concerts and bless him.

Tks n brgds Krishnababu.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sathya's performance for a private wedding function.

Today Sathya performed for a private concert arranged by Shristi's Carnatica and it was indeed a well appreciative crowd which watche and encouraged Sathya. Sathya played carnatic, fi,lm and western numbers and the enhancement artsits for the day were Suri on Bass guitar, Sridar on Drums, Ravi Sankar on mrudhangam/vocal and Rajagopal on Tabla. His parents lent voice support.
Sathya played some melodeous film numbers which went well with a attentive audience which was appreciative of the idea of putting together all forms of music for a gathering of this nature.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy to announce a blog in the name of keyboardsathya. Welcome one and all.

Here is Sathya with his new keyboard gifted by his well wishers and to be gifted to him on the 29th Jun'06.