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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A great concert performed on the 23rd September, 2010! I do not know how i mised to list this in my blog! will detail later.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wishing you all 

a Very 

Happy New Year!

It has been great years  have come through and looking forward to go thorough wonderful years to come by!

A great start indeed with one of my well wisher and a leading blogger has carried the information of Keyboard being recognised in All India Radio and here is the link for the same. 

the content: 

Keyboard Satya is now a `B’ grade artiste with AIR
CHENNAI, December 31: For the first time, the All-India Radio (AIR) has recognized a practitioner of Carnatic music with a non-classical instrument keyboard.

The AIR has conferred the `B’ grade artiste status on keyboard Satyanarayanan.

"I owe this to the blessings of my guru and efforts of my parents,’’ says Satya in a communication. ``I have no words to express it other than saying pranams,’’ he goes on to add.

December 2010 music festival has gone on well for him with the support of enhancement artists and the PA system provided at the forums. On the morning of New Year, he is slated to give a performance for Indian Fine Arts. Later in the evening, he will give a concert at Marundeeswarar Temple for Kunnakuddy School of Music.

Thanks and just proceeding to German Hall for a concert at 9 am.
Saying Good bye to 2010 and welcoming 2011 with great hopes! Had a great concert in my own school premises in the last hours of 2010 and as we have been doing in the last few years were there at Music Academy for the welcome of the nest year 2011! This year also my self and my momoos were there performing and it was a good presentation which we both liked and am sure the audience also loved it as they gave a great applause!